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WWE Roundup – Week ending April 12, 2015

This week has kind of been a transitional week for wrestling, with very few story developments. It seems WWE is spinning their wheels a little bit until Extreme Rules where they can set some new stuff into motion. Until then we’re getting some good matches, but not a lot of story. GOOD: Adrian Neville from

DVD Review-UFC 181/182

Review-Before I start this review, let me state that if you are a UFC fan and have not been to Buffalo Wild Wings for the PPV’s you are truly missing out. The same argument I would like to make again is that I wish they would start releasing the fights on Blu Ray. UFC 181

Wrestling Review-Guest Booker-Bruce Prichard ( Bret Screwed Bret)

Review-After being letdown by the Alberto shoot interview, I decided to go against my judgment and try the Guest Booker with Bruce Prichard. Where I felt someone like Alberto would be more open to talk openly and shoot on a company, and felt Bruce would play the role of nice company guy and would duck

Wrestling Review-YouShoot with Alberto El Patron

Review-Kayfabe Commentaries is back with another episode in its very popular YouShoot series and this time around they brought Alberto El Patron. I want to start this review with this, Alberto is a very polite and class act. This 98 minutes he really comes across as someone who does not like to air laundry but

WWE Roundup – Week ending 3/15/15

This week definitely had some good stuff on the buildup to Wrestlemania. Highs: Randy Orton and Seth Rollins are ramping up the intensity in their feud, with Randy snapping and beating the hell out of Seth. Paul Heyman cut what could have been his best promo on Raw about Roman Reigns and Brock Lesnar. More


Review-We are going back to a time in WCW wrestling when nothing was really certain, a time before ECW took shape and made wrestling really change the formula. In the year 1993, according to most of our watches it was Vader time. Sean Oliver and his Kayfabe crew take us back to an era that

A look at the high points in WWE in 2014

To anybody but the most cynical, 2014 will be looked back upon as a great rebuilding year for the WWE. Think back to Wrestlemania 27, The Miz was at the top of the company, and defended the World Heavyweight title against John Cena. Snooki was in a match for God’s sake. Everything was 100% predictable

Wrestling Review-Timeline-The History of WWE 1993 as told by Lex Luger

Review-If there was ever one topic and one personality that could be linked forever, it would be 1993 and that person would be Luger. Sean Oliver and Kayfabe Commentaries pull back the curtain this time around and give us the top stories and let’s Lex go thru them with his own stories. As many people

Wrestling Review-Timeline: The History of WWE 2008 as told by Brian Myers

Review-Brian Myers who WWE fans once knew as Curt Hawkins sits back with Sean Oliver and takes us thru the events of 2008. There seems to be a trend going on lately, that the silent people in a federation when they get on a platform like this are the most entertaining. Brian is no exception;

Wicked Channel Interview-Sean Oliver (Kayfabe Commentaries) Part 3

WWE will preach, “We are on the road to Wrestlemania”. That means it is that time again to talk to Sean Oliver of Kayfabe Commentaries. If you are not familiar with the man and his brand of interviews, you are truly not a fan of wrestling. Sean is always a busy man; it seems that