Announcement – ROGUE ONE: A STAR WARS STORY on Digital HD March 24 and Blu-ray April 4

THE MISSION COMES HOME GET “ROGUE ONE: A STAR WARS STORY” EARLY ON MARCH 24TH on Digital, and on Blu-ray April 4th Fans go behind the scenes with filmmakers and cast for a revealing look at the stories behind the first Star Warsstandalone film Announced today on The Star Wars Show and, “Rogue One:

Music Review-Adna-” Closure”

Tracklist: 1. Closure 2. Overthinking 3. Leave 4. Now 5. Thoughts 6. If 7. Soaked Eyes 8. Hide Me In Smoke 9. Someone’s Someone Review-The latest record by Adna is a trip down emotional landscapes to a fragile beyond. The Swedish singer-songwriter is clearly someone who wants people to experience each word of her songs.

Check Out Phil Anselmo’s New Band Scour Play Pantera’s Strength Beyond Strength Live

Scour EP

Down/ex-Pantera vocalist Phil Anselmo’s latest band, Scour, made its live debut February 19, 2017 at One Eyed Jacks in New Orleans, Louisiana. The band played their entire debut EP and even threw in a Pantera cover playing “Strength Beyond Strength.” Check out the rendition below. Please upgrade your browser

Movie Review-3 Classic Films by Claude Chabrol – Set (Blu Ray)

Review-Claude Chabrol seemed to be an icon to the French. His films weaved simple stories with such grace and complexity in the core, that you could not turn away. A director who worked in the realm of realism and also incorporated a psychology and suspense that was rarely seen. He drew inspiration from events that

Bring Home a ” Night of Something Strange”

Let’s be honest, the horror genre right now needs a boost. This film last year was on the festival circuit and had people talking. I feel this film is not only the boost that horror needs, but it is the fun that most people crave out of horror. The homage to 80’s horror was directed

Movie Review-Cold War 2 (Blu Ray)

This Title Comes out on March 7th Review-The first “ Cold War” film left us with a bunch of loose ends. I can honestly say, I had more questions coming out of the film than going into it. A trend that most audiences do not have the attention span for, could work if you really

Movie Review-The Lesson (Blu Ray)

Coming to home video on March 7th Review-” The Lesson” centers on Fin and Joel who are juvenile delinquents. They are every parent’s worst nightmare in the way that they conduct themselves daily. Fin lives with his negligent brother Jake and Jake’s girl Mia. Fin views Mia like a mother figure. Their teacher one day

Movie Review-Colors (Blu Ray)

This title will be released on March 7th. Review-This nation will always have racial unrest. It seems that this nation was founded on the principal of violence. Our history is often laid out for us that we are founded on a mentality of a group (aka gang) of people who are violent and overtake. When

Movie Review-Easter Bunny Bloodbath (DVD)

Review-A note to parents. If your kid or young adult buys a dvd or blu ray and the box says “ SRS Cinema” you have failed as a parent. The other sign of this could be you coming to this site for parenting advice. Ron Bonk and his label were a prime example of the

Contest Time-Enter to win-ColdWar 2 Blu Ray

The fine folks at Well Go USA has supplied me with two copies to give away…If you watched the first film, this is your chance to win the second film. The release date is March 7th. The first two people to email me at Send me a name and address. If you want to