Blu Ray Review-Dragnet

Review-In the 80’s, there was this craze. Police Academy came out and did monster business. All of a sudden, we had to have all these other cop comedies. During this fast paced game of get them to the theaters, someone had the thought to do a reboot of the popular television show Dragnet. I can

Blu Ray Review-City Slickers

Review-I am happy and sad by the release of City Slickers. It comes out on October 16th, which is eerie because my father died on October 19th 1991. Why would I bring this up? This was the last film we saw together. Shout has released this now with a beautiful 4k transfer that fixed the

Movie Review-American Guinea Pig: The Song of Solomon

Review-Stephen Biro is a name that most gorehounds get boners about. His name can be mentioned on anything, and fans will assume it is going to be insanity at the very least. I will be honest, I have been hard on the American Guinea Pig series as a whole. The Song of Solomon is the

Movie Review-Molly

Review-I love the Mad Max films. I can remember seeing The Road Warrior at the Drive In as a child. (Most of you may have to look up what a drive in is) I love the theory of a female Mad Max. Molly is a hit and miss affair though. As much as I really

Movie Review-The Witch Files

Review-I am at a loss for words, review over. I am kidding of course. The Witch Files can honestly go down as the biggest surprise of this year. This small budget character study is very thoughtful and at times heartfelt. We have the story much like The Craft of a bunch of mismatched high school

Movie Review-Skyscraper (Blu Ray)

Review-The Rock is back doing what The Rock does best. There is a thin line between tribute and directly copying. This film is The Rock playing his John McClain. The Rock plays a one legged security consultant. His life is thrown into chaos when he is drawn in the middle of a heist that takes

Blu Ray Review-The Gore Gore Girls

Review-This is the best transfer to this blu ray yet. I will use that as my sales ploy to start off this review of mixed emotions over the contents of the film. I can remember growing up and loving this film. I originally saw it in the late 80’s at a midnight movie. The first

COMET & CHARGE! September Giveaway! Space: 1999! Rocky Marathon! Godzilla Double Features! And More!

The Comet TV and Charge! September Pack has: 1 – Limited Edition Space: 1999 COMET TV T-shirt: Exclusive to this month, we’ve created an exclusive shirt celebrating the retro goodness of this classic series! 1 – Rocky Exclusive Charge! Clamshell Box: While there may not be a VHS tape inside, this pack has some of

Movie Review-House Shark

Review-You have read this right, it is a film about a shark that has invaded a suburban neighborhood house. What else can you expect from Ron Bonk? The man is living proof that if you use insanity as a tool, it works miracles. This film is fun, more than it should have been. The film

Movie Review-Tomb Raider (Blu Ray)

Review-Hollywood has been trying to produce that female Indiana Jones hero for so long now. They have accomplished very few times, and failed way too many. It just seems that they understand the formula but yet have an issue trying to translate that formula to a box office success. Wonder Woman gave us hope last