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Wrestling Review-YouShoot:Tod Gordon

Review-Kayfabe Commentaries has delivered the second part of the Tod Gordon trilogy with YouShoot. The trilogy began with a “ Timeline” on ECW in the early years. The wrestling dvd that every person (including me) called one of the best “ Timelines”. How do you follow up that piece of art? By making Tod Gordon

Wrestling Review-Timeline:The History of WWE 2007 Blue-As told by Swoggle

Review-When talking about WWE, I can promise you as a fan of the product there are two years that Vince McMahon would be fast to erase from history. 1994 and 2007. 1994, would be the year that the world thought Vince would be going to jail for the Steroid trial. Rumor had it at that

Movie Review-Surf’s Up 2: WaveMania (DVD)

Review-I was a fan of the first “ Surf’s Up” film. Did we need a sequel? It depends on who you ask, I would assume. This time around, the WWE is involved with the film. Vince McMahon, who as people know is the CEO of WWE entertainment, has always envisioned himself and the wrestling business

Wrestling Review-You Shoot: Mr Anderson

Review-Ken Anderson on the surface, seems to be a very likable person. If your definition of a shoot interview is to hear someone tell safe stories about wrestling life, this interview is up your alley. If you are looking for someone who is going to be very open and take shots on people, this interview

Wrestling Review-Guest Booker-Kevin Nash (The Outsiders Stay Inside)

Review-Are you curious, how would Kevin Nash have booked WWE if Scott Hall and himself never went to WCW? Think about that for a second….” how would he have booked all his buddies”. I think you will know the gist of his booking in this latest installment of the series. Like most of the guests

Wrestling Review-Timeline: The History of ECW 1992-1993 as told by Tod Gordon

Review-Let’s be honest. As wrestling fans, we can all admit there is just too much product out there. Demanding the most of your wrestling time, seems to be Vince McMahon and his brand of “entertainment”. With the popularity of the “ shoot interview”, now we even see the WWE network use that into their programing.

Wrestling Review-Breaking Kayfabe with Scott Levy

Review-Sean Oliver of Kayfabe Commentaries dons his Barbara Walters gimmick again for another edition of “ Breaking Kayfabe”. This is where we pull the curtain back on a talent and learn about their personal life, demons and everything else they will dish. This month is the man who can out talk an auctioneer with tourettes,

Wrestling Review-YouShoot with Swoggle

If you are interested in the best ” shoot interviews” and other series that is out in this market..visit the fine folks at Kayfabe Commentaries. You can buy the dvds, or rent them….some of the best wrestling stuff on this planet… Review-Welcome to the wonderful world of Kayfabe Commentaries and this month they give us

Wrestling Review-Timeline: The History of WCW 1986: As Told by The Rock and Roll Express

Review-The Rock and Roll Express are one of those teams that come along once in a blue moon, that just seems like a promoters wet dream. I can remember when they were in the Mid-South territory and they had the ELO song Rock and Roll is King video package. They were the underdog babyface team

Wrestling Review-YouShoot-Joey Ryan

Review-Boy thanks Sean Oliver, the first time I get my wife to sit with me and watch a YouShoot and it is Joey Ryan. There goes my marriage. This month the awesome people at Kayfabe Commentaries are back with a new YouShoot. This is the interview that Sean will tell you, only the bravest in