Metallica to Perform at Grammy Awards

59th Annual Grammy Awards

Metal juggernaut Metallica have been asked to perform at this year’s 59th Annual Grammy Awards on Sunday, February 12, 2017. They have also been nominated for Best Rock Song with “Hardwired.” The band announced: “First, it was a total honor to be nominated, but now this?!!? We’re beyond excited that we have been invited to

Movie Review-Murderlust (DVD)

Review-I consider myself pretty knowledgeable in 80’s horror. I will not say, I know more than this or that person, but I am pretty knowledgeable. When I can say, I have not heard of a film. That film has to either be, something so rare or something so bad. “ Murderlust”, I will say is

Movie Review-The Girl on the Train (Blu-ray + DVD + Digital HD)

Review-”The Girl on the Train” is the steady diet of formula that the multiplex goer will gobble. You have a young divorced Rachel Watson. She is an alcoholic, who grips tightly a water bottle that if full of vodka. Her life has become a sad existence. As she rides the train every day to go

Movie Review-The Monster [Bluray + Digital HD] [Blu-ray]

Review-” The Monster”, could go down as a missed opportunity. The marketing of this film painted it as this “ creature feature”. This film does have a monster in it, but I am not sure if this is a “ monster film”. The film centers on a mother and daughter who have a very dysfunctional

R.I.P.: The Exorcist Author William Peter Blatty Has Passed Away

William Peter Blatty

William Peter Blatty, author of the 1971 novel The Exorcist passed away January 12, 2017 at the age of 89. The news came down from director William Friedkin who collaborated with William Peter Blatty on the cinematic version of The Exorcist. In addition to The Exorcist, Blatty’s writing career included an autobiography, three nonfiction books,

Movie Review-Band of the Hand (Blu Ray)

Review-” Band of the Hand”, holds a very special meaning for me. April 11th 1986, I went into my boss’s office at the theater and he promoted me to Assistant Manager. The reason I remember it so fondly, my girlfriend at the time, my brother and I were going to my theater for the first

Movie Review-USS Indianapolis: Men Of Courage [Blu-ray + Digital HD]

Review-The selling points to hammer the fact that this film could be bad. 1. “ Based on a True Story” directed by Mario Van Peebles. 2. Starring Nicolas Cage, Tom Sizemore and Thomas Jane. The plot of the film follows a top secret mission to deliver parts of the atomic bomb in the year 1945.

Movie Review-The Whole Truth [Blu-ray + Digital HD]

Review-It just seems in the last decade, that the “ Courtroom Drama” has become very difficult to execute. Whether it be the “ direct to video” or “ made for television” route, it just seems that they are failing to execute. The death nail for these films, is the one film that revolves solely around

Wrestling Review-You Shoot: Mr Anderson

Review-Ken Anderson on the surface, seems to be a very likable person. If your definition of a shoot interview is to hear someone tell safe stories about wrestling life, this interview is up your alley. If you are looking for someone who is going to be very open and take shots on people, this interview

Horror Review – All Through the House (2016)

All Through the House

A deranged masked Santa-Slayer comes to town for some yuletide-terror. He leaves behind a bloody trail of mutilated bodies as he hunts his way to the front steps of the town’s most feared and notorious home. Director: Todd Nunes Writer: Todd Nunes Stars: Ashley Mary Nunes, Jessica Cameron, Melynda Kiring Enough with all of the