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Savatage: Return to Wacken

Savatage’s upcoming reunion performance at Wacken Open Air in Wacken, Germany is a long time coming for the progressive metal legends. To celebrate this momentous occasion, Savatage and earMUSIC will release the Return to Wacken album on June 19, 2015. The album will contain studio versions of classic songs that the band played live at

Lamb of God to Release New Album VII: Sturm Und Drang – Available Worldwide July 2015 via Epic Records

Lamb of God: VII Sturm Und Drang

For Immediate Release May 15, 2015 LAMB OF GOD to Release New Album “VII: Sturm Und Drang” – Available Worldwide July 2015 via Epic Records Stream New Track “Still Echoes” Now via Read an In-Depth Interview with LAMB OF GOD Vocalist Randy Blythe HERE, Exclusively via Rolling Stone Cover Art: Art Direction by K3n

Movie Review-Cymbeline

Review-William Shakespeare’s Cymbeline has always been regarded by fans of his as just an aftertaste after Romeo and Juliet. The film does not really do his already lukewarm story any favors. The plot in this film is so anti-logical and my patience for this film was tested a few times before we even hit the

Movie Review-They Will Outlive Us All

Review-Finally after 3 years of hype this film will finally see the light of day on video. So, is it deserving of the hype, well read on people. When reviewing indie or even low budget fare it seems like we lower our expectations and accept when films can meet the lowest expectation we had. Every

Movie Review-Blood Slaughter Massacre

Review-Good for Wild Eye Releasing. It seems that in the last few years there has been a growth. Where when I started blogging in 2010, they felt like a specialty label releasing films like once every few months, now it seems they are really making a run at having a broader scope of films in

Thoughts on the current state of the WWE leading into Payback

This past month has been a really weird one for wrestling. There are a lot of storylines that appear to be going nowhere and I find it harder and harder to get through the weekly shows. The wrestling itself has been really solid but I feel like you need good storylines to make it all

Movie Review-Mortdecai

Review-Johnny Depp to me is the exception to the rule. Think about Johnny Depp’s movie career so far, before Pirates of the Caribbean he had a ton of movies that either barely broke even or just tanked. But, he seems to come out of his each film almost unscathed. He is one of those actors

Movie Review-Evil Eye plus The Girl Who Knew Too Much

Review-Kino Classics blu ray and Mario Bava that goes together like porn and nudity. We meet Nora who is on vacation in Italy, well Rome to be more specific. She witnesses a murder and the thing is that everyone thinks she is making it up. Well she meets Marcello who is a doctor who she

Movie Review-Before I Disappear

Review-I went into this film blind, really had no clue about his Academy Award Short Curfew that this film seemed to be derived from. Director and star Shawn Christensen’s film really tells a bleak tale in such a dry wit sort of way in the opening that you are not if you feel for his

Wrestling Review-Kayfabe Commentaries-YouShoot:Lanny Poffo

Review-Sean Oliver and his crew at Kayfabe Commentaries are back with another edition of their ever so popular YouShoot interviews. This month they have Lanny Poffo. Could you picture if they had Raven, Ivory, Jim Cornette and Lanny Poffo on a car ride going overnight? These four people if they are on any kind of