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Suffocation | Pinnacle of Bedlam Review

Brutal death metal band Suffocation is back with their latest effort entitled “Pinnacle of Bedlam,” and for people like me, this is always good news. For a band that is in their 25th year of existence and can still bring it like Suffocation does, is a rarity to say the least. With a style that

Metal Review: Devourment – Conceived in Sewage (2013)

Devourment is in one of those subgenres of death metal that seems to be an acquired taste. I have to admit that I am not a fan of many of the brutal death metal bands with extremely low guttural vocals, but I have no issues with overcoming that with their latest effort, Conceived in Sewage.

Krisiun Release Video For The Will To Potency

The new video by brutal death metal masters Krisiun, for The Will To Potency off of last year’s The Great Execution (Century Media Records), has been released. Check it out below. The video blends footage from live performances with scenes of the band in New Mexico. It was directed and produced by Tommy Jones (Death

Metal Review: Nepente – Suffering is the Seed (2012)

Columbia extreme metal act Nepente, who marks their tenth year in existence this year, is back at it with their latest effort, Suffering is the Seed, which is a sonic assault of legendary proportions. Its unbridled viciousness hits you from riff number one all the way through the entire length of the album. Having worked

Metal Review: Cardiac Arrest – Vortex of Violence

As if the title does not already tell you enough about the band, Chicago-based Cardiac Arrest’s latest release Vortex of Violence is indeed violent. The aggression is consist throughout the entire release and the anger never lets up from the opening riffs to each death-soaked verse belted out. Quite honestly, this is one of the

Metal Review: Antropofagus – Architecture of Lust

Drawing inspiration from the deranged works of Clive Barker and similar individuals comes Antropofagus with their first full-length release since their debut 13 years ago. This Italian brutal death metal band brings you Architecture of Lust, which contains 9 songs, but barely breaks the 30-minute margin. I guess one way to look at it is