Movie Review-Skyscraper (Blu Ray)

Review-The Rock is back doing what The Rock does best. There is a thin line between tribute and directly copying. This film is The Rock playing his John McClain. The Rock plays a one legged security consultant. His life is thrown into chaos when he is drawn in the middle of a heist that takes

Blu Ray Review-The Gore Gore Girls

Review-This is the best transfer to this blu ray yet. I will use that as my sales ploy to start off this review of mixed emotions over the contents of the film. I can remember growing up and loving this film. I originally saw it in the late 80’s at a midnight movie. The first

COMET & CHARGE! September Giveaway! Space: 1999! Rocky Marathon! Godzilla Double Features! And More!

The Comet TV and Charge! September Pack has: 1 – Limited Edition Space: 1999 COMET TV T-shirt: Exclusive to this month, we’ve created an exclusive shirt celebrating the retro goodness of this classic series! 1 – Rocky Exclusive Charge! Clamshell Box: While there may not be a VHS tape inside, this pack has some of

Movie Review-House Shark

Review-You have read this right, it is a film about a shark that has invaded a suburban neighborhood house. What else can you expect from Ron Bonk? The man is living proof that if you use insanity as a tool, it works miracles. This film is fun, more than it should have been. The film

Movie Review-Tomb Raider (Blu Ray)

Review-Hollywood has been trying to produce that female Indiana Jones hero for so long now. They have accomplished very few times, and failed way too many. It just seems that they understand the formula but yet have an issue trying to translate that formula to a box office success. Wonder Woman gave us hope last

Movie Review-The Strangers: Prey at Night ( Blu Ray)

Review-My feelings are on the fence about what I just witnessed. What made the first film such a fun ride was the mystery behind it. We really never had a clue as to why these three hooded figures were stalking this couple in the middle of the night. The first half hour of the original

Movie Review-Game Night (Blu Ray)

Review-A movie is an event. An event that manipulates its victim to fall into the world that unravels on screen. The argument can be made that today’s films are lacking the impact that yesteryear packed. It seems that today for every original film we get, there are 30 sequels, 30 superhero films and 30 redundant

Movie Review-The 15:17 to Paris (Blu Ray)

Review-” How can this film fail so badly”? That was the first impression this journey had on me. A journey that I found myself bored with. Based on the true events of August 21st 2015 when three Americans subdued a terrorist while traveling through Europe. The source material alone just seem like Oscar scent. Clint

Feel The Terror in THE STRANGERS: PREY AT NIGHT Arrives on Digital HD May 22

Inspired by the 2008 cult classic, The Strangers, THE STRANGERS: PREY AT NIGHT is arriving on Digital HD May 22nd. I wanted to see if you would be at all interested in covering the digital release which will have the movie available for purchase through digital retailers like iTunes, Google Play, Vudu and etc. The

Blu Ray Review-The Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame: In Concert

This title will be released on April 24, 2018. Review-As a music lover, at times I take great offense to the bands that get snubbed by the Hall. How can they include this artist and not this band? How can you induct Pearl Jam and Nirvana but not the artists that inspired them? That being