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Music Review-Chelsea Wolfe-Abyss

Review-If Pain is Beauty was the uncomfortable calm that fans like me wanted out of Chelsea Wolfe, Abyss is the storm that we all had to see coming and we were anxiously awaiting for it to hit. To say, Chelsea Wolfe put out another good record is like saying “fire is hot”. Chelsea Wolfe’s sound

Music Review-Lynch Mob-Rebel

George Lynch – guitars Oni Logan – vocals Jeff Pilson – bass Brian Tichy – drums 1. Automatic Fix 2. Between the Truth and a Lie 3. Testify 4. Sanctuary 5. Pine Tree Avenue 6. Jelly Roll 7. Dirty Money 8. The Hollow Queen 9. The Ledge 10. Kingdom of Slaves 11. War Review-If someone

Music Review-Toadies-Heretics

1. “In The Belly Of A Whale” (New) 2. “Tyler” 3. “Beside You” 4. “Queen of Scars” (New) 5. “Rattler’s Revival” 6. “Heart of Glass” (Blondie Cover) 7. “Possum Kingdom” 8. “The Appeal” 9. “Dollskin” 10. “Backslider” 11. “Jigsaw Girl” 12. “Send You to Heaven” Review-21 years ago a record came out called Rubberneck by

Music Review-Butcher Babies-Take it like a Man

Review-The follow up to Goliath is upon us and Butcher Babies if you liked Goliath chances are you will dig this record, but if you were not a fan this record will probably not convert you. People seem to be fascinated with the lead vocalists Carla and Heidi and base their opinions on that since

Metal Review: My Hollow: On Borrowed Time (2015)

My Hollow: On Borrowed Time

Sometimes labeled as progressive groove metal, sometimes as deathcore, but regardless of what we want to label them as, Toronto, Ontario’s own metal band My Hollow is back with the follow-up to 2012’s Cold Dark Days EP. Their new piece of work is entitled On Borrowed Time and comes at the listener like a ten

Music Review-Enabler-Fail to Feel Safe

Tracklisting: 1. Suffer to Survive 2. Fail to Feel Safe 3. By Demons Denied 4. Euphoric Revenge 5. Isolation Sickness 6. Sinister Drifter 7. Sail the Sea of Fire 8. Haunted 9. Drownage 10. Demolition Praise 11. Malady 12. La Furia 13. Sabotage Within Review-I have been so scared of this record. Enabler is one

The Top 10 Most Influential Records Ever-Scanners Sarah Daly Picks…

Scanners are a band that has been on the scene for over a decade. Sarah Daly is one of best lead singers on the music scene right now. To describe her vocals, she is a cross between Amy Millan of Stars, Feist and PJ Harvey. Their most recent record Love is Symmetry is a must

The Top 10 Most Influential Records Ever-Brendan Stewart’s Picks

This is July, and July for our site is “national appreciate music month”. This month we are doing the 10 most influential records again. Also, some new music interviews. What a better way to start this off, with a person I have known for 18 to 19 years. I met Brendan in the old metal

Music Review-Exovex-Radio Silence

Review-Progressive rock is starting to change, and leading this new revolt is a band called Exovex. Not sure if band is the proper term for Dale Simmons new project. This bastard child of multi-instrumental Dale really takes the elements we all like about Prog rock and changes them in a very odd way. I will

Music Review-Local H-Hey, Killer

Review-25 years ago, Local H formed. 20 years ago, they released their debut record Ham Fisted. Most people did not pick up on them till the next year when As Good As Dead came out and got them on MTV and even college radio. Hey, Killer is the 8th record from Local H. The sad