Movie Review-Delivery: The Beast Within

Review-I miss when horror was scary. Today’s horror is so drawn out, so bogged down with story that we are usually half way thru the film before anything really starts to scare us. I loved the Blair Witch Project, and was there on opening midnight to see it in a packed theater. If I knew

Movie Review-Swamphead

Review-Swamphead is a really fun low budget gem which focuses on the severed head of a man called Robert Gross. At the bottom of the lake is a relic when it is found it unleashes this killing force known as Swamphead. Once unleashed this severed head is out for blood and revenge. I know a

Movie Review-Stella Buio

Review-Clocking in at just 15 minutes the short film Stella Buio feels like a lost episode from Tales from the Crypt. The title character is played by “Screen Queen Legend” Linnea Quigley, Stella is a medium who is brought to the house of a grieving family who want to contact their dead father to the

Movie Review-Cold in July

Review-Jim Mickle’s resume is getting to be very impressive. He did a great job with Stake Land and followed that up with a really cool remake of We Are What We Are and now he has this film that is nothing like either of those with Cold in July. The film stars Dexter’s own Michael

42nd Street Forever: The Peep Show Collection Vol. 5

Review-Since I was a child I was always obsessed with film trailers. I was that person who sat in the seat at the edge with the goose-bumps and excitement at what is coming, if you got nothing from the film you sat thru at least you were anticipating what was coming. Every trailer disc or

Movie Review-Come Morning

Review-If Blair Witch did not scare me out of the woods, I think Come Morning has. Going into this film I was not sure what to expect, coming out of it I was completely blown away. This film revolves around Frank and his grandson who goes by D. Frank’s wife Morigan does not want them

Blu Ray Review-From Dusk Till Dawn: Complete Season One

Review-When I heard news that they made a television show based on one of my favorite movies, I was skeptical. I was not a fan of the sequels, so I expected more of the same with the show and to my surprise I was shocked at how awesome this show is. Robert Rodriguez’s resume in

Movie Review-That Girl in Yellow Boots

Review-When I was a small child, I remember always wanting to go to the movie theater. To get that bucket of popcorn and that drink, and letting that screen just take me on a journey. As I got older, I still get excited when I put a film on or sit inside a theater. That

Movie Review-Werewolf Rising

Review-There are times I hate being a blogger. I hate being a blogger when I see idiots who have to show off daily that they get mail. A note to people who do not know, most bloggers we all get movies in the mail but some like me have the class not to shove it

Movie Review-American Muscle

Review-American Muscle is that B movie that throws so much at you, hoping that something will catch on with you to make you want to watch the whole film. This film for better or worst wants to be so badly a grindhouse art house action film, but in reality it is a film that really