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Metal Review: Megaton Leviathan: Past 21: Beyond the Arctic Cell (2014)

Megaton Leviathan: Past 21: Beyond the Arctic Cell

It appears as if there is this ever growing new sub-genre of metal entitled drone that we have to be aware of because there are a multitude of bands utilizing this type of music. What started off as a method used sparingly with Opeth and then more extensively with bands such as Agalloch and Alcest,

Music Review: Slash: World on Fire (2014)

Slash: World on Fire

Former Guns ‘n Roses guitar hero and icon Slash is back with his third solo album, “World on Fire.” In his first solo effort, Slash employed various vocalists, but used Alter Bridge’s Myles Kennedy as his live vocalist. For his next two releases, including the previous “Apocalyptic Love,” Kennedy has been the solo vocalist along

Metal Review: Myrkur: Myrkur (2014)

Myrkur: Myrkur

Relapse Records has their hands on Denmark’s one-woman black metal band Myrkur. Her debut EP release shares the same name and is a collection of seven brief tracks of sonic madness that will turn on many fans. Shrouded in secrecy, I wonder how long that will last since a major player has now released this

Metal Review: Davey Suicide: World Wide Suicide (2014)

Davey Suicide: World Wide Suicide

Industrial metal newcomers Davey Suicide, led by the man by the same name, is back with their sophomore full-length release, “World Wide Suicide,” out September 30, 2014 via Standby Records. The album opens up with Your Honor the Asshole, which is a witty, satirical segment leading us into the title track, World Wide Suicide. The

Music Review-Sinead O’ Connor-I’m not Bossy, I’m the Boss

Review-27 years ago a young lady burst on the scene taking MTV and college radio by storm with her song Mandinka. If her cd The Lion and the Cobra got her feet wet, her follow up cd I do not want what I haven’t got threw her in the deep end of the pool. The

DVD Review-The Midnight Special (6DVD)

Review-To try and not sound like an infomercial, I want to say right now The Midnight Special 6 dvd set is one of the greatest music collections I have ever seen much less owned. I always tell people about the horror I grew up on, but music is a different story. I would make good

Music Review: Blackwolfgoat: Drone Maintenance (2014)

Blackwolfgoat: Drone Maintenance

Blackwolfgoat is the brain child/alter ego of Darryl Shepard (Black Pyramid, The Scimitar, Hackman, Milligram, Roadsaw) and “Drone Maintenance” is his third release under this moniker. This solo progressive drone project is simply that – a progressive drone that not many bands are doing, let alone doing well. “Drone Maintenance” is out via Small Stone

Music Review: John Garcia: John Garcia (2014)

John Garcia: John Garcia

Formerly of Kyuss/Hermano and current Vista Chino/Unida vocalist John Garcia believes in striking while the iron is hot. With his busy schedule, it is hard to believe that this stoner rock legend has time for a solo album, but that is just what he has done with his self-titled solo release. Make no mistake about

Music Review: Tarja Turunen & Mike Terrana: Beauty & the Beat (2014)

Tarja Turunen & Mike Terrana: Beauty & the Beat

I think that we are far enough removed from the Nightwish fiasco with Tarja Turunen that we do not have to speak further on that. The low down on Turunen is that she is absolutely beautiful and amazingly talented. She has the voice of a siren and knows how to use it. I love these

Metal Review: Principality of Hell: Fire & Brimstone (2014)

Principality of Hell: Fire Brimstone

To make a long story short, Greece’s Principality of Hell is Motorhead with a black metal feel to them singing of satanism and witchcraft mixed with a touch of Venom. How sweet does that sound? From The Magus’ growl of “Black Fucking Metal,” which opens the album to the final sounds of the cover of