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The Heirs of Rockefeller -Mutantis Mash- “Monsters”

Music Review-Eula-Wool Sucking

Eula is Alyse, Jeff and Stephen Review-Eula is this three piece band that really showcases so much versatility and depth in their songs that as a listener track by track you really get behind the vision of the artist. It was 2009, and I had a few music podcasts in my Ipod and I heard

Wicked Channel Interview with Atari Teenage Riot’s Nic Endo

I want to start this differently; there is a woman who worked very hard for this to happen for us. Everyone seems to forget the PR people, but I want to bow to Holly, you fucking rule. When she emailed me and said, “James, remember us from a long time back and you wanting to

Atari Teenage Riot – “J1M1”

Join Ruby on her journey for the “Waiting for Light” release & in making a difference for Womankind Worldwide!

Hiya folks! Welcome to the ruby campaign! We’ve got a new album, the first for some considerable time, called the “Waiting for Light.” It feels very much like that – like I’m emerging from a very long, very dark tunnel. The making of the album has been a process of rediscovery, of trying to find

Your first look-Ruby’s new video-Lush

Please upgrade your browser Lesley Rankine aka ruby made her way from her Scottish homeland to Germany to shoot new video for for the smooth and dreamy track “Lush”, featured on her recently released EP Revert To Type, out on her own Fireweed Recordings. ruby worked with New Orleans native Ceven (pronounced ‘7’) Knowles of

Music Review-The Julie Ruin-Run Fast

Review-Kathleen Hanna is one of those artists that always seem to be highly creative in what she is trying to achieve, but yet others seem to get all the press and platinum cds, while she remains a cult hero. The Julie Ruin is Kathleen’s return to music after a 7 year break. If the name

Wicked Channel Hall of Fame and Interview-Lesley Rankine ( Ruby)

When we started the Wicked Channel Hall of Fame, if you would have told me not only am I going to induct Lesley Rankine in it, but get the chance to interview her I would have told you, you were insane. It was 1991, I went to a music store and they were playing Silverfish.

SquidHat Records Signs Pet Tigers‏

LAS VEGAS RETRO POP PUNK BAND, PET TIGERS, SIGN WITH SQUIDHAT RECORDS. NEW ALBUM SCHEDULED FOR SPRING 2013 RELEASE Las Vegas, NV, January 7, 2013 – SquidHat Records is proud to announce the signing of Pet Tigers, a popular Las Vegas garage pop trio. The Pet Tigers will begin recording their debut album in February

The Top 30 Most Overrated Cds ever-James Picks

This next list is the thirty cds I think are highly overrated. I am ashamed to admit I owned all 30 of these cds one time or another. I mean I know it is easy to name 30 cds and bands you cannot stand, but I wanted to name 30 cds that sold way more