Movie Review-Warm Bodies (4K Ultra HD 4K Digital)

Coming out October 3rd Review-I will be honest as much as I love the 4K experience, it feels that they are not pulling the trigger on the films I feel would really work on this format. As much as I loved Warm Bodies when I saw it at the theaters, I did not feel this

Movie Review-Cult of Chucky (Blu Ray)

Review-It is very hard to believe that next year will mark the 30 year anniversary of Child’s Play. in 1988, I can remember when television shows were talking about this scary doll and the impact it will have on younger viewers. 30 years later and 7 films later, it seems that the doll is not

Movie Review-Wonder Woman (2017) (BD) [Blu-ray]

Review-A show of hands, when the summer blockbuster slate started to take form, how many predicted that “ Wonder Woman” would beat out the field to be the biggest grossing film in North America this summer? This film could be seen as the film that has ignited the passion back into the DC Universe and

Movie Review-47 Meters Down [Blu-ray]

Coming to home video on September 26th Review-Talk about a film that got lucky. Originally supposed to be released on home video by Anchor Bay in 2016, “ In the Deep” was pulled at the last minute. Months later, reports surfaced that the film was going to be distributed by Lionsgate and called “ 47

Movie Review-It Comes At Night (Blu Ray)

Review-This is my third time watching “ It Comes at Night” and I am still trying to figure out if this is a horror film. This film is a drama that has horror elements and themes. Much like “ The Witch”, this is a film that is dependant on full attention by the viewer. I

Movie Review-The Otherworld (Blu Ray)

Review-So the Summer Box Office was a flop. Hollywood is not putting out many original films anymore, the critics and fans are crying. Yet, they still flock to see the leftovers and retreads that grace the multiplex. The question remains, “ What is the future of the industry”? If you would have asked me this

Movie Review-The Mummy (2017) [Blu-ray]

Coming to Home Video on September 12th Review-This has to be one summer that I feel Hollywood would love to rethink. The game plan was for sequels, superheroes and popular names to dominate the ticket sales. The reality was that critics and fans were starting to throw in the towels. “ Wonder Woman” was the

Movie Review-All Eyez On Me [Blu-ray]

Coming to Home Video on September 5th from Lionsgate Review-If Tupac Shakur was alive, this film would have been on a cheaply run dvd label and unauthorized by the man himself. As much as I loved “ Straight Outta Compton”, I despised “ All Eyez on Me”. When the rumors started about a film about

Music Review-Scars of Tears-” Just Dust”

1. Just Dust 03:58 2. Darkest Hour 03:30 3. Infeasible 03:55 4. Slayer 03:32 5. Icefall 04:39 6. Love and Soul 06:32 7. Wait 04:50 8. Here and Now 04:16 9. Need to Flight 03:31 10. We Are the Same 04:52 11. Endless Sky 05:00 12. Ashes of a Draw 04:12 Salagiannis Thanasis Bass Chris

Movie Review-The Cabin in the Woods (4K Ultra HD)

If you like this review, this film is coming out on September 5th Review-As people know I am a collector and a major tech nerd. It all started at 4 years old. I was at the movie theater more than home. When I was at home. I would get around the 8 track player and