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Nominated by: James D.


Most people when they think about horror, only one podcast comes to mind almost instantly, Fearshop and what Frank and Mike meant and still mean to the community. What started 4 years ago as an advertisement for their store and a hangout talk between two friends, became a show that inspired a whole community. While horror and podcasting was nothing new, the way these two were doing it was something different. Where most shows prided themselves on how fans would perceive them and had to be so smart and serious, no one took this platform and made it fun like these two did it. Frank and Mike showed that being a fan can be a fun thing, and this show each episode was more unpredictable then the last. As fun as the show was, the forum for fans was even more fun. Fearshop fans would email each other and make friendships; we all knew this was something different. This was the first show that would ask the fans who listen for opinions and even request films that they would talk about. While others podcasts have come and gone, and changed members on a show by show basis, the same formula since day one still goes strong and inspires more and more people to grab their friend, maybe pull out some drinks and just talk, and not worry about what others would think, and just have fun and be fans.

People ask me all the time what is the biggest high in my life, and it is that I call Fearshop Mike a friend and to be his co-contributor on this site. When he asked me, you want to come aboard in January 2011, I knew the chance to work with someone I respect so much is a once in a blue moon deal and what an honor it would be. Frank to me is what podcasting has needed for so long, that voice to just be honest and throw all caution to the wind and not care about popularity but more about honesty, and then you throw in Mike who seems to want to make that man madder and madder as the show goes on, and that is the true beauty of this show, to know that any minute Frank will get mad and go off. I know there is a group of us that have listened and been friends with the guys since the early episodes when they used to read their viewer mail and all the mail seemed to always point out Mike, for getting to Frank or picking films that would send him over the edge. To think this was originally supposed to be an advertisement for their store, and it would be so groundbreaking with what podcasting is today. I know they have also gave plugs when a lot of today’s podcasts were just starting, they always believe to help grow this community and always been class acts. How can anyone have any kind of horror Hall of Fame without naming Fearshop, and their hosts Frank and Mike?

So this is my honor and privilege, to induct Frank and Mike and their groundbreaking show Fearshop to the Wicked Channel Hall of Fame Class of 2012…