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Ereb Altor Release Video For Bathory Cover Twilight of the Gods

Ereb Altor - Blot Ilt Taut

I have been a fan of Sweden’s Ereb Altor (read the Ereb Altor – Gastrike review) since their debut album and they have also been very open about their love for Bathory’s work. As such, the band is releasing Blot Ilt Taut, a Bathory tribute album on February 26, 2016 via Cyclone Empire. Check out

Metal Review: Imperium Dekadenz | Meadows of Nostalgia (2013)

German black metal duo Imperium Dekadenz are back after a three year absence with their latest effort “Meadows of Nostalgia,” which is a release filled with despair and melody. The pair avoids the typical black metal cliches as they weave in and out of each track seemlessly. Horaz’s vocals are as powerful as ever and

Metal Review: Tsjuder: Desert Northern Hell (2013)

Norwegian black metal is a genre that better never die. If it did, I am not sure how I would cope with it. Thankfully, we still have bands like Tsjuder that want to add to the legacy of some of the best black metal out there. With Tsjuder’s release of “Desert Northern Hell,” we are

Bathory To Release Vinyl Box Set

A special career spanning retrospective box set of Swedish black/viking metal pioneers Bathory will be released on July 18th through PlaticHead.com, in honour of the band’s founder Quorthon, who passed away on June 3rd 2004. The set will only be released on vinyl and will include the following items: — 3 double gatefold LP’s —