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WWE Battleground 2015 Wrap-Up

This summer has been really good for the most part for fans of WWE. A lot of the superstars who had been falling behind really picked it up this summer and brought a lot more energy to the product, regardless of their spot in the company. Initially I wasn’t super excited for Battleground this year

Wrestling Review-YouShoot: Rikishi

Review-The Kayfabe Commentaries have returned with another guest in the popular YouShoot series, this time out…Rikishi. This shoot interview just comes out the gates with the hard hitting questions. Within the first three seconds we get all the hate from fans that Rikishi did not name Too Cool in his WWE HOF speech. And to

Wrestling Review-Timeline: The History of ECW 1996-As told by Raven

Review-1996 can go down in the books as one of the best years in the history of ECW both to the hardcore fans and even most of the wrestlers. Well who could be a better talker about that era than Raven in Kayfabe Commentaries latest Timeline of ECW 1996. No one will accuse Raven of

Wrestling Review-YouShoot: Tony Atlas

I review a lot of Kayfabe Commentaries stuff..if you are interested in anything I review check out Sean Oliver and his unique brand of dvds at Review-I went into the YouShoot vault this time for the infamous Tony Atlas shoot. The best shoot interviews in my opinion are the people who really never had

Timeline-The History of WCW 1989: As Told by Jim Cornette

Review-Kayfabe Commentaries and Sean Oliver have hit the jackpot yet again. The Timeline series chronicles a year in wrestling told by someone who was a part of the company being talked about during that time. 1989 WCW holds a special place in my heart that was one of the last wrestling shows me and my

Thoughts on the current state of the WWE leading into Payback

This past month has been a really weird one for wrestling. There are a lot of storylines that appear to be going nowhere and I find it harder and harder to get through the weekly shows. The wrestling itself has been really solid but I feel like you need good storylines to make it all

Wrestling Review-Kayfabe Commentaries-YouShoot:Lanny Poffo

Review-Sean Oliver and his crew at Kayfabe Commentaries are back with another edition of their ever so popular YouShoot interviews. This month they have Lanny Poffo. Could you picture if they had Raven, Ivory, Jim Cornette and Lanny Poffo on a car ride going overnight? These four people if they are on any kind of

Wrestling thoughts – Who should be called up next from NXT?

The WWE’s developmental show NXT is my favorite show produced by the WWE. I feel like it has the same appeal as college football – young people doing what they love because they love it and hopefully working toward a greater goal in the big leagues. There have been quite a few people who have

WWE Extreme Rules 2015 Wrap-Up

Extreme Rules is one of my favorite Pay-Per-Views of the year, mainly because it channels a little bit of the old ECW vibe with more extreme match types and the liberal use of weapons. This year was no different. Let’s run up the card and look at the highlights. Neville vs Bad News Barrett –

WWE Roundup – Week ending April 12, 2015

This week has kind of been a transitional week for wrestling, with very few story developments. It seems WWE is spinning their wheels a little bit until Extreme Rules where they can set some new stuff into motion. Until then we’re getting some good matches, but not a lot of story. GOOD: Adrian Neville from