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April’s top 10 list-The Top 10 Females in music…James picks

As people seem to have learned over the years, I am a major fan of the females in music. From PJ Harvey, Enya to Angela Glasgow, I love the females in music. To think of ten is hard, but I think that is why I and Mike do these lists, because they are hard and

What I Am Listening to Right Now

Magister Templi | Lucifer Leviathan Logos (2013) I cannot get enough of the debut full-length release from Norway’s Magister Templi entitled Lucifer Leviathan Logos. What started out as a rehash of NWOBHM bands became much more. While the comparisons to classic Mercyful Fate will always be there, Lucifer Leviathan Logos is so much more than

What I Am Listening to Right Now

Moonspell – Memorial Moonspell simply rocks, but most people do not even realize how good they are because you need to see them live to truly understand. They have so many great albums, but for me, I am more of a fan from “Antidote” on. “Memorial” has so many clutch tunes including the actual opening

What I Am Listening to Right Now

Let’s face it, you really do not care what I am listening to from day to day. The whole reason for this list is to hopefully turn you on to some music that you may not know about. Below is a short list of albums that I just cannot get out of my player right

March’s Top 10-the Top 10 Nu Metal Cds of all Time-James Picks

This month’s top ten I wanted to talk about a genre of music that seems to have metal fans divided heavily and that being nu metal. Once labeled as rap metal, this genre of music had a very short life if you think about it. People emerged like Ross Robinson to be a major name

This month’s Top 10-Ten bands or singers I have never seen live before that I would love to see -James Picks

This month’s top ten stems from the rumors of a Led Zeppelin reunion and tour next year, this month’s top ten is the Top 10 bands or singers that still are around that I have never seen live that I would love to see live. Thank you guys and gals so much for always checking

Valentine’s Day Horror Movies to Share With Your Loved Ones

I figured that people would be looking for some Valentine’s Day-themed horror movies for the holiday, so I picked the ones that I could think of off the top of my head. If I am missing any, and I sure I am, fill in the list for me. My Bloody Valentine (1981) A decades old

Top 10 Cds I am currently addicted to-James Picks

10. We Are Soldiers We Have Guns-Get Up, Get Out 9. Mojo Magazine-Fleetwood Mac-Rumours Revisted 8. Exitmusic-The Passage 7. Best Coast-The Only Place 6. Jayhawks-Mockingbird Time 5. Shiny Toy Guns-III 4. David Byrne & St. Vincent-Love This Giant 3. The Joy Formidable-Wolf’s Law 2. Hatriot-Heroes of Origin 1. Sinead O’Connor-How About I Be Me (And

Underrated Metal Albums: 80’s Edition

Thanks to James D. for this idea of doing underrated albums (check out his picks here). I do not have the patience that he does, so I could not do a top 30. Instead, I will do multiple posts and break it down by years. For ease and simplicity, I will start with the 80s.

The Top 30 Most Overrated Cds ever-James Picks

This next list is the thirty cds I think are highly overrated. I am ashamed to admit I owned all 30 of these cds one time or another. I mean I know it is easy to name 30 cds and bands you cannot stand, but I wanted to name 30 cds that sold way more