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Metal Review: Ahamkara: The Embers of the Stars (2014)

Ahamkara: The Embers of the Stars

The atmospheric black metal scene is apparently abundant these days with a lot of bands doing a decent job, but a lot more doing a subpar job. UK’s Ahamkara appears to be a band of the former with their debut independent release “The Embers of the Stars.” With a running time of over 47, but

Metal Reviews: Agalloch – Faustian Echoes (2012)

Agalloch is beginning to get to the point in their careers where they cannot win. It happens with every band as their fan base grows. Regardless of what they do, there will always be people that say that the direction they are going in is wrong. “Marrow of the Spirit” was detested by many for

Metal Interview – Crowned

Below, you can see a recent email interview that we did with the atmospheric black metal band Crowned (read the review for Crowned – Vacuous Spectral Silence). They are short on words, but here it is. Tell us a little about the history of the band. We formed in 2010. After collaborating some of our

Metal Review: Crowned – Vacuous Spectral Silence (2012)

Australian atmospheric black metal band Crowned comes at you with their debut album Vacuous Spectral Silence, and with it, we are introduced to a familiar atmosphere of other black metal bands of this ilk, namely Wolves in the Throne Room and Burzum. While their tone is not as deep and thoughtful and the bands just

Metal Review: Khors – Wisdom of Centuries (2012)

Featuring former members of Hate Forest, Tessaract, and Drudkh, Ukraine’s Khors present their fifth full-length album with Wisdom of Centuries, which has a release date set for September 11, 2012. Khors if known for their use of various ethnic intruments in their arrangements and Wisdom of Centuries is no different. Their unique style of atmospheric