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Movie Review-Scream Park

Review-I think Wild Eye Releasing today is carrying the banner that New World Video left behind in their demise. This is clearly a studio that is started putting out specialty titles got a cult following and then started to really dig into the midnight home video world of independent films. The latest release by Wild

Movie Review-Date and Switch

Review-Date and Switch tackles a serious topic homosexuality with humor and stereotypical characters. This film I felt came across as American Pie with a serious overtone. The issues our teens deal with in this film are serious, but the way they deal with him and even talk about them just seems over-scripted. This film does

Movie Review-Trap for Cinderella

Review-Iain Softley is a very diverse director in choosing his projects, Hackers, K-Pax, The Wings of a Dove, Inkheart and Skeleton Key among others. Trap for Cinderella his latest film is yet another adaptation like Wings of a Dove. This film seems to pay homage to the French New Wave with its style and feel,

Movie Review-Camp Dread

Review-Let’s get this negative out of the way right up front, the cover is misleading. If you are going into this film expecting Danielle Harris as a star, you will be letdown. She may have all of 4 minutes in this film. The sad part to this negative is that the film is actually not

Movie Review-Nurse 3D

Review-Nurse 3D is such a letdown for me, not so much that I am a fan of Paz’s from Boardwalk Empire and Judd Nelson, but that the film is so flat. The film does start off interesting enough, as we watch a cheating husband get his when he fucks with the wrong nurse, but from

Movie Review-Flowers in the Attic

Review-I am a diehard fan of V.C. Andrews novel and the film that came out from New World in 1987. The made for Lifetime remake of Flowers in the Attic is a mixed bag for me. This film tries to tell a 6 year long story in less than 90 minutes which the original film

Movie Review-Wrong Cops

Review-Wrong Cops has to be one of the strangest films I have seen in a long time; the best way to describe this film would be bat shit insane. This film focuses on a bunch of cops who are crooked and seem to all have this very odd sense of very dark humor. One cop

Movie Review-The Raid 2-Berandal

Review-What the Matrix did for science fiction fans, The Raid films are going to do for action fans. If you thought the first film was violent and a non-stop adrenaline rush, you have no idea what you are in for with this sequel. What I felt made the first film work was that it took

Movie Review-Big Bad Wolves

Review-Big Bad Wolves is Israeli filmmakers Aharon Keshales and Navot Papushado follow up to the superb Rabies. Like Rabies, Big Bad Wolves takes a genre of film that we have seen done to death and gives it a fresh breath of air. This time the horror comes in the form of a pedophile who has

Movie Review-Forgetting The Girl

Review-A few years ago I saw a film called Wasted on the Young that really came out of nowhere and floored me. A film that was not exactly what you called a “horror film”, but gave you something that would scare you nonetheless. Now we get Forgetting the Girl which is a film that came