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Movie Review-American Mummy [Limited Edition Blu-ray 3D + 2D Versions]

Review-I just wasted $10.00 and 2 hours of my life. I went to see Tom Cruise in “ The Mummy”. My issue is simple, “ how did this film cost 125 million dollars to make”? Film is supposed to be an escape. I ended up feeling like I wanted to escape. Today, I got the

Movie Review-Grey Lady (DVD)

Review-” Grey Lady” is one of those films that wants you to like it more than you can. I found the story about James Doyle to start off pretty interesting. You have a Boston cop who is suspended by the force after the murder of his sister and partner. He decides that he has to

Movie Review-T2 Trainspotting [Blu-ray]

Review-Did “ Trainspotting” need a sequel? That is a very interesting question. If you would have asked me three years ago, to tell you about “ Trainspotting”, I may have drawn a blank. I can remember going to see it in 1996. I can remember liking it. I never went back and revisited it. When

Movie Review-Navy Seals v Demons (Blu Ray)

Review-One would assume that being a Navy Seal is a hard enough job. To think that in the last few years they have fought both zombies and demons, sort of makes the job even more harder. This is definitely a film that cries for the video store age to come back. To hang out with

Movie Review-Chips (BD) [Blu-ray]

Review-”21 Jump Street” and its sequel really opened the eyes of Hollywood. In the past, the re imagining of television shows to film had mixed results. “21 Jump Street” changed things. It found an audience and made a killing. The sequel came out and the formula was there to print money rapidly. Somehow the formula

Movie Review-The Butcher Possessions (DVD)

Review-A few months ago, I saw the trailer to this film. I was blown away by the trailer and felt that this film could not be as good as the trailer was leading me to believe. Needless to say, I was right. It was not as good as the trailer, it was actually better. I

Movie Review-Abandoned Dead (DVD)

Review-The feeling you have when you go somewhere that seems so familiar to you, and then you come to a realization you never been there before. You cannot shake off the feeling that you feel you have been there before. That was the feeling I had watching “ Abandoned Dead”, the latest film by the

Movie Review-Altitude [Blu-ray]

Review-A Denise Richards comeback in a direct to video action film? Weirder things have happened. This film centers on Denise who is a radical FBI agent who bucks the system and does not follow the rules. Because of this, she is being flown to a desk job from the field she worked. During the flight

Movie Review-Life [Blu-Ray]

Review-I am torn on this film. I hate the concept that every person has to talk about “ Event Horizon” or “ Alien”, just to confirm that they know what to say about “ Life”. Does the film resemble those two films? I guess some people can say yes, but I feel it is so

Movie Review-The Lawnmower Man [Collector’s Edition] [Blu-ray]

Review-” The Lawnmower Man” is a film that came out in 1992, based very loosely on a Stephen King short story. The controversy this film had in its initial release was that the use of King’s name was misleading. I was one of the people who went opening night to see this at the theater.