Blu Ray Review-Fear the Walking Dead

Review-Fear the Walking Dead I feel was misunderstood by both Walking Dead fans and critics. I feel they expected an origins story on the characters on the show. The Walking Dead has become the most popular drama/horror show on television. To create a spin-off while genius was also daring. Fear the Walking Dead Season 1

Movie Review-Mississippi Grind

Review-Rounders to me is religion, the film is the greatest film about gambling ever to me. The experiences you watch on that film, I have watched in real life play out most of the time with me being involved in them. There are a few dog racing scenes that were filmed in the Greyhound Park

Movie Review-3’s a Shroud

Review-3’s a Shroud is an anthology told to us thru a bratty kid who is begging his babysitter to tell him some scary story. It seems his teddy bear along with himself needs to be scared before sleeping. The babysitter at first says “ no” but she reluctantly agrees. I hate to start at the

Movie Review: Expressway To Your Skull

Review-Expressway to Your Skull is the first film from Michael Okum. This is where all the Brain Damage comparisons will end. People know the label specializes in debut films by small indie directors. I am not sure if those people who watched some of the film’s from this label in the past will be prepared

Movie Review-The Icing

Review-Derek Braasch is a talented director, The Icing is a project that in the end I feel may have been a little over his head. The Icing has an interesting premise with an ex-cop who is out to kill a senator and make him some money. The film has the perfect hook to it with

Metal Review: Sacrificium Carmen – Ikuisen Tulen Kammiossa (2015)

Sacrificium Carmen - Ikuisen Tulen Kammiossa

Finnish black metal outfit Sacrificium Carmen is a band that should become known very quickly if their debut album, Ikuisen Tulen Kammiossa, has anything to do with that. The band has a distinct black metal sound mixed with occult metal with an intensity not heard by every band out there. Basically, Sacrificium Carmen sound like

Movie Review-No Escape

Review-Jack Dwyer played by Owen Wilson is starting a new job that has him, taking his wife and two daughters to Asia. Jack works for a water company that is located in Thailand. Little does Jack know that the people in Asia have not been happy as of late, and now news that Americans are

1349 Announces Tour Dates With Tombs and Full of Hell


Norwegian black metal horde 1349 have announced a new North American tour. The “Chaos Raids U.S.A. 2016” tour kicks off on January 9, 2016 and gets support from Tombs and Full of Hell. Check out the full list of tour dates below. 1349 is touring in support of their latest album, “Massive Cauldron of Chaos.”

Darkthrone Working on New Album


Norwegian metal veterans Darkthrone are working on their album, the follow-up to The Underground Resistance (read The Underground Resistance review). According to Fenriz, the duo is half way finished on the record and Nocturno Culto will sing on the entire album which is more on the “heavy/black metal” side. Fenriz commented: “Yes we have half

John Carpenter Developing Four New TV Shows

John Carpenter

Sandy King Carpenter, the wife of horror director John Carpenter, revealed that four shows are in the process of being developed where Carpenter would be the executive producer of as well as directing the pilots of. Since John Carpenter’s last television horror included the Masters of Horror series, this is big news for horror fans.