Movie(s) Review-Premature—Bound by Flesh—Beneath

Review-The IFC/MPI group has sent me an interesting selection of films to talk about. We are going to cover three polar personalities, one of humor, one of reality and one of horror. Why not start out with the comedy? What Blair Witch and Paranormal Activity are to modern horror, American Pie is to modern vulgar

Movie Review-Le Chef

Review-I admit I am a sucker for Food Network and all the shows they have. I am obsessed with teaching myself how to cook, and watching shows like Chopped and Bravo’s Top Chef really serve as my cliff notes. Jean Reno who is a very versatile actor really shines in Le Chef. Jean plays Alexandre

Movie Review-Grace: The Possession

Review-I hate when a cover has no faith in its own film that they have to try a hard sell. This film was written by a producer of this film and the 3rd make up artist of this film. As a fan at times that’s when we roll our eyes and can guess why they

Movie Review-Female Gaze: Contemporary Films By Women

This dvd collection includes… Arcadia 91 minutes / Drama / English / Dir. Olivia Spencer Tom (John Hawkes) crams his three kids into a station wagon for the 3,000 mile journey from New England to California. His mood shifts as often as the landscapes zip by, and the kids feel their mother’s presence receding with

Movie Review-Pumpkinhead II: Blood Wings and The Doctor and the Devils

Review-As we are heading towards the horror fans favorite holiday, Halloween that is. Shout Factory has heard the cry on films like Nightbreed-the director’s cut coming out this week and the two films I am about to review coming out next month, which even though it is technically after Halloween you can still pre-order them

Movie Review-Free Fall

Review-Free Fall I feel is a little misleading for this film. The title of the film comes from the death of a coworker in the start of the film. We are introduced to a million dollar corporation called Gault Capital; it is run by a billionaire boss Thaddeus Gault. Jane who is just your everyday

Movie Review-Drive Hard and The Prince

Review-When I first heard the title of this film and saw the stars, I thought it was a parody of hoax films. Brian Trenchard-Smith has had such an up and down career that I honestly cannot remember the last film of his I really was happy or pleased with. (Dead-End Drive In, Leprechaun in Space

Movie Review-Don’t Blink

Review-Don’t Blink was a welcome shock, I was not expecting much when I turned this film on. The premise of this film is so done to death, you have a group of friends who when they talk to each other or just talk sound like they never met before and have no sense of anything

Movie Review-Sanctuary: Quite a Conundrum and Dead Girls

Review- Sanctuary: Quite a Conundrum I love the marketing and advertising campaign that this film has adapted in the last few months I feel this film is more than likely a hard sell so they had to find a way to make it seem more mainstream. Now, do not get me wrong this film is

Metal Review: Onslaught: VI (2014)

Onslaught: VI

Onslaught is a band that is completely misunderstood in the thrash metal community. They are ridiculed by some for their power metal beginnings, but worshiped by some for classic early works. Their reformation in 2007 was met with disdain by many and ambivalence by most. What hooked me in a few years ago was the