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Movie Review-All the Sins of Sodom / Vibrations (Blu-ray)

Review-Film Movement Classics have really upped the ante this holiday season. I know Vinegar Syndrome released the blu ray of All the Sins of Sodom a few years ago. They did not put the time and love into it, as this release does. In the early days of this film it played under the title

Movie Review-The House (Blu Ray)

Review-Andrew Jay Cohen is a very promising film writer. I loved Neighbors and I put Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates in my top 20 last year. I feel the pressure of him writing and directing his first film got to him. He wants to give us this daring and dark satire that just ends

Movie Review-Wish Upon (Blu Ray)

Review-Have you ever had a dinner at an expensive place and the food was good but you felt for the money, you should have had better food? This is how I felt watching John R. Leonetti;s Wish Upon. I felt the film was fine, but in the end I was really hoping for more out

Movie Review-Blood Feast

Review-” Blood Feast” is another one of those films that I feel, if it came out in the last ten years, it would never have been as talked about. “ Blood Feast” is one of those films that its legacy, is actually better than its reality. The opening seems to be a play on the

Movie Review-Kick-Ass (4K Ultra HD 4K Digital)

Review-Today is a great day. Kick Ass has finally arrived on 4k Blu Ray. When this film opened, I was in the theater on opening night. At the time, we were so used to superhero films being presented in this conventional bow. Then, films like Super hit the scene. It threw convention out the window

Movie Review-The Cropsey Incident (DVD)

Review-What New World Video was to Roger Corman, Wild Eye Releasing is to Rob Hauschild. I believe if the internet was in full swing when New World Video was populating the video store that fans would have shit on every film. Not so much for the quality of the film, but more for them feeling

Movie Review-Lycan (DVD)

Review-Lycan is a film that I feel most horror fans will be split on. Directed by Bev Land, Lycan is a mesh up of sorts. It tries to use a mentality of today with a mindset of the 80’s. The camera work in this film is unique and ambitious. You can tell that someone did

Movie Review-It Stains the Sands Red (Blu-ray)

Review-It seems that I have heard of this premise before. A young woman against the zombie plague. It just feels like this is not the first time I have heard of this. It Stains the Sands Red wants you to think they are re-inventing the wheel. The film opens when the zombie apocalypse has wiped

Movie Review-Popcorn (Blu Ray)

Review-Synapse Films finally gives us the long awaited blu ray of Popcorn. Popcorn is a forgotten little treasure that capitalized on Jill Schoelen. In this film she plays Maggie. She is a film student who has been recording her nightmares. I know the old adage of always beware of a horror film that starts off

Movie Review-A Ghost Story (Blu Ray)

Review-Is it too early to start Oscar buzz? As much as I loved Casey Affleck last year in Manchester By The Sea. It seems this year he has hit another home run. A Ghost Story is a masterpiece. This is a timeless, memorable film with a influx of beauty and preciseness that pierces your soul.