Movie Review-Cars 3 [Includes Digital Copy] [4K Ultra HD Blu-ray]

Review-Pixar has been getting lazy in the last few years. It seems they churn out one good film, “ Inside Out”. After that, you get the scraps. With Pixar, the cracks are starting to show. “ FInding Dory” was lackluster at best. They decided to go to the well again with this “ Cars” franchise.

Movie Review-Dawn Of The Dead Collector’s Edition (Blu Ray)

Review-Looking back on the 2004 remake of “ Dawn of the Dead” shows just how far the world has come. James Gunn helped write this film. James Gunn now is a successful director after his two trips into the MCU. Zack Snyder directed this film and he is now a director in the DCU at

Music Review-“The Show Must Go on: the Very Best of Leo Sayer”-Leo Sayer

Track Listings Disc: 1 1. The Show Must Go On #2 2. When I Need You #1 3. Moonlighting #2 4. One Man Band #6 5. You Make Me Feel Like Dancing #2 6. Long Tall Glasses #4 7. How Much Love #10 8. Drop Back 9. I Want You Back 10. Train 11. Giving

Movie Review-L7 – Pretend We’re Dead( DVD + Blu-ray)

Review-Pretend We’re Dead plays out like a love letter to the fans who stuck with this band from year one. This is basically the culmination of 100 plus hours of vintage home movies. Told from the perspective of the band, this film chronicles the early days of the band. We learn that this band was

Movie Review-All the Sins of Sodom / Vibrations (Blu-ray)

Review-Film Movement Classics have really upped the ante this holiday season. I know Vinegar Syndrome released the blu ray of All the Sins of Sodom a few years ago. They did not put the time and love into it, as this release does. In the early days of this film it played under the title

Movie Review-The House (Blu Ray)

Review-Andrew Jay Cohen is a very promising film writer. I loved Neighbors and I put Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates in my top 20 last year. I feel the pressure of him writing and directing his first film got to him. He wants to give us this daring and dark satire that just ends

Movie Review-Wish Upon (Blu Ray)

Review-Have you ever had a dinner at an expensive place and the food was good but you felt for the money, you should have had better food? This is how I felt watching John R. Leonetti;s Wish Upon. I felt the film was fine, but in the end I was really hoping for more out

Movie Review-Blood Feast

Review-” Blood Feast” is another one of those films that I feel, if it came out in the last ten years, it would never have been as talked about. “ Blood Feast” is one of those films that its legacy, is actually better than its reality. The opening seems to be a play on the

Movie Review-Kick-Ass (4K Ultra HD 4K Digital)

Review-Today is a great day. Kick Ass has finally arrived on 4k Blu Ray. When this film opened, I was in the theater on opening night. At the time, we were so used to superhero films being presented in this conventional bow. Then, films like Super hit the scene. It threw convention out the window

Movie Review-The Cropsey Incident (DVD)

Review-What New World Video was to Roger Corman, Wild Eye Releasing is to Rob Hauschild. I believe if the internet was in full swing when New World Video was populating the video store that fans would have shit on every film. Not so much for the quality of the film, but more for them feeling