Music Review-Scars of Tears-” Just Dust”

1. Just Dust 03:58 2. Darkest Hour 03:30 3. Infeasible 03:55 4. Slayer 03:32 5. Icefall 04:39 6. Love and Soul 06:32 7. Wait 04:50 8. Here and Now 04:16 9. Need to Flight 03:31 10. We Are the Same 04:52 11. Endless Sky 05:00 12. Ashes of a Draw 04:12 Salagiannis Thanasis Bass Chris

Movie Review-The Cabin in the Woods (4K Ultra HD)

If you like this review, this film is coming out on September 5th Review-As people know I am a collector and a major tech nerd. It all started at 4 years old. I was at the movie theater more than home. When I was at home. I would get around the 8 track player and

Movie Review-The Black Room (Blu-ray)

Review-The other night, I was at a diner waiting on my order and trying to think of ten films I have seen this year that I really loved. I would stall at the 5th or 6th film. 2017, has been one of the worst film years in my opinion. It seems that horror is the

Movie Review-The Zodiac Killer (Blu-ray/DVD Review)

Review-There has always been an obsession with serial killers. The film industry has always tried to glamourize this lifestyle. I really never understood this philosophy. Even the dark and chilling films seem to have this gloss over them. The manipulation of an audience where we either feel for victim or victimizer. Director Tom Hanson, if

Movie Review-Charlotte (DVD)

Review-Steve Barton (aka Uncle Creepy) is bound and determined to find a way to make money in horror. In the last few years, he has strung together a bunch of short films and released them as a feature length film. The latest entry is sort of an odd bag. The cover is misleading, as we

Movie Review- Three Tears on Bloodstained Flesh

Review-Three Tears on Bloodstained Flesh opens up with the classic case of a young girl running and from a knife wielding masked shape. As this young girl is about to meet her fate she says the name “Uncle Nick”. After the news of Lexie’s death, we meet Dominic who comes back to his old small

Movie Review-Kill Switch (Blu Ray)

If this review is up your alley, the film comes out on August 22nd from Lionsgate Review-” Kill Switch” is a film that I find myself in a pickle with. There is one part of me who really appreciates this new style they are displaying in films like “ Hardcore Henry” and now this. I

Movie Review-Kung Fu Yoga (Blu Ray)

Review-When I first heard the news that Jackie Chan and Stanley Tong were reuniting for a new film, I was excited. I loved “Rumble in the Bronx”. When I heard the name was “ Kung Fu Yoga”, I started to get a little skeptical. It seems that this could be more comedy based than action.

Movie Review-Going in Style (Blu Ray) and Phoenix Forgotten (Blu Ray)

Review-I have to hand it to the public relations at Fox. They sent out the review screener late and wrapped it in this awesome box. Inside the box, I have a t shirt, a cool looking story of the film and many other objects that will look good on my cabinet. The problem comes from

Movie Review-Devil’s Domain [Blu-ray]

Review-Jared Cohn is one of those directors that I feel gets overlooked. I feel some of his harshest critics are not really judging his work fairly. I have seen some critics give him all this advice and tips, he uses it in his next film and they still attack him? The man seems to never