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Movie Review-Night Moves

Review-Kelly Reichardt is a great indie director who I loved her films Wendy and Lucy and Old Joy. She brings realism to her stories and characters that just really capture the essence of pure storytelling. Her work so far can be called emotionally positive. Like most indie directors when they make a bigger scale film,

Movie Review-Monika

Review-I am starting to think that the remake of I Spit On Your Grave was a fluke for Steven R Monroe. Everything he did before it, was awful and everything since has not been good at all. I feel with Monroe he just wants to put his name on any film, and hope for the

Movie Review-Out of the Clear Blue Sky

Review-What makes a documentary effective? I feel when you take a subject that hits home for people and besides putting images on it, you put a human face on it. In my lifetime, there is no day that can touch 9/11/01 in terms of devastating this country. Just when you think you heard all the

Movie Review-Very Good Girls

Review-Very Good Girls is a film that on paper felt like a hit, but when you see the finished product you are at a loss at how bland the film turned out. I am a fan of both Dakota Fanning and Elizabeth Olsen who play Lilly and Gerri. The film opens and our two friends

Movie Review-The Battery

Review-The Battery may do for zombie films what Wristcutters did for suicide films. I love when I stumble upon small films that while lack in budget, make up for it with imagination and heart. This is a very dark humor dramatic road trip with two guys who watch the world they once loved crumble before

TV Review-The Vampire Diaries: The Complete Fifth Season

Review-Vampire Diaries Season 5 was an interesting season that seems to have the fan-base torn a little. As people know Elena is now undead, and they seem to also turn it up a notch on the storytelling aspect of the show. Season 5 begins a little bit after all the tragic events in the finale

Movie Review-Godzilla 2000 [Blu-ray]

Review-In light of Godzilla putting a good hurt on the box office it seems that “we the fans” have reaped the benefits by getting all these Godzilla releases on blu ray. To be fair, if you are new to Godzilla, start off with the Criterion release and work your way to this film. I am

TV Review-Supernatural: The Complete Ninth Season

Review-I am fairly new to Supernatural, so bear with me. I knew I was getting this season to review and I had to go into homework mode and go thru 8 seasons. Dean seems to be the main character and in the end of the 7th season as he was left in the woods. It

TV Review-Ben 10 Omniverse: Galatic Monsters

Review-Ben 10 is a show that really has its peaks and valleys. The first series, Ben 10 was really a fun watch and very cool. Galatic Monsters to me was fun but so cheesy as was the Ultimate Alien, but the one thing is they were not embarrassing to admit you watched. Now we are

Movie Review-Found

Review-Found is a film that is bound to get a reaction out of the viewer. This film seems to have several messages that as you watch the film, the messages become blurred with exactly how the messages are spoken to the viewer. This is a film that is really bound to get some controversy if