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Television Review-Beauty & the Beast: The Final Season(DVD)

Review-How did this series go more than one season for the CW? Wait a second, I answered my own question. My wife and I, are huge fans of the story of “ Beauty and the Beast”. We loved the Disney adaptation. I even went so far as to admit, I loved the Linda Hamilton one

Anime Review-Overlord: The Complete Series (Limited Edition Blu-ray/DVD Combo)

Review-Are you a fan of role playing games? I have to say, whether you answered yes or no, Overlord is by far the best Anime I have seen in the last decade. I have always loved the premise of a game story caught in the realm of the Anime universe. The series focuses on a

Television Review-Red vs. Blue: Season 14 Special Edition Combo [Blu-ray]

Review-As people who read this site know, I am a huge fan of Red Vs Blue. One of our readers tipped off the company and sent them a link I wrote about the show, and the company sent me the huge box set on blu ray as a thank you for my work. When I

DVD Review-Legend of Bruce Lee: Volume 1

Review-Let’s face it, Bruce Lee is a legend. The man has made some of the best martial arts films that ever graced the screen. To have a biography of his legacy is going to be under scrutiny by both casual and hardcore fans. This biography chronicles his 32 years of life. People will credit Lee

Anime Review-In Search of the Lost Future: Complete Series SUB Only (Blu-ray/DVD Combo)

Review-I have been on a major anime kick lately. I was into anime in the 90’s. Well, that is a half truth. There was this really cute art girl who I was trying to find a way to win her over. So, I went to the blockbuster and found out she was into anime. I

DVD Review- IT Crowd: The Complete Series

Review-The IT Crowd focuses on two nerds. One who is a very snobby like person and the other who is a awkward socially lacking person. The show is a lot like the British television comedies you get these days. The humor on the show is weird and just simple comedy that is met with a

Blu Ray Review-Into the Badlands Season One

Review-Who would have thought in 2009. That AMC would become this powerhouse of a network? The Walking Dead, Fear the Walking Dead, Preacher, Saul, Talking Dead, Comic Book Men, and Into the Badlands for starters have people talking. Into The Badlands is a different kind of show. I am actually shocked that the network would

Blu Ray Review-Outlander Season 2

Review-Outlander is the sleeper show on Starz. This very different period drama throws so much at the viewer. This transporting genre blending insanity, is a feminist vision of the world around us at this 18th century Scotland. We meet Claire who is a World War II nurse who time travels to 18th Century Scotland. We

TV Review-Hell On Wheels: Season 5 Volume 2 – The Final Episodes ( Blu Ray)

Review-You have to really give AMC a ton of credit, when HBO, Showtime and stations like ABC, CBS , NBC and FOX seem to always get the praise for original programming, they are really coming out the gates with some awesome shows. Mad Men, The Walking Dead come to mind almost immediately, but Hell on

Blu Ray Review-Preacher: Season 1

Review-Preacher is the latest show on AMC to get fans excited about watching basic cable. Where does Preacher stand beside their other heavyweights? For beginners, this show is based on a cult comic book by writer Garth Ennis and artist Steve Dillon. Preacher focuses on a small town preacher who has a power to bend