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Movie Review-The Blood Lands

Review-The Blood Lands centers around a London couple named Ed and Sarah. It seems as the film opens this couple is on the hunt for a larger house that meets their budget. Ed it seems is an architect and can renovate it to their liking. On the Scottish border they find this farmhouse which they

Movie Review-Mad Max:Fury Road

Review-Mad Max: Fury Road is definitely the film we been waiting for since the end of The Road Warrior. While some people bitched about the feminism approach this film has, where it seems Max is playing second fiddle at times to Imperator Furiosa. I will say those people are idiots, because this film from start

Movie Review-The Editor

Review-If you are not familiar with the genius that is Astron-6, you are truly either living under the proverbial rock or you are missing out. The Editor is the perfect example of what make their fans scream their praises. In this horror/comedy goodness we meet Rey Ciso, we are told that at one time he

Movie Review-American Heist

Review-Going into any film you never like to use the words “confusion” or “overdone”. I feel that is the best words to describe the acting in American Heist. A film that starts off so promising and then falls victim to dated and predictable storylines to an unfulfilling way of storytelling. Adrien Brody plays Frankie who

Movie Review-Dark Was The Night

Review-Dark Was The Night is an absolute mess of a film. It has the elements that fans like in films but it also has such a slow and draining pace that people are going to really be bored more than scared by this film. Some stories are simple to tell, Dark Was The Night is

Movie Review-Redeemer

Review-I always believed when it came to making a good action film, you had to have a believable protagonist and an equally as strong villain. Redeemer is a film that we have an action hero who says little to no words but when he fights, he speaks volumes. He really does not have a name

Movie Review-House Of Horrors: Gates Of Hell

House of Horror: Gates of Hell takes a premise we are all familiar with and that being haunted houses and adds a supernatural twist to it as an ancient evil seems to be roaming free at this attraction and has only one goal and that is to open the gates of hell upon all of

Movie Review-Sick:Survive The Night

Sick starts off with a story of a zombie outbreak, that the people who survived struggle day to day to not be bitten and find food and medical supplies for the people who are not infected. The main character of our film is Doctor Leigh Rozetta who we learn in the film she had to

Movie Review-Blood Moon

Review-Blood Moon takes two old school mentalities and meshes them together for something unique. We take the done to death werewolf genre and mix it up with in the Old West. Director Jeremy Wooding’s film if anything has a lot of heart, and his passion for the material shines throughout. We get the staples of

Movie Review-The Summer House

Review-Clearly director Curtis Burz was inspired by films like Happiness and The Opposite of Sex. The Summer House is a film that wears its controversy on its sleeve like a badge of honor. The subject of this film is what on the surface can be perceived one way may actually be a totally different way.