Wicked Channel Interview-Sean Oliver (Kayfabe Commentaries) Part 2

13. If WWE, approached you and said who would you induct into the 2015 Hall of Fame, who would you pick and why? Is Vince in? I’d say Vince. None of what WWE has become would have been possible without him and the risks he took with Titan Sports years ago. Maybe its douche to

Music Review: The Rentals – Lost in Alphaville

1. It’s Time To Come Home 2. Traces Of Our Tears 3. Stardust 4. 1000 Seasons 5. Damaris 6. Irrational Things 7. Thought Of Sound 8. Song Of Remembering 9. Seven Years 10. The Future Featuring Matt Sharp (x-Weezer), Jess Wolfe & Holly Laessig (Lucius) Ryen Slegr (Ozma), Lauren Chipman (The Section Quartet) Patrick Carney

Movie Review-Worm

Review-Worm is the film for those people who started using Prozac after watching Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. Talk about a film that is so odd yet beautiful, and leaves so much for the viewer to wrap both their minds and head around. The film takes a concept which is a time when people

Metal Review: Acrania: Totalitarian Dystopia (2014)

Acrania: Totalitarian Dystopia

London, England’s Acrania is heavy. That is the easiest way to put it. To dig in deeper, they are highly formulaic at points and utterly insane at others. Their initial “The Beginning of the End” EP was a preview for the madness to ensure on their debut full-length effort, “Totalitarian Dystopia.” “Totalitarian Dystopia” is a

Horror Review: Beneath (2013)


A crew of coal miners becomes trapped 600 feet below ground after a disastrous collapse. As the air grows more toxic and time runs out, they slowly descend into madness and begin to turn on one another. Inspired by true events. Director: Ben Ketai Writers: Patrick Doody, Chris Valenziano Stars: Brent Briscoe, Kurt Caceres, Eric

Opeth Streaming Pale Communion in Full

Opeth: Pale Communion

Progressive metal powerhouse Opeth is streaming their upcoming release, “Pale Communion” at Pitchfork Advance ahead of its release. “Pale Communion” is Opeth’s 11th studio album and will be released shortly via Roadrunner Records. Please upgrade your browser

Dead Snow 2: Red vs Dead Reveals U.S. Release Date

Dead Snow 2: Red vs Dead

GO USA has revealed the first U.S. teaser poster for “Dead Snow 2: Red vs Dead” as well as an official release date of October 10, 2014. The film will get a limited theatrical release in the U.S.. They’re not just zombies. They’re Nazi zombies. And there’s a lot of them. On the orders of

Music Review: John Garcia: John Garcia (2014)

John Garcia: John Garcia

Formerly of Kyuss/Hermano and current Vista Chino/Unida vocalist John Garcia believes in striking while the iron is hot. With his busy schedule, it is hard to believe that this stoner rock legend has time for a solo album, but that is just what he has done with his self-titled solo release. Make no mistake about

Cavalera Conspiracy Debut New Song Bonzai Kamakazi

Cavalera Conspiracy: Pandemonium

Cavalera Conspiracy debuted a new song today called Bonzai Kamakazi off of their new album “Pandemonium,” the follow-up to “Blunt Force Trauma.” “Pandemonium” comes out on October 31, 2014 (Europe) and November 4, 2014 in North America on Napalm Records. Check out Bonzai Kamakazi here. Max Cavalera tells about the song: “This song is about

Movie Review-The Quiet Ones

Review-The Quiet Ones is another one of those supposed based on true events films. The film centers on a young lady who is suspected of being possessed and a group of students and their over-eager professor wants to investigate. At first they do the research at school, when the funding is cut they take to