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Movie Review-Is the man who is tall happy?

Review-The vehicle of filmmaking is to communicate one’s vision with us in a way that will either thrill or captivate us. I am a huge Bjork fan, and one of my favorite videos ever was Bachelorette. In that video director Michel Gondry took a simple concept and made it just so mind-bending beautiful, just the

Book Review-Satan’s 3 Ring Circus of Hell

Review-Robert Rhine a lot of people may know from his magazine called Girls and Corpses that a lot of horror genre fans like me are fans of. It has a mix of dark fucked humor, sexuality and horror that seems like the anti to the major magazines like Fango and Rue. One thing is for

Comic Book Review-The Tower Chronicles

Legendary Entertainment is publishing a comic book. Well when you think about that statement it seems like, ok so what- but this is the studio that gave us The Dark Knight trilogy and 300 among other things. Now, you see what the deal is. Matt Wagner really creates a little comic book that really blew

Random Sketch – Wolf

I was screwing around the other day and sketched out a wolf that I am semi-proud of. Of course, it is not perfect, nor is it done, but it is not half bad IMO. Of course, I will probably never finish it though. I could sit here and point out the obvious flaws of the