Movie Review-Holy Hell

Review-Holy Hell is one of the most insane films I have seen since Astron 6’s Father’s Day. Both films have quite a few things in common. The first being, this could be seen as a “ grindhouse type midnight film”. Second being, this film is going either entertain the hell out of you or offend

Movie Review-The Keeping Room

Review-The follow up to Daniel Barber’s very underrated Harry Brown is upon us. Daniel Bryan takes a big gamble adding a first-time screenwriter like Julia Hart to this project. I feel that negative on paper is the biggest positive once you start watching this thriller set on the backdrop of the closing of the Civil

Movie Review-E.N.D.

Review-Originally this film was a half hour short that was rumored to be a television pilot. E.N.D is a zombie film that begins with a love connection of sorts in a public bathroom stall. It appears the girl does some cocaine and then gets zombified from it and kills the male. We find out that

Movie Review-Convergence

Review-Convergence opens with an interesting premise. You have some religious fanatic bombers who are taking out abortion clinics. You have a detective named Ben and his staff who go to one to try and prevent this from happening. At first, Ben mistakens the bombers for hospital staff and they set off another bomb. When Ben

“Blood For You: A Literary Tribute to GG Allin” + exclusive limited edition button

Blood for You: A Literary Tribute to GG Allin Edited by MP Johnson and Sam Richard First 200 orders include a 2.25″ limited edition collector’s button Think GG Allin was extreme? You don’t know the half of it. GG Allin’s exploits are legendary. The music, the shows, the violence, the bodily fluids. But GG Allin

Movie Review-Man Up

Review-When I first read the back of the box to this film, I was not happy about what it was offering. But, I then saw Simon Pegg was the leading man in this romantic comedy and felt that I should give it a shot. And thank god I did. Pegg plays a 40 something named


SPOTLIGHT PICTURES SECURE WORLDWIDE SALES RIGHTS FOR “ANGELICA” Starring Jena Malone, Ed Stoppard and Two-Time Oscar Nominee Janet McTeer HOLLYWOOD, Feb. 1, 2015 – Spotlight Pictures has acquired worldwide sales rights for the gothic drama ANGELICA. Written and directed by Mitchell Lichtenstein (Teeth), the film stars Jena Malone (The Hunger Games, Contact), two-time Academy Award

Wrestling Review-Timeline: The History of WWE 1998-Vince Russo

Review-I think the final few minutes of this Timeline really sums up this whole 3 plus hour trip back to the height of the Attitude Era. Sean Oliver asks Vince Russo does he look back on this era like a ex-wife who shit on him (or something along those lines). When WWE has any kind

Movie Review-Born to Win

Review-Christianity no matter how you view this subject is always going to be a strong force in this culture. While I never been one for Church, I do admit I pray. I always found the topic of religion an endless argument that unless you cave in to what they believe, you will never win. Born

Movie Review-Freeheld

Review-What has happened to Ellen Page? Hard Candy and Juno were establishing her to be this leading lady. It also showcased her willingness to adapt to awkward characters and make them relatable and get people behind them. While Inception and Super were great films, they would have been that way with or without her in