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Metal Review: Hate: Crusade:Zero (2015)

Hate: Crusade:Zero

Polish blackened death metal veterans Hate are back with “Crusade:Zero” and are adamant in not being forgotten. The band has been making music since the early 1990s and are still as vile and evil as they were on day one. Come January 25, 2015 via Napalm Records, “Crusade:Zero” is an album that fans of the

Metal Review: Behemoth: The Satanist (2014)

Behemoth The Satanist

Polish blackened death metal veterans Behemoth have had a microscope placed upon them since the release of their tenth studio album, “The Satanist.” It is no secret to anyone that the band’s charismatic leader, Adam “Nergal” Darski, was diagnosed with leukemia in 2010, which led to having to find a bone marrow match into an

Metal Review: Valdur: At War With (2013)

Valdur At War With

Mammoth Lakes, California’s three-piece blackened death metal outfit Valdur is back with their third full-length release, “At War With,” after their more traditional black metal sophomore release of “Raven God Amongst Us.” With sounds that are similar to other bands in small pieces, but all their own, Valdur is sure to become a household name

Metal Review: Necrophobic: Womb of Lilithu (2013)

Necrophobic Womb of Lilithu

Swedish blackened death metal band Necrophobic is back four years after the release of “Death to All.” “Womb of Lilithu” marks the band’s seventh full-length release and what seems like a new found energy littered throughout the entire release. Along with the release though, the band’s vocalist, Tobias SidegÃ¥rd, has been sentenced to 18 months

Metal Review: Necronomicon | Rise of the Elder Ones (2013)

Quebec, Canada based blackened death metal trio Necronomicon are at it again with their fourth full-length release “Rise of the Elder Ones,” the follow up to 2010’s “The Return of the Witch.” “Rise of the Elder Ones” also marks their Season of Mist debut As you expect, Necronomicon brings it their all on “Rise of

Metal Review: Enshadowed – Magic Chaos Psychedelia (2013)

Greek black metal band Enshadowed is doing something that a lot of people are not these days (for better or worse). They are taking black metal and updating it. Many people would scream bloody murder at a sacrilegious act like this, but let’s look at it with an open mind. My take on music has

Metal Review: Vex – Memorious (2013)

San Marcos/Austin, Texas progressive blackened death metal outfit Vex are back with their sophomore effort with Memorious and it is a very in-depth release bending various genres at their will. From track to track, Vex hits us with a wall of sound that is very distinct from the debut full-length release Thanatopsis back in 2010.

Metal Review: Goatwhore – Blood for the Master (2012)

New Orleans, Louisiana-based blackened death metal giants Goatwhore are back at it with their fifth release, Blood for the Master, which is a furious ensemble of ten tracks hell bent to shake your foundations. From beginning to end, Featuring former members of Crowbar, Acid Bath and Nachtmystium, Goatwhore brings massive amounts of riffs and power

Metal Review: Sparrows – Mark of the Beast: Indoctrination (2012)

Dallas, TX’s blackened death metal band (although they like to label themselves deathened black metal) Sparrows shows all the signs of a band with promise for years to come, and that is always good news since Mark of the Beast: Indoctrination is the first part of a trilogy. There is no word on the connection

Metal Review: Maveth – Coils of the Black Earth (2012)

Finnish Maveth’s latest release, Coils of the Black Earth, boasting three members of Finnish death metal outfit Cryptborn, is releasing their debut full-length effort after their fifth year of inception. With their debut effort, we had better take notice because they have already proven themselves for having the ability to artfully craft strong music. With