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Blu Ray Review-Blood Paradise

Review-Think about this scenario. You are on a date. You think you know the date is going to go. All of a sudden, it just changes. It changes so oddly that you are not quite sure anymore about even if you are on a date. That is how I felt about this film. This film

Blu Ray Review-Shazam! (Blu-ray + DVD + Digital Combo Pack)

Review-While the world is all about the Marvel Universe. DC is starting to really pick up some steam. I will admit, I was a huge fan of The Dark Knight trilogy. I felt after that, the DC Universe was unsure of itself. Man of Steel was not a bad film. Though, it did feel like

DVD Review-Hotel Inferno: Splatter Pack

Review-Let’s be honest, today’s moviegoer does not have a clue on what is entertaining. They go to the movies just to say they went or to go on social media to either bitch or spoil the film. Harcore Henry could be the best example of a film that shows how far the theater experience has

Blu Ray Review-The Dark Side of the Moon

Review-Originally released in 1990. The Dark Side of the Moon is not based off of one of Pink Floyd’s best selling albums. This is actually a film about the year 2022. We see the crew of a spaceship stranded on the darkest side of the moon. This crew goes thru all the casual things. They

Blu Ray Review-Mojin: Worm Valley

This title will be launching on July 9th. Review-I have to be completely honest. I know this is the third film of a trilogy. The honesty comes from is that I have never seen the other two films or followed the novels. I was told going into this film that the other two would not

DVD Review-Terror 5

Review-Artsploitation Films, I have come to the understanding that they are all on serious drugs. The films they release are so out there at times, that you really wonder what exactly was the filmmaker thinking. Even more far fetched is what was the studio thinking to sign it. Do not, read this as any kind

Blu Ray Review-The New York Ripper

There are a handful of films that even with my jaded tastes make me wanna soak in a shower for hours, lathering myself up until my lumpy frame wrinkles up like a prune. One of note that does just that incredibly well is Lucio Fulci’s highly controversial, The New York Ripper. Censored just about everywhere

Blu Ray Review-Trapped Alive

Review-This film is a product of the 80’s. When video stores were the rage. It seemed like weekly they had 10 to 12 new low budget horror films to rent. Director Leszek Burzynski admits that this cast was not “ quite ready for prime time”. This film is everything a B movie needs to be.

Movie Review-Isn’t It Romantic (Blu Ray)

Review-If you thought The Final Girls was a good dig at the slasher film genre, then this film should be a good time for you. This film is mocking itself as we meet an unlucky in love woman played by Rebel Wilson. We learn she hates the rom com. When she gets hit in the

Movie Review-Lords of Chaos

Review-When I first heard the news of this film. I was so stoked. I am a huge fan of biopics and music as well. This look into the creation of Norwegian Black Metal is part fact and a ton of fiction. To be honest and blunt, this film is not for everyone. That being said,