Wicked Channel Interview-Joston El Rey Theney (Axeman and Adam K)

Most recently I had the chance to view “ Adam K” the new film by director Joston El Rey Theney. The second the film ended, I had to hit the conversation with this young gentleman. I told him, “ we have to do an interview”. “ Adam K” is that film, that people are going

Movie Review-The Nice Guys

Review-” The Nice Guys”, should be on everyone’s must see list. This film should have been a huge deal at the box office. Shane Black gives us his most complex yet completely compelling mystery that so happens to be knee deep in comedy. The film is set in the mid 70’s in Los Angeles. We

Motörhead Leave Behind a Powerful Legacy

Last year, we were sadly forced to say goodbye to one of the most revered metal musicians of all time. Even worse, with the death of Lemmy we also had to bid farewell to Motörhead. Granted, it’s probably for the best, because we can’t imagine the band without the inimitable frontman but it doesn’t make

Movie Review-Enclosure

Review-The woods are a scary place. We have snakes, bears and the fear of getting lost. The horror genre is so dead set on keeping us out of the woods it feels like. Horror when utilized right is the perfect tool for manipulation. It is not so much in what you visualize on the screen


Chiller Films will be releasing SIREN in theaters on December 2, 2016 and on VOD, Digital HD and DVD December 6th. The film stars Chase Williamson (The Guest, John Dies at the End), Justin Welborn (The Final Destination), Michael Aaron Milligan (Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri), Hayes Mercure (Mascots), Randy McDowell (Elvis), Hannah Fierman (V/H/S)

Movie Review-Kids vs Monsters

Review-“Kids vs Monsters” has such an interesting premise. You have 6 of the richest families in the world that are sick of their children. So how does a rich family get rid of their child, you may ask? That is what makes this film so interesting they put the kid’s lives in the hand of

Movie Review-The House on Cuckoo Lane

Review-” The House on Cuckoo Lane” is a new film from Wild Eye Releasing that may be what some horror fans have been wanting. This has been a ho-hum summer for horror at the box office. When Hollywood is not pumping out continuous horror, we look to direct to dvd companies to satisfy that need

Blu Ray Review-The Walking Dead- The Complete Season 6

Review-” Walking Dead” fans are killing me. When your biggest complaint about a television show is the cliffhanger, it leaves you on. Seriously? I know this age wants everything right now, and then gripes still. Welcome to television 101. The season finale cliffhanger did not just get used for this show. It has always been

Blu Ray Review-Ash vs Evil Dead – The Complete First Season

Review-It was so long rumored we were going to get to see Ash Williams in some form or fashion. When Bruce Campbell did a press junket for “ Bubba Ho Tep”, he was quoted as saying, “ he is on board for another ride with this character”. The success of a film like “ Freddy

Blu Ray Review-Gotham: Season 2

Review-” Gotham” I am struggling with as a fan. I found the first season to be inconsistent. The story was basically all over the place, and as a fan of the origins and comic books, I struggled with trying to figure out where this television show wanted to take me. I found the episodes to