Movie Review-Killer Dames: Two Gothic Chillers by Emilio P. Miraglia (4-Disc Special Limited Edition) [Blu-ray + DVD]

Review-If anything else, I really love the title of this first film, The Night Evelyn Came Out of the Grave. It really beckons the question, what was she doing before this night? Just chilling in the dirt or maybe looking for dead musicians? All jokes aside, we meet Lord Alan Cunningham (that sounds like a

Movie Review-Blood Bath (2-Disc Limited Special Edition)

Review-This is the first film I ever reviewed a film that I started out with the special features before the movie. People who know the history of this film know what a troubled production this film was. The presentation on this blu ray when we get to the review of the actual film was really

Movie Review-Hired to Kill

Review-I just want to start this review off with this. “ I live a dream”. I can remember as a kid watching Siskel and Ebert on Saturday’s on At The Movies. I can remember wanting to be on film debate teams, where I would take the opposing side just to have valid points and show

Movie Review-Manhunter

Review-I am a movie fan. Plain and simple, while most people fell into this phase when computers and blogs became a popular thing, I been there since I was 4 years old. My parents did not need a babysitter most of the time, they put us in front a movie screen and me and my

Movie Review-Symptoms

Review-Mondo Macabro, this one is for all you old school film geeks like me. I can remember back in the early 90’s when only Suncoast would sell the dvds and they would be asking 39.99 for a single one. (and funny enough, getting it) They are known in the community as the “daring” label. You

Movie Review-Chocolate, Strawberry, Vanilla

Review-This is what I feel is the time for indie films to really hit it out of the park. Right now, there is such a shortage of good films coming to both the multiplex and home video. This would be the time a label would want to flood the shelves with films designed to speak

Movie Review-Pride + Prejudice + Zombies

Review-Most people are aware of one of the most famous pieces of English literature in Pride and Prejudice. The person who would have thought to add zombies to the mix, has to either be a mad genius or may have been on to something for the future of both the drama and horror genre. When

Movie Review-Winding Stream

Review-Johnny Cash to me can do no wrong. I grew up in North Tonawanda, NY and all my mom wanted to watch it seemed was the Grand Ole Opry or reruns of The Johnny Cash show. This was long before cable and any kind of video taping device. A huge part of my childhood involved

DARK BELOW (official trailer)

From the producers of MIMESIS (Starz,Anchor Bay) & DARK FIELDS (Showtime Networks) comes THE DARK BELOW. Veronica Cartwright CoStars in this fear driven woman in peril movie where a serial killer traps his victims under ice to watch them die. It is also a story of female empowerment as this victim seeks to survive her

Movie Review-Sheep Skin

Review-When it comes to watching an Unearthed Films the worst thing you can say is that it suffered from normalcy. This is a label that strives to push the boundaries in their films, the weirder or more excessive the better. Most critics do not get them, thus they will praise the bullshit that Hollywood pushes