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Metal Review: Coffin Lust – Manifestation of Inner Darkness (2016)

Coffin Lust - Manifestation of Inner Darkness

Australian death metal tyrants Coffin Lust features J.R. and P.W. who hail from bands such as Nocturnal Graves, Denouncement Pyre, Destruktor, among others, so they are not newcomers to the genre. With Manifestation of Inner Darkness, the band shows that they mean business. As you would expect from the song titles, Coffin Lust’s deep dark

Metal Review: Destroyer 666 – Wildfire (2016)

Soon - Vol. 1

Australian black/thrash metal veterans Destroyer 666 are back with their latest opus, Wildfire, and guess what? It kicks ass as we have come to expect from this powerhouse. The chunky riffs that the band has brought to the table in their time are no less impactful with Wildfire The opening track, “Traitor,” is as vicious

Metal Review: Mournful Congregation: Concrescence of the Sophia (2014)

Mournful Congregation Concrescence of the Sophia

Australia’s Mournful Congregation is back with a stop-gap 2-song, 30-minute EP, “Concrescence of the Sophia” bridging the gap between 2011’s “The Book of Kings” and their next full-length release. The title track, Concrescence of the Sophia, is an epic journey nearly 22 minutes, but could have just as easily been split into smaller chunks since

Horror Review: Wolf Creek 2 (2013)

Wolf Creek 2

People Like Me Eat People Like You The outback once more becomes a place of horror as another unwitting tourist becomes the prey for crazed, serial-killing pig-hunter Mick Taylor. Director: Greg Mclean Writers: Greg Mclean, Aaron Sterns Stars: John Jarratt, Ryan Corr, Shannon Ashlyn Country: Australia Release Date: 17 April 2014 (USA) Filming Locations: Adelaide,

Metal Review: Jupiter Zeus: On Earth (2014)

Jupiter Zeus On Earth

Perth, Australia-based metal outfit Jupiter Zeus. formerly known as Nebula, have released their full-length debut titled “On Earth.” For first-time listeners to the band, myself included, Jupiter Zeus has found a nice balance between psychedelic rock and ambient metal. Their method of songwriting is something missing in bands of this ilk. With the release of

Wolf Creek 2 Releases TV Spot

Wolf Creek 2

Opening in Australian theaters February 20, 2014 is Greg McLean’s “Wolf Creek 2,” which has just been given a new TV spot. While Australia get to check this one out later this month, everyone in the States will have to wait for U.S. distribution from Image Entertainment later this year. No U.S. release date has

Wolf Creek 2 Coming to the States

Wolf Creek 2

Image Entertainment has acquired the U.S. distribution rights to Gregg McLean’s anticipated “Wolf Creek 2,” which opens in Australia on November 22, 2013. John Jarratt returns as the killer Mick Taylor, with Ryan Corr, Shannon Ashlyn and Philipe Klaus also starring in this sequel. “Lured by the promise of an Australian holiday, backpackers Rutger, Katarina,

Metal Review: Altars | Paramnesia (2013)

Australian death metal act Altars is up to bat with their debut release “Paramnesia,” hitting September 6, 2013 through Nuclear Winter Records. For the past four years, Altars has been making an underground name from themselves with a demo, two splits and a single. With the release of their debut, the Australian trio are ready

The Loved Ones Gets a Release Date

Sean Byrne’s Australian film The Loved Ones had a limited theatrical release by Paramount Insurge on June 1st, but that was not the greatest of ideas at the time. Between release issues and the original cut being censored by the MPAA. All of that has changed now because the unedited director’s cut will be available