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Movie Review-Rondo

Review-Trying to figure this film out is like trying to find a penny in the bottom of the ocean. This film opens with a voice over that welcomes you into this almost sane reality. The opening has us assume that this film is being built around Paul. Paul has just returned from the military with

Movie Review-A Star is Born: The Encore (Extended Cut) Blu Ray

Review-Movie Review-Let’s be honest, this extended cut is basically close to 15 minutes of extended scenes that if you blink at some, you would not miss it. I am not going to say, this film is worst for it. This film to me, is just the same. The scenes are scattered in different times and

Movie Review-Audition (Special Edition Blu Ray)

Special Edition Contents Brand new 2K restoriation of original vault elements Original 5.1 Dolby Surround Audio Optional English subtitles Audio commentary with director Takashi Miike and screenwriter Daisuke Tengan Brand new commentary by Miike biographer Tom Mes examining the film and its source novel Introduction by Miike Ties that Bind A brand new interview with

Movie Review-Band vs Brand

Review-Let us be honest. When it comes to physical media. No one really buys cds anymore. It is sad to collectors like me. It is funny, all the musicians whining and bitching today about not making any money were the first ones to attack Lars Ulrich when he sounded off on Napster. If music stores

Movie Review-Revenge of the Spacemen( Blu Ray)

Review-When it comes to watching a film, everyone has a different experience. Some people love a good laugh, others are just born to be miserable. Revenge of the Spaceman is a good time that I feel will be lost on most viewers. This homage to campy 50’s horror and science fiction is very cheese filled.

Movie Review-Halloween ( Blu Ray)

Review-I can remember watching the original Halloween on television as a child. It scared me so bad that for my 14th birthday, I begged my mother to take me to the movies to see Halloween 2. I am not going to jump on the bandwagon and dog out the rest of the franchise because we

Movie Review-Smallfoot (Blu Ray)

Review-Let us be honest, we all know that studios like Warner Brothers see films like this as not selling one ticket, but multiple. This is the goal of the family film. There is no parent going to send a kid alone in a theater. They are going to bring the family. Smallfoot is that family

Movie Review-Attraction (Blu Ray)

Review-Attraction is that film you want to love. That film you really want to get behind as well. Attraction is that film that you start to realize about half way thru, that the film is starting to change for the worst. This film starts off interesting. You have some visually amazing sequences that is coupled

Movie Review-Agony (DVD)

Review-I think Germany is trying to give us their answer to “ We Need To Talk About Kevin”. This character study is like gazing into a dark cloudy abyss. We know in the opening minutes that this film is going to be alarming and may upset some. The film takes us into the life of

Movie Review-Await Further Instructions (Blu Ray)

Review-I have been excited about this film since I saw the initial trailer. Now, that I have finally watched it, my feelings are mixed. This film centers around an odd premise of a family that seems distant gathering for a dinner at Christmas. We learn early that the son seems distant from the family, as