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Music Review-The New Pornographers-“Whiteout Conditions”

Carl Newman – vocals, guitar Neko Case – vocals John Collins – bass Blaine Thurier – keyboards, synthesizer Todd Fancey – lead guitar Kathryn Calder – vocals, keyboards, guitar Joe Seiders – drums, vocals 1. “Play Money” 2. “Whiteout Conditions” 3. “High Ticket Attractions” 4. “This Is the World of the Theater” 5. “Darling Shade”

Music Review-Mew-“Visuals”

1. “Nothingness and No Regrets” 2. “The Wake of Your Life” 3. “Candy Pieces All Smeared Out” 4. “In a Better Place” 5. “Ay Ay Ay” 6. “Learn Our Crystals” 7. “Twist Quest” 8. “Shoulders” 9. “85 Videos” 10. “Zanzibar” 11. “Carry Me to Safety” Jonas Bjerre – vocals, keyboards, guitar Johan Wohlert – bass,

Music Review-Rhino Bucket- ‘The Last Real Rock ‘N’ Roll’

01. Hello Citizens 02. Everything You Do 03. Last Call 04. I’m Your Doctor 05. So Long 06. It’s A Sin 07. Forgiveness 08. Bang My Drum 09. Swing And A Miss 10. Falling Down The Stairs 11. Misery 12. The Devil You Know Georg Dolivo – vocals, rhythm guitar Brian “Damage” Forsythe – lead

Music Review-Adna-” Closure”

Tracklist: 1. Closure 2. Overthinking 3. Leave 4. Now 5. Thoughts 6. If 7. Soaked Eyes 8. Hide Me In Smoke 9. Someone’s Someone Review-The latest record by Adna is a trip down emotional landscapes to a fragile beyond. The Swedish singer-songwriter is clearly someone who wants people to experience each word of her songs.

Movie Review-Sad Vacation: The Last Days Of Sid And Nancy (DVD)

Review-When you hear people talk about the history of punk rock music, there are three bands who are frequently mentioned. They are The Clash, The Ramones and The Sex Pistols. In the 40 plus years of Punk Rock music, if those three bands did not emerge from the underground, there would never have been a

Guest Music Review-triple dipped orange – jack o’lantern EP -as reviewed by Adam Casto of Nerd Table

If this review sounds good to you, they have their EP on Bandcamp for the low cost of free to check out… This fresh release by Columbus, Ohio’s own triple dipped orange is quite an amazing piece of work. The jack o’lantern EP starts off with “Nyarlathotep”. This song is creepy and has many different

Movie Review-Clown

Review-” Clown” focuses on a real estate agent named Kent. Kent gets a call on his son’s birthday from his wife Meg, that the clown they hired cannot make it. Kent is in a pickle with his son expecting a clown for his brithday. So, as fate would have it in horror films, Kent is

Music Review-The Gashers-In Trust We Bleed

Review-The beauty of a label like Squidhat Records, when they release one album and you are like, “ my god that is a great punk band and sound”. Here comes the next, and the next. The Gashers releasing this album on the 4th of July week, is like going to a funeral of someone you

Music Review-Crayven-All the Sordid Details

Lisa Oster (Vocals, Violin), Gernot Knippen (Guitar, Synthesizer), Cherry Ann Reclusado (Bass), Christoph Brandes (Drums) Review-Crayven are one of those bands that come out of nowhere that just gets it. One thing is for sure, whether you like this band or not, you will not be able to deny that this band is catchy and

Music Review-Magenta-Songs for the Dead

Review-Magenta are a duo consisting of Vilde Lockert on Vocals and Anders Odden on everything else. Listening to this record you would assume that these two were destined to meet and put out music. This band has been around since the mid 90’s and seems to really make music that feels honest, heartfelt and most