Movie Review-Every Thing Will Be Fine

Review-When things in life get to their darkest, there is always someone who comes along and infers us to think that “ Every Thing Will be Fine”. That is the premise of this film when we meet a writer named Tomas Elden. This drama is about the sense of guilt he has when he accidentally

Blu Ray Review-The Return Of The Living Dead [Collector’s Edition]

Review-To show my age, I remember going to see this film when it hit the theaters in 1985. I was 17 and I dragged my 13 year old girlfriend and 14 year brother to see it with me. For kids that grew up watching Dawn of the Dead and Night of the Living Dead, this

Movie Review-No Way Out

Review-How many people remember when Kevin Costner was box office gold? It seemed like he was the Leonardo of that age. Then, Waterworld happened and Kevin was never the same again. No Way Out is one of those thrillers that the plot gives us so much to grasp that I feel it would have been

Coming Soon…..THE MIND’S EYE–your first trailer

THE MIND’S EYE – RLJ Entertainment IN THEATERS AND AVAILABLE ON VOD: August 5, 2016 DIRECTED BY: Joe Begos WRITTEN BY: Joe Begos CAST: Graham Skipper, Lauren Ashley Carter, John Speredakos, Noah Segan SYNOPSIS: Zack Connors and Rachel Meadows were born with incredible psychokinetic capabilities. When word of their supernatural talents gets out, they find

Movie Review-The Other Side of the Door

Review-Horror is such a mixed bag. This is where you have your most passionate voices. Fans for years have really put a line in the sand when it comes to being insulted. I feel though, major studios and Hollywood ignore it. The Other Side of the Door is a fair movie, lazily written at times

Opeth Announces New Album and Signs to Nuclear Blast Records


Progressive metal juggernauts Opeth have announced that they have signed with Nuclear Blast Records and that their 12th studio album, Sorceress, will be released later this year. Sorceress will be the band’s follow-up to 2014’s Pale Communion. Vocalist/guitarist Mikael Akerfeldt states, “We’re happy to confirm that we have indeed signed a deal with Nuclear Blast

The Conjuring 2 Spinoff The Nun is Happening

Conjuring 2 Spinoff The Nun

The reviews are in and people are loving The Conjuring 2, and on the heels of its success, a spinoff film entitled The Nun has been announced and will feature the that haunts Lorraine and Ed Warren throughout The Conjuring 2. Keep in mind that this is the same treatment that Annabelle had directly after

Movie Review-Gridlocked

Review-You can put Gridlocked down as a huge surprise. I did not think this film with this cast would be able to pull off anything close to what this film does. Action films these days are a dime a dozen, and how many do we see direct to video with that name on the front

Movie Review-Hello, My Name Is Doris

Review-As I am closing in on the big “50”, i realize all about what my heart wants out of this life and how little time I am given to get it. Sally Field is that actress who I know is either going to blow me away with her performance or underwhelm me trying. This dramadey

Movie Review-All American Bikini Car Wash

Review-I have always been fascinated by CEO’s and people who took a concept off a piece of paper and just made a million dollar franchise. In Alabama, I had one of my ex-college buddies who opened up a bikini car wash. He actually had a bikini car wash and a top less car wash on