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Movie Review-Confession of Murder

Review-Confession of Murder is one of those films that can only come out of South Korea. They have become the unsung heroes of the psychological crime thriller. What makes Confession work is the strong storytelling and that this thriller really delivers with its twist and turns. The film is about Detective Choi Hyung-Goo who got

Movie Review-Scream Park

Review-I think Wild Eye Releasing today is carrying the banner that New World Video left behind in their demise. This is clearly a studio that is started putting out specialty titles got a cult following and then started to really dig into the midnight home video world of independent films. The latest release by Wild

Movie Review-Date and Switch

Review-Date and Switch tackles a serious topic homosexuality with humor and stereotypical characters. This film I felt came across as American Pie with a serious overtone. The issues our teens deal with in this film are serious, but the way they deal with him and even talk about them just seems over-scripted. This film does

Movie Review-Trap for Cinderella

Review-Iain Softley is a very diverse director in choosing his projects, Hackers, K-Pax, The Wings of a Dove, Inkheart and Skeleton Key among others. Trap for Cinderella his latest film is yet another adaptation like Wings of a Dove. This film seems to pay homage to the French New Wave with its style and feel,

Movie Review-Camp Dread

Review-Let’s get this negative out of the way right up front, the cover is misleading. If you are going into this film expecting Danielle Harris as a star, you will be letdown. She may have all of 4 minutes in this film. The sad part to this negative is that the film is actually not

Movie Review-Nurse 3D

Review-Nurse 3D is such a letdown for me, not so much that I am a fan of Paz’s from Boardwalk Empire and Judd Nelson, but that the film is so flat. The film does start off interesting enough, as we watch a cheating husband get his when he fucks with the wrong nurse, but from

Movie Review-Flowers in the Attic

Review-I am a diehard fan of V.C. Andrews novel and the film that came out from New World in 1987. The made for Lifetime remake of Flowers in the Attic is a mixed bag for me. This film tries to tell a 6 year long story in less than 90 minutes which the original film

Movie Review-Wrong Cops

Review-Wrong Cops has to be one of the strangest films I have seen in a long time; the best way to describe this film would be bat shit insane. This film focuses on a bunch of cops who are crooked and seem to all have this very odd sense of very dark humor. One cop

Movie Review-The Raid 2-Berandal

Review-What the Matrix did for science fiction fans, The Raid films are going to do for action fans. If you thought the first film was violent and a non-stop adrenaline rush, you have no idea what you are in for with this sequel. What I felt made the first film work was that it took

Movie Review-Big Bad Wolves

Review-Big Bad Wolves is Israeli filmmakers Aharon Keshales and Navot Papushado follow up to the superb Rabies. Like Rabies, Big Bad Wolves takes a genre of film that we have seen done to death and gives it a fresh breath of air. This time the horror comes in the form of a pedophile who has