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Stung Ready to Hit Home Video This November


Stung (read the Stung review) is a crafty, fun little horror film in the vein of the classic 50s monster movies, which I miss so much. Stung will make its Blu-ray and DVD debut on November 3, 2015 from Scream Factory in partnership with IFC Midnight. Stung features tons of bonus content including audio commentary

Horror Review: Stung (2015)


A fancy garden party turns into upper class prey when a colony of killer wasps mutates into seven foot tall predators. Director: Benni Diez Writer: Adam Aresty Stars: Clifton Collins Jr., Jessica Cook, Tony de Maeyer Release Date: 3 July 2015 (USA) Budget: $2,500,000 (estimated) Runtime: 87 min Benni Diez’s first feature length film is