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Movie Review-Back in the Day

Review-” Back in the Day” is one of those films that can never fully convince you that this story is actually happening. From the opening to the closing, this film made me well aware of actors trying to give me a story that was influenced by other films. I was having a hard time trying

Movie Review-Return of the Killer Tomatoes

Review-A show of hands, who misses New World Video and what they meant to the video store experience? To see all these companies today putting out the old New World Video films on blu ray, I am as a fan stoked. Can we maybe get a Night Patrol blu ray? Tuff Turf (one of James

Movie Review-Suture

Review-Suture is a film that I feel is going to split its audience down the middle. While some may really get behind the look and atmosphere of the film. Others will want more depth and story. To lay down the plot for this film is sort of hard for me, there really is not much

Movie Review-Hotel Inferno

Review-Let’s be honest, today’s moviegoer does not have a clue on what is entertaining. They go to movies just to say they went or to go on social media to either bitch or spoil the film. Harcore Henry could be the best example of a film that shows how far the theater experience has fallen.

Movie Review-Blood on the Reel

Review-Indie horror is a very tricky subject. I always wonder if most people are aware of what indie horror truly is. Hollywood would tell you that “ It Follows” is an indie horror film. People believe that Fox Searchlight is an indie studio. No offense to that film or that studio, maybe at one time

Movie Review-Shark Exorcist

Review-How can you hate on a film that mixes sharks with demonic possession? The jokes just write themselves when you think about it. “ We are going to need a bigger church”. “ I am going to turn you into Christian sushi”. Sadly, those two lines were not used in the film. The film opens

Blu Ray Review-Circus of Fear / Five Golden Dragons

Review-I was so curious about Circus of Fear. It is one of the rare Christopher Lee films that I missed out on early in my life and felt the need to watch it. I love the circus environment and feel it works so well for horror when it is laid out properly. The possibilites are

Movie Review- Just Desserts: The Making Of “Creepshow”

Review-I have to admit, I am a sucker for documentaries. Horror documentaries in the last decade have really shined. I knew this documentary existed long before this year, but this is the first time I can admit I have seen it, and I clearly was blown away by how fun it is. The Creepshow documentary

Movie Review-Rams

Review-I understand that as a critic I am supposed to go into a film with a fair sense of expectations. Basically to know what film and company can deliver what. You know going into a SYFY film that chances are it could suck. Rams I have to admit let me down. I watched the trailer

Movie Review- Australiens

Review-If the world is ever abducted by aliens and seem to want to hang out Australia, remind me to bring the beer. Australiens is a fun little film that follows this wannabe punk rocker named Andi who has been telling people with no one really believing her that aliens are coming for her. The humor