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Movie Review-Cold War 2 (Blu Ray)

This Title Comes out on March 7th Review-The first “ Cold War” film left us with a bunch of loose ends. I can honestly say, I had more questions coming out of the film than going into it. A trend that most audiences do not have the attention span for, could work if you really

Movie Review-The Lesson (Blu Ray)

Coming to home video on March 7th Review-” The Lesson” centers on Fin and Joel who are juvenile delinquents. They are every parent’s worst nightmare in the way that they conduct themselves daily. Fin lives with his negligent brother Jake and Jake’s girl Mia. Fin views Mia like a mother figure. Their teacher one day

Movie Review-Colors (Blu Ray)

This title will be released on March 7th. Review-This nation will always have racial unrest. It seems that this nation was founded on the principal of violence. Our history is often laid out for us that we are founded on a mentality of a group (aka gang) of people who are violent and overtake. When

Movie Review-Easter Bunny Bloodbath (DVD)

Review-A note to parents. If your kid or young adult buys a dvd or blu ray and the box says “ SRS Cinema” you have failed as a parent. The other sign of this could be you coming to this site for parenting advice. Ron Bonk and his label were a prime example of the

Movie Review-The Gate (Blu Ray)

This title is set to release this Tuesday. Review-The 80’s were such a weird decade. We had all forms of entertainment that constantly came under fire. We had music come under religious and parent fury. Tipper Gore and her people formed the PMRC. This group would basically dictate what was offensive and warn retailers and

Movie Review-Contract To Kill ( Blu Ray)

This Blu Ray will be released on February 28, 2017 Review-There is a part of me that gets excited when I hear a new Steven Seagal film is coming out. In the 80’s, I was such a fan of early Seagal films. He had this cool and calm demeanor. You could have 30 guys coming

Movie Review-Moonlight (Blu Ray)

This film will be released on February 28, 2017 on Blu Ray and DVD. Review-” Moonlight” is a very powerful yet heartfelt masterpiece. The performances in this film command the screen in such a extraordinary way. This film plays out like chapters of a novel. Our main character is a young black male named Chiron.

Movie Review-The Survivor (Blu Ray)

Review-For the people who thought “ Sully” was a little too serious, comes a film from the 80’s that covers another airplane tragedy. The film starts out with a very well crash scene. An airplane goes down in this Australian village. The body count averages around 300 people dead. Our sole survivor is a pilot

Movie Review-Manchester by the Sea (Blu Ray)

Coming to Home Video on Feb 21st Review-This will be the first year that I cannot even begin to guess what film will win the Best Picture Oscar. I will say that if “Manchester by the Sea” gets beat by “ La La Land”, that it would be a crime if Affleck and Williams do

Movie Review-Bad Santa 2 (Unrated Blu Ray)

Coming to Home Video on Feb 21st Review-I feel sad and sort of empty inside. The feeling when you watch your favorite sport and you see that one athlete that you feel should have retired by now. When you buy that cd by one of your favorite bands or singers ever and you realize they