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Movie Review-Careful What You Wish For

Review-Nick Jonas is growing up very fast in this thriller “ Careful What You Wish For”. Nick plays Doug Martin, who is excited about going to college soon. Before we can get to that, first thing is first, we have to score with the local girls. Doug’s life though is about to change, as he

Movie Review-The Perfect Husband

Review-” The Perfect Husband” is a tense little horror film that I feel will win people over as the story unfolds. The premise of this film is a couple that is dealing with the loss of their baby. This is a horrific fear that most families have and we can all relate to. Our couple

Movie Review-Summer Camp

Review-Let’s be honest, it feels sometime that Hollywood forgets what it is like to be a fan of film. They insult us constantly at the box office with fare that I feel is not up to par. Whether it be comedy, action, drama or horror. That word “ horror” is the one that gets me.

Movie Review-Sodomaniac

Review-If at the beginning of 2016 you said to yourself, “ I think I have seen it all in film”. There have been some films this year that clearly show, we have not seen it all just yet. “ Night of Something Strange”, “ Bunny, the Killer Thing” and now “ Sodomaniac”. Three absurd films

Movie Review-Basket Case 3:The Progeny

The final chapter in the Basket Case films we watch as the brothers are separated yet once again, Belial and Duane can never seem to stick together. This time that brother beast in the basket is going to be a father. Now, if you are wondering how Belial could ever conceive a baby do not

Movie Review-Up in Flames

Review-When I saw the title “ Up in Flames” and the year it was released, one thought come to mind almost instantly, a take on the Cheech and Chong “ Up in Smoke” film. Then as I started to read into this film, I realized it was a take on the underground comics. We meet

Movie Review-Saving Mr. Wu

Review-In the last decade I have really tried to be follow Chinese theater. It just seems that every time I blink, we get so many more films that hit our shores thru labels like Well Go USA and etc. Ding Sheng to me is right now one of the best action directors. His work with

Movie Review-Hardcore Henry

Review-” Hardcore Henry” is fast, loud, violent, obnoxious and non-stop fun. This is the video game first person POV film that Hitman, Resident Evil and Doom wish they were.This orgy of blood and killing centers around Henry. As the film opens, we watch as this female scientist is putting a leg and arm on our

Movie Review-Traded

Review-If my father was alive today. When I was a kid, I hated the western. I even hated “ Silverado” and “ Dances with Wolves”. I was just not a fan of the western. That all changed though, when I was working for a theater and was bored one day and watched “ Pale Rider”.

Blu Ray Review-Doctor Butcher M.D. / Zombie Holocaust

Review-I always loved the name of “ Doctor Butcher”. Could you picture sitting in the hospital and they are paging Dr. Butcher to see you? That would be a moment to think about either hoping they dope you up very well or you can escape. As some people know, Doctor Butcher was also the name