Movie Review-What?

Review-When I was in college, I remember doing a report on one of my favorite directors, Roman Polanski. Roman was always one of those mavericks who challenged the system in his early years and later on, made Hollywood bend to his vision. I feel when people think of the man, with his controversies and all,

Movie Review-The Haunting of Alice D

Review-Director Jessica Sonneborn is ambitious. Her film has such an interesting premise.We open the film in 1898 when all men resembled either Kane Hodder or Al Snow. (which may explain why the rash of lesbianism in this era, I kid) Hodder plays an evil man named Davenport. Davenport loves his women young and innocent. A

Movie Review-Krampus

Review-Remember when horror films centering on Christmas were “controversial”? Well, those days are gone and today, everything is fair game in the world of Hollywood and horror. ( Next up is the horror film based on a woman whose period comes every time she hears certain phrases or words. Or better yet a horror film

Wrestling Review-Timeline-The History of WCW 1997-As Told by Kevin Nash

Review-This time around Kayfabe Commentaries head pilot Sean Oliver takes us back to WCW in 1997. Our guest by the way is “ Big Sexy” Kevin Nash. 1997 was an interesting year for wrestling, when ratings were king and the competition was fierce. You had two egomaniacs in Ted Turner and Vince McMahon that hated

Movie Review-Sex Ed

Review-Being in my 40’s I tend to find comedies are really getting hard to pull off to my demographic. You either have those comedies that start out immature and then get adult and life prospective. Then you have those that start out juvenile and stay juvenile. Sex Ed is one of those films that I

Movie Review-42nd Street Forever: The Peep Show Collection Vol. 16

Review-It is hard to believe we are at number 16? I am a fan of film trailers, and the porn trailers have become the craze in the last few decades. Some people did not even have to rent the films; they just needed the trailer for instant gratification. With adult films if you see the

Blu Ray Review-Haven: Complete Final Season

Review-What now can take the place that Haven left behind? I will admit, it took me two seasons to really become a die hard fan but once I did, all I thought about was what the last episode left me with and what the next episode could possibly deliver to me. Let’s discuss the characters

Movie Review-Misconduct

Review-Have you ever watched something and wondered to yourself, “ this film feels like it is missing something”. As the film rolls on, you are left trying to think of what exactly this film is lacking. That was the problem I faced with Misconduct. The latest film with some very good actors in Al Pacino,

Movie Review-Scherzo Diabolico

Review-Adrian Garcia Bogliano is a very odd director. His resume so far has been all over the place. His view on horror is to give us something we are familiar with and then twist it and twist it in his absurdity till it is no longer anything we are familiar with. Cold Sweat is a

Movie Review-Ip Man 3

Review-Ip Man 3 starts off in the year of 1959. We learn early on that his oldest son has returned to Foshan for education. The film basically resides around Ip Man his wife and youngest son who still reside in Hong Kong. In 1959, it seems that the school Ip Man’s son goes to is