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Metal Review: Acheron: Kult Des Hasses (2013)

Acheron Kult Des Hasses

Marking 25 years since their formation in 1989, death metal veterans Acheron are back with their latest effort “Kult Des Hasses.” After 2010’s breakup, I was surprised to see the band back at things. They have had a shaky line-up throughout their existence to say the least. On “Kult Des Hasses,” vocalist/bassist Vincent Crowley has

Metal Review: Humanity Delete – Never Ending Nightmares (2012)

If there was ever an aptly titled album, Humanity Delete’s Never Ending Nightmares would be it. While Never Ending Nightmares clocks in at 30 minutes, Humanity Delete proves that they are more about packing a punch and not about the fluff. Humanity Delete began its life in 2003 with a demo which was recorded, but