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New Music First-Avenue X

AVENUE X was formed OCTOBER 2011 in the shadows of the Skyscrapers of NEW YORK CITY. It was purely by chance that the two founding members of AVENUE X (Dionna Cole and Marzio Dal Monte) had met. The award winning songwriter, Lead singer, and guitarist for AVENUE X Dionna Cole had been making a name

10 Best Movie Soundtracks: Rebekah Herzberg’s List

10. The Royal Tenenbaums A part of me feels this should be higher on the list but I had to bump Blade Runner off of the list just so I could fit it on here. First of all, the film plays “Judy is a Punk,” my favorite Ramones song, when we see just how rebellious

Music Review-Fahri-Final Disconnect Notice

1. Lazy Fruit 04:08 2. Caleb’s Fauna 03:27 3. Make Like Hay and Lay 03:49 4. The Island Cannibal King 05:19 5. Ghost Song 04:48 6. Barflys 03:10 7. Winter Weight 04:25 8. We Might Be An Outlet 05:20 9. Nice Try, Good Effort! 04:36 10. New Park 06:12 Members Sarah Long-guitar, vocals Miles Murray-

The Wicked Channel Interview with Cinema Cinema

This week’s interview is very unique, Cinema Cinema is this duo with cousins Ev Gold (vocals & guitars) and Paul Claro (drums) in 2008. They released their second cd this year which seems to be getting some attention and CMJ love, I reviewed this cd and I been seeing people talking more and more about

Music Review-Cocks Arquette-Cocks Arquette

Members Simon J Karis David A Karis Walter P Humfray Daniel J Corran Franc De Alvia Review-Cocks Arquette may be a very odd name for a band but not nearly as odd as this band’s sound. The cd has four tracks, the first track is entitled Considerably Fucked and goes for about less than 2

My Interview with Jim Coleman ( ex Cop Shoot Cop and Phylr)

1.First off, words cannot even express what kind of fan of yours I am. What inspired you to be a musician? What was your first musical memory, that inspired this career path for you? I remember being a kid and wanting to be a musician, that’s always been with me. I see so many people