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Movie Review-Motivational Growth

Review-Let me just go on record, I have had a history of drug abuse and alcohol. (Some may debate whether I am still on drugs right now) That being said, Motivational Growth is a film that welcomes any kind of substance or drug abuse. Picture if the Pink Floyd Wall film was mixed with Basket

Movie Review-The Captive

Review-Ryan Reynolds loves working on little small puzzle like films. The Nines was a better than average film which if you followed closely enough your head would explode trying to figure out what they were throwing at you. The Captive is more in that vein, this film is not a journey or even an entertaining

Movie Review-Let’s Kill Ward’s Wife

Review-Who would have guessed that little film in the late 90’s Very Bad Things would have inspired so many films in this age? Quite a Conundrum was one that heavily borrowed from that film and now Let’s Kill Ward’s Wife seems to be borrowing like Vanilla Ice to Under Pressure. The problem is that Ward’s

Movie Review-Horrible Bosses 2

Review-When I watched the first Horrible Bosses, I thought the film was ok in parts, but was it really necessary to give us a sequel? The sequel plays out much like the original with the slapstick antics of our three bumbling fools. Much like the first film this time around they try so hard to

Movie Review-Bound

Review-There is no greater passion for me than to shut off my lights, pop in a movie in the player and sit back and let myself get emerged in a world that will play out in front of me. On the flip side, there is no greater pleasure for me than to put in a

Movie Review-Green Street Hooligans: Underground

Review-A decade ago when I watched the first Green Street Hooligans film, I remember liking it somewhat. Why they made two sequels to a standalone film that did moderately ok is beyond me? Scott Adkins is the indie answer to Elijah Wood? With the first sequel, I was not a fan and felt it went

Movie Review-Final Prayer

Review-Finally The Borderlands has an American release. This is that love it/hate it found footage film that everyone two years ago were talking about. A part of me was wary at the time because the preview I saw made this look like The Last Exorcism for the British crowd. The debut film from Elliott Goldner

Movie Review-Blood Car

Review-After the success of Blue Ruin, I am shocked that they released this film and not a deluxe blu ray edition of Murder Party. Blood Car came out at the same time as Murder Party, and the film had a dvd release and then it disappeared. 8 years later, we have a dvd release and

Movie Review-Animal

Review-Let’s get this out of the way first, the film is redundant, it is formulaic, it is also not one ounce of original. Now that I said this, I want to add this film was fun for what we got. The biggest shock to me right off the bat was that this film had Drew

Movie Review-Exterminators Of The Year 3000

Review-In the early 80’s if you ever wanted to know what kind of impact The Road Warrior film had on American cinema, look no further than studios like Thorn-Emi who would send out so many titles on what seemed a weekly basis in the VHS boom. We had Warriors of the Wasteland, Warriors of the