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Wrestling Review-Timeline: The History of WWE 1998-Vince Russo

Review-I think the final few minutes of this Timeline really sums up this whole 3 plus hour trip back to the height of the Attitude Era. Sean Oliver asks Vince Russo does he look back on this era like a ex-wife who shit on him (or something along those lines). When WWE has any kind

Movie Review-Raven’s Restler Rescue Vol 1-Merry Men

Review-Sean Oliver and his crew have a new series that is designed for Raven to work with talent who are struggling in the business and see if he can help them find something that could work for them. Before you think Tough Enough, Boot Camp or Dojo Wars, this is something a little more personal.

Wrestling Review-YouShoot: Vampiro

Review-Kayfabe Commentaries has returned with what in my opinion is their best series. YouShoot. This month we have a wrestler who I could easily put in my top 10 most underrated guys ever, Vampiro. Think about this, a program with Vampiro and Raven in their WCW run. Dream matches aside, because they do bring this

Wrestling Review-YouShoot:Scott Hall

Review-Sean Oliver and his Kayfabe Commentaries crew are back with their very popular YouShoot series. This time around we have Scott Hall as the brave soul daring enough to take questions from his fans. To Scott’s credit, he owns up to everything from his past and really has fun with this interview. Scott Hall is

Wrestling Review-Breaking Kayfabe w Kevin Nash

Review-Sean Oliver plays his Barbara Walters role again this month as we open up the life of Kevin Nash, in this episode of Breaking Kayfabe. I will say right now, WWE needs to mail Sean royalty checks, the Table for 3, Legends and the Unfiltered show seem very much like what Kayfabe Commentaries has been

Wrestling Review-VIince Russo’s Youshoot: Live Reloaded!

Review-In 2012, Vince Russo left TNA Wrestling and this shoot was done shortly after his departure. In 2015, Kayfabe Commentaries decided to add some stuff to it. You have Sean Oliver behind the scenes working with people about New Jack’s involvement on this shoot. You also have Sean and Vince Russo 2 years later reflecting

Television Review-Carol Burnett Show: The Lost Episodes

Review-Originally titled Carol Burnett and Friends, The Carol Burnett show started airing in syndication in the 1960’s. The show ran 11 seasons and for good reason, no matter what your mood was before you turned this show on, it would be laughter by the time you ended the episode. This variety/sketch show to me really

Wrestling Review-Wrestling’s Most….Season 3

Review-Kayfabe Commentaries and Sean Oliver are back with Season 3 of Wrestling’s Most… If you are new to what this concept is, let me explain a little bit to you. They take a topic and it is voted on by the readers, viewers and listeners and then a panel of wrestling personalities gives their opinions

Wrestling Review-Timeline:The History of WCW 1994: as told by Eric Bischoff

Review-When you think about the history of WCW, there is a few names that come to mind almost immediately who were very influential with the direction and growth of the company. The one name that should be close to the top of that list, if not the top name has to be Eric Bischoff. I

WWE Battleground 2015 Wrap-Up

This summer has been really good for the most part for fans of WWE. A lot of the superstars who had been falling behind really picked it up this summer and brought a lot more energy to the product, regardless of their spot in the company. Initially I wasn’t super excited for Battleground this year