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Wrestling Review-Timeline-The History of WCW 1997-As Told by Kevin Nash

Review-This time around Kayfabe Commentaries head pilot Sean Oliver takes us back to WCW in 1997. Our guest by the way is “ Big Sexy” Kevin Nash. 1997 was an interesting year for wrestling, when ratings were king and the competition was fierce. You had two egomaniacs in Ted Turner and Vince McMahon that hated

Movie Review-Ultimate Death Match Trilogy

This review will cover Ultimate Death Match, Ultimate Death Match II, and Ultimate Death Match III. Review-Seriously. Its Ultimate Death Match, there will be a fight, and one person will die and you will be amazed. Where do I start with this movie? To be fair, I think if this came out in 1996-99, it

Wrestling Review-Ring Roasts III-The Roast of Jim Cornette and YouShoot Live with Dixie Carter

If you are interested in product that is being reviewed below or other shoot interviews by the true number one shoot interview company, please visit They offer you the opportunity to either purchase the dvds or stream them on their page. Review-This week I went back in time with Kayfabe Commentaries with their Jim

Wrestling Review-YouShoot-RVD

Review-Kayfabe Commentaries has returned with another YouShoot interview. YouShoot is a series that involves you the reader to ask a wrestling personality questions and see if they are brave enough to answer. This time around we got “ Mr Zen” himself Rob Van Dam. Shoot interviews in general really work better with wrestlers who were

Movie Review-The Sheik

Review-Most of us bloggers, reviewers, website personalities, podcasters or whatever we deem ourselves these days are wrestling fans. Growing up, I despised Hulk Hogan. I was always a Al Perez fan if we are talking local wrestling, but the big two at the time it was Ric Flair, Lane and Eaton when they were the

Wrestling Review-Timeline: The History of WWE 1998-Vince Russo

Review-I think the final few minutes of this Timeline really sums up this whole 3 plus hour trip back to the height of the Attitude Era. Sean Oliver asks Vince Russo does he look back on this era like a ex-wife who shit on him (or something along those lines). When WWE has any kind

Movie Review-Raven’s Restler Rescue Vol 1-Merry Men

Review-Sean Oliver and his crew have a new series that is designed for Raven to work with talent who are struggling in the business and see if he can help them find something that could work for them. Before you think Tough Enough, Boot Camp or Dojo Wars, this is something a little more personal.

Wrestling Review-YouShoot: Vampiro

Review-Kayfabe Commentaries has returned with what in my opinion is their best series. YouShoot. This month we have a wrestler who I could easily put in my top 10 most underrated guys ever, Vampiro. Think about this, a program with Vampiro and Raven in their WCW run. Dream matches aside, because they do bring this

Wrestling Review-YouShoot:Scott Hall

Review-Sean Oliver and his Kayfabe Commentaries crew are back with their very popular YouShoot series. This time around we have Scott Hall as the brave soul daring enough to take questions from his fans. To Scott’s credit, he owns up to everything from his past and really has fun with this interview. Scott Hall is

Wrestling Review-Breaking Kayfabe w Kevin Nash

Review-Sean Oliver plays his Barbara Walters role again this month as we open up the life of Kevin Nash, in this episode of Breaking Kayfabe. I will say right now, WWE needs to mail Sean royalty checks, the Table for 3, Legends and the Unfiltered show seem very much like what Kayfabe Commentaries has been