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Blu Ray Review-The Thing [Collector’s Edition]

Special Features Include: -2K scan of the inter-positive supervised and approved by director of photography Dean Cundey -4.1 created from the original 70MM Six Track Dolby Stereo soundtrack -Audio Commentary with director of photography Dean Cundey -Audio Commentary by director John Carpenter and actor Kurt Russell -“The Men of Outpost 31:” Interviews with Keith David,

Movie Review-Dead End Drive-In (Special Edition) [Blu-ray]

SPECIAL EDITION CONTENTS Brand new 2K restoration from original film materials High Definition (1080p) Presentation Optional English subtitles for the deaf and hard-of-hearing Audio commentary by director Brian Trenchard-Smith The Stuntmen, Trenchard Smith s classic television documentary on Grant Page (Mad Max, Road Games) and other Australian stunt performers Hospitals Don t Burn Down, Trenchard-Smith

Movie Review-All Things Must Pass: The Rise and Fall of Tower Records

Review-I have watched, hundreds and thousands of documentaries in my life. Some documentaries really affected me personally and others helped change the way I viewed certain things. No documentary hit me harder than this one. “ All Things Must Pass” is the documentary about the history of Tower Records. This documentary covers its humble beginnings,

DVD Review-Inside Metal: The LA Metal Scene Explodes 2

Review-” Inside Metal” is a must own for any metal fan. This 76 minute journey, takes us back to the heyday of music, the eighties. They briefly cover topics such as, The PMRC, The Rise of Yngwie Malmsteen, the sessions for the charity song Stars, the LA Strip and so much more. The panel of

Movie Review-Sunset Song

Review-Sometimes the art of the motion picture, comes across like poetry. Terence Davies for the few films he does make, always seems to grasp the challenge of creating poetry. Davies goes into the Lewis Grassic Gibbon novel “ Sunset Song” to create his adaptation of this book. The film is a sensitive yet honest portrayal

Movie Review-The Nice Guys

Review-” The Nice Guys”, should be on everyone’s must see list. This film should have been a huge deal at the box office. Shane Black gives us his most complex yet completely compelling mystery that so happens to be knee deep in comedy. The film is set in the mid 70’s in Los Angeles. We

Movie Review-Enclosure

Review-The woods are a scary place. We have snakes, bears and the fear of getting lost. The horror genre is so dead set on keeping us out of the woods it feels like. Horror when utilized right is the perfect tool for manipulation. It is not so much in what you visualize on the screen

Movie Review-Kids vs Monsters

Review-“Kids vs Monsters” has such an interesting premise. You have 6 of the richest families in the world that are sick of their children. So how does a rich family get rid of their child, you may ask? That is what makes this film so interesting they put the kid’s lives in the hand of

Movie Review-The House on Cuckoo Lane

Review-” The House on Cuckoo Lane” is a new film from Wild Eye Releasing that may be what some horror fans have been wanting. This has been a ho-hum summer for horror at the box office. When Hollywood is not pumping out continuous horror, we look to direct to dvd companies to satisfy that need

Movie Review-Der Bunker

Review-” Der Bunker” is one of those films that once you watch it, you will have something to digest well after the credits. If “ Serbian Film” was about a typical family in the underground of Serbia. This film can be seen as a typical family in a very odd part of Germany. The story