Movie Review-Charlotte (DVD)

Review-Steve Barton (aka Uncle Creepy) is bound and determined to find a way to make money in horror. In the last few years, he has strung together a bunch of short films and released them as a feature length film. The latest entry is sort of an odd bag. The cover is misleading, as we

Movie Review- Three Tears on Bloodstained Flesh

Review-Three Tears on Bloodstained Flesh opens up with the classic case of a young girl running and from a knife wielding masked shape. As this young girl is about to meet her fate she says the name “Uncle Nick”. After the news of Lexie’s death, we meet Dominic who comes back to his old small

Movie Review-Kill Switch (Blu Ray)

If this review is up your alley, the film comes out on August 22nd from Lionsgate Review-” Kill Switch” is a film that I find myself in a pickle with. There is one part of me who really appreciates this new style they are displaying in films like “ Hardcore Henry” and now this. I

Movie Review-Kung Fu Yoga (Blu Ray)

Review-When I first heard the news that Jackie Chan and Stanley Tong were reuniting for a new film, I was excited. I loved “Rumble in the Bronx”. When I heard the name was “ Kung Fu Yoga”, I started to get a little skeptical. It seems that this could be more comedy based than action.

Movie Review-Going in Style (Blu Ray) and Phoenix Forgotten (Blu Ray)

Review-I have to hand it to the public relations at Fox. They sent out the review screener late and wrapped it in this awesome box. Inside the box, I have a t shirt, a cool looking story of the film and many other objects that will look good on my cabinet. The problem comes from

Movie Review-Devil’s Domain [Blu-ray]

Review-Jared Cohn is one of those directors that I feel gets overlooked. I feel some of his harshest critics are not really judging his work fairly. I have seen some critics give him all this advice and tips, he uses it in his next film and they still attack him? The man seems to never

Giveaway Time….The Final Master from Well Go USA

The fine folks at Well Go USA sent me a copy of The Final Master to giveaway. The first person to email me at will be the winner. Please include name, address and your age. The film is rated R. Thank you so much and good luck

Movie Review-Truth Or Dare?

Review-Tim Ritter deserves so much credit in the film industry. He is one of the very few directors who truly embraced the video store era. He made cheap straight to video films that were not out to make statements but out to have fans scared. Over 30 years in the industry and he is still

Music Review-Akoma – Revangels

1. Enticing Desire 2. Revangels (Feat. Liv Kristine) 3. Change Of Propensity 4. Mesopotamia 5. Hands Of Greed 6. Vira 7. Humanity 8. Heartless Deceiver 9. Bittersweet Memories (Bonus Track) Band: Tanya Bell – Vocals Morten H. Bell – Guitars Stefan Nielsen – Bass Andreas Pedersen – Guitars Rune Frisch – Drums Review-Female fronted melodic

Movie Review-The Circle [Bluray + DVD] [Blu-ray]

Coming to Home Video on August 1st Review-I have always had this theory that most actors, actresses and directors know when a film is bad. The one film they know not to go to a press screening or junket to promote. I feel the best intentions were in mind when they were filming “ The