Wrestling Review-YouShoot-Monster BC

Review-Kayfabe Commentaries is back with their very popular YouShoot series. This show enables you the viewer to be the interviewer to a wrestling personality. At times this could be seen as a scary thing, but that is what makes this series fun. This time around Sean Oliver brings us the artist formerly known as Broadus

Movie Review-Pumpkinhead

Review-If you want the definition of a horror classic look no further than the original Pumpkinhead. This is a very dark and twisted fairytale that really teaches us that we may think we want revenge but sometimes we have to maybe let things go. Pumpkinhead focuses on Ed Harley who is a common everyday hard

TV Review-The Vampire Diaries: The Complete Fifth Season

Review-Vampire Diaries Season 5 was an interesting season that seems to have the fan-base torn a little. As people know Elena is now undead, and they seem to also turn it up a notch on the storytelling aspect of the show. Season 5 begins a little bit after all the tragic events in the finale

Metal Review: Primal Fear: Delivering the Black (2014)

Primal Fear: Delivering the Black

Germany’s Primal Fear is one of those bands that I just do not get. They have a couple of really good albums, and one amazing album in “Seven Seals,” but for the most part, they are about as generic as metal bands can get. The great thing about genres like classic metal and power metal,

Metal Review: Fornicus: Storming Heaven (2014)

Fornicus: Storming Heaven

Kentucky’s black metal horde (doesn’t that just sound weird?) Fornicus is set to release their debut full-length effort, “Storming Heaven,” which is a 9 song tornado ready to tear heaven down. Fornicus’s modern approach to black metal goes to the extreme both lyrically and musically without even an apology to the listener. The album is

1349 Streaming New Song Exorcism Online

1349: Massive Cauldron of Chaos

Norwegian black metal horde 1349 are streaming another new track from their upcoming album, “Massive Cauldron of Chaos.” Check it out below. Please upgrade your browser Check out the other new tracks from the upcoming album, Cauldron and Slaves. “Massive Cauldron of Chaos” will be available in North America via Season of Mist on September

Movie Review-Willow Creek

Review-Willow Creek is easily one of the best found footage films I have ever witnessed. That comment is coming from someone who has griped so much in the past years that there are way too many found footage films. I am a huge Blair Witch Project fan and this film is the closest I have

Movie Review-Godzilla 2000 [Blu-ray]

Review-In light of Godzilla putting a good hurt on the box office it seems that “we the fans” have reaped the benefits by getting all these Godzilla releases on blu ray. To be fair, if you are new to Godzilla, start off with the Criterion release and work your way to this film. I am

TV Review-Supernatural: The Complete Ninth Season

Review-I am fairly new to Supernatural, so bear with me. I knew I was getting this season to review and I had to go into homework mode and go thru 8 seasons. Dean seems to be the main character and in the end of the 7th season as he was left in the woods. It

TV Review-Ben 10 Omniverse: Galatic Monsters

Review-Ben 10 is a show that really has its peaks and valleys. The first series, Ben 10 was really a fun watch and very cool. Galatic Monsters to me was fun but so cheesy as was the Ultimate Alien, but the one thing is they were not embarrassing to admit you watched. Now we are