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Music Reviews-Tracy Shedd-Arizona….7Horse-Livin in a Bitch of a World…Tanika Tikaram-Closer to the People

Review-I have been diving deep into the indie pool of music and discovered some interesting sounds. First up, we have a young lady named Tracy Shedd. I discovered a cover of Sonic Youth’s Teenage Riot and fell in love with this sultry voice and said, “ I got to see what she is all about”.

Music Review-Joe Lynn Turner-Street of Dreams – Boston 1985 Live

Track List: 1. I Found Love 2. Losing You 3. Soul Searcher 4. Young Hearts 5. Endlessly 6. Rescue You 7. Stone Cold 8. Street Of Dreams 9. Feel The Fire 10. Guitar Solo / Good Girls Gone Bad 11. Get Tough 12. On The Run 13. Them Changes Review-If you were to ask me

Music Review-Onyria-Break The Silence

1. Sleep no More 2. Revenge 3. Prisoner of Mind 4. Fake 5. My Addiction 6. Save me From the End 7. Damned 8. Afterlife 9. Lagrimas de Cinixiu 10. Don’t Forget Me Review-Most recently on the Bandcamp website, I discovered this compilation named Metal Divas. What this compilation offers is some cutting edge new

Metal Review: Metal Church – XI (2016)

Metal Church - XI

While this may sound like blasphemy to most die hard Metal Church fans, I always appreciated the Mike Howe era of the band the most. While David Wayne was a great vocalist, the first Metal Church album was great and The Dark was average with a couple of really great songs on it. Their reunited

Music Review-Amon Amarth- Jomsviking

Review-Metal is a unique kind of music. Whereas pop and rap are so fast to throw false praise on anyone just to fill a void left by another empty musician. The huge problem our genre of music has faced in the last decade is, who will be the next group of superstars to take over

Music Review-Earthside-A Dream in Static

01. The Closest I’ve Come 02. Mob Mentality 03. A Dream in Static 04. Entering the Light 05. Skyline 06. Crater 07. The Ungrounding 08. Contemplation of the Beautiful Review-My favorite thing about music is discovery. When you hear people bragging about something that you have absolutely no idea who or what they are. You

Music Review-Lita Ford-Time Capsule

01. Intro 02. Where Will I Find My Heart Tonight 03. Killing Kind 04. War of the Angels 05. Black Leather Heart 06. Rotten to the Core 07. Little Wing 08. On the Fast Track 09. King of the Wild Wind 10. Mr. Corruption 11. Anything for the Thrill Review-Lita Ford has had quite the

Music Review-Candlebox-Disappearing at Airports

Review-Candlebox is one of those bands that I feel never really had a fair shake from both critics and fans. The self-titled debut album came out in 1993, when at the time grunge was all over the scene. People were so quick to label them as a “ Grunge wannabe act”. Modern radio took to

Metal Review: Barbarian (Italy) – Cult of the Empty Grave (2016)

Barbarian (Italy) - Cult of the Empty Grave

Italian death/extreme metal horde Barbarian is back with their third studio album in Cult of the Empty Grave and it kicks ass. The band takes a classic death metal sound mixing it with classic metal stylings into a nice mix. The album opens with “Bridgeburner,” which has an epic death metal feel to it with

Metal Review – Ereb Altor – Nattramn (2015)

Ereb Altor - Nattramn

Pagan/black/doom metal act Ereb Altor is a band that I have a ton of respect for. Simply stated, they kick ass. Formed in 2003 from the ashes of doom metal band Forlorn, who have since changed their name to Isole, the band’s sound has been all over the place from their viking metal roots to