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The Top 10 Most Influential Records Ever-Scanners Sarah Daly Picks…

Scanners are a band that has been on the scene for over a decade. Sarah Daly is one of best lead singers on the music scene right now. To describe her vocals, she is a cross between Amy Millan of Stars, Feist and PJ Harvey. Their most recent record Love is Symmetry is a must

The Top 10 Most Influential Records Ever-Brendan Stewart’s Picks

This is July, and July for our site is “national appreciate music month”. This month we are doing the 10 most influential records again. Also, some new music interviews. What a better way to start this off, with a person I have known for 18 to 19 years. I met Brendan in the old metal

Music Review-Exovex-Radio Silence

Review-Progressive rock is starting to change, and leading this new revolt is a band called Exovex. Not sure if band is the proper term for Dale Simmons new project. This bastard child of multi-instrumental Dale really takes the elements we all like about Prog rock and changes them in a very odd way. I will

Music Review-Local H-Hey, Killer

Review-25 years ago, Local H formed. 20 years ago, they released their debut record Ham Fisted. Most people did not pick up on them till the next year when As Good As Dead came out and got them on MTV and even college radio. Hey, Killer is the 8th record from Local H. The sad

Music Review-The Order of Chaos-Apocalypse Moon

Amanda Kiernan – Vocals John Simon Fallon – Guitars John Saturley – Guitars Tim Prevost – Drums Barrett Klesko-Bass Review-After a 3 year break The Order of Chaos have returned with their best record to date. This monster just comes right out of the gates with The Anthem of Pain; this song dismisses the fact

Metal Review: Mindead: Controlling the Tides (2015)

Mindead: Controlling the Tides

Stuttgart, Germany metal band Mindead is back with their latest effort, Controlling the Tides, a collection of 12 new tracks. Mindead’s sound is pretty much summed up by the power of the riff, which define the band’s sound throughout each track. In addition to Pablo’s powerful guitar riffs are Timo’s strong vocals, which are good

Metal Review: Satyricon: Live at the Opera (2015)

Satyricon: Live at the Opera

I am upset with Satyricon. It is merely April and I already have my album of the year picked out. How I would love to be wrong by having someone outdo their latest effort, Live at the Opera, but I cannot see that actually happening. This album is absolutely crushing on every level. Satyricon is

Metal Review: Eschaton: Sentinel Apocalypse (2015)

Eschaton: Sentinel Apocalypse

Founded in 2007 in Providence, Rhode Island, technical death metal camp Eschaton has unleashed their furious opus of technical prowess in their debut album Sentinel Apocalypse. This collection of 11 jaw-dropping tracks consisting of maddening signature changes and earth shattering drum lines mixed with killer guitar leads and riffs. Eschaton, who shares their name with

Metal Review: Coal Chamber: Rivals (2015)

Coal Chamber: Rivals

I am not sure what is more surprising; that Coal Chamber is back or that I am actually reviewing their album. By reviewing an album, I am making a statement that the album has some validity and worth. If I do not like an album, I simply ignore it and do not even give it

Music Review-Insane Clown Posse-The Marvelous Missing Link

Review-I am a late bloomer in the Juggalo pool, but I really started becoming a fan in late 2005. The Marvelous Missing Link (Lost) is part of the Dark Carnival series, but yet it sounds a little different than what I was expecting from the band. They still have their signature style all over this