Movie Review-Ex Machina

Review-Alex Garland has written some of the best films with Dredd, 28 Days Later and Never Let Me Go among others. His writing project to project has been rich, and so diverse. It seems he loves to challenge himself and tends not to write the same type of film twice. As a first time director

Album Review: August Burns Red – Found in Far Away Places

August Burns Red are one of the few bands in the metalcore scene that haven’t gotten too comfortable with their success. The Pennsylvania collective have continued to challenge themselves instrumentally and improve their songwriting, especially since the 2009 release of the excellent Constellations. Their creative peak came with 2013’s Rescue and Restore, one of the

Thoughts on the current state of the WWE – 7/12/15

WWE was in a pretty bad place for a few months ago last spring, but things seem to be looking up for both the business and myself personally as a fan. Not everything is perfect, but it’s a heck of a lot better than it was a couple of months ago. Let’s look at a

Movie Review-Kung Fu Killer

Review-Kung Fu Killer marks director Teddy Chan’s return after a five year break. His last film Bodyguards and Assassins I felt was not up to his full potential while it had elements that we know Chan will deliver, I felt overall it was lackluster and had more sizzle to it than actual steak. I think

Lamb of God Release New Song Erase This

Lamb of God: VII: Sturm Und Drang

Groove metal giants Lamb of God are back at it with their fourth song off of the upcoming VII: Sturm Und Drang. This new track is entitled “Erase This” and you can check it out below. VII: Sturm Und Drang will be released on the July 24, 2015 through Nuclear Blast Entertainment. The new record

Children of Bodom Release New Track Morrigan

Children of Bodom: I Worship Chaos

Finnish melodic death metal giants Children of Bodom are back with their first track off of the upcoming I Worship Chaos entitled “Morrigan.” The upcoming album will hit shelves on October 2, 2015 via Nuclear Blast Records. Please upgrade your browser   I Worship Chaos Tracklisting 01. iHurt 02. My Bodom (I Am The Only

Movie Review-Evil Souls

Review-Evil Souls is a head fucking that manipulates you so much that you are not sure how much more you can take. This is clearly not your parents horror film, it is made for an audience that not only wants to be terrified but wants a shockingly intense ride thru the gates of what hell

Movie Review-Singularity Principle

Review-If you watched Singularity Principle in a group of friends chances are some are going to like it while others may get bored with it after a while. This is a film embraces science fiction where it alienates the common viewer who may not be so into the genre. This film centers on what the

Music Review-Enabler-Fail to Feel Safe

Tracklisting: 1. Suffer to Survive 2. Fail to Feel Safe 3. By Demons Denied 4. Euphoric Revenge 5. Isolation Sickness 6. Sinister Drifter 7. Sail the Sea of Fire 8. Haunted 9. Drownage 10. Demolition Praise 11. Malady 12. La Furia 13. Sabotage Within Review-I have been so scared of this record. Enabler is one

Music Review-Sabbath Assembly-Sabbath Assembly

Risen From Below Confessing a Murder Burn Me, I Thirst for Fire Only You The Firey Angel of Desire Ave Satanas Sharp Edge of the Earth Apparition of the Revolution Shadows of Emptiness Sabbath Assembly features Jamie Myers on vocals, David Christian on drums, Kevin Hufnagel on guitar, and Johnny DeBlase on bass. Review- September