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Movie Review-’71

Review-’71 follows the story of Private Gary Hook who is deployed to Belfast during a time they called “the troubles”. Northern Ireland in the 70’s was not the pleasant place to go, and he discovers this immediately when a riot breaks out and he is accidently abandoned by his unit. Hook now has to get

Movie Review-Hard to be a God

Review-Originally titled Trudno byt bogom which is Polish for It’s Hard Being Gods, Hard to be a God is that odd film that comes out and really challenges you. In writing a review, I am supposed to give you a take on a film that I watched to either manipulate your sense of wanting to

Movie Review-Absolution

Review-Keoni Waxman and Steven Seagal are back in another direct to video action film. This relationship started in 2009 with the average at best The Keeper. Then Keoni worked with Stone Cold on Hunt To Kill which was a little above average. Then back to Steven with three awful films in a row. Now we

Movie Review-Slow West

Review-Let’s talk about a genre that may need resurgence, the western. We had A Million Ways to Die in the West which was hit and miss, and now Slow West. Slow West is like if the Coen Brothers directed Quicksilver. Slow West has a wealth of depth in both the characters and story, that being

Movie Review-While We’re Young

Review-Noah Baumbach has taken what people loved so much about his two past films The Squid and the Whale and Greenberg and combined them in his latest While We’re Young. Like Squid, Noah explores in this film marriage at its core and heart. Like Greenberg, he also explores mid-life crisis and the anger and beauty

Movie Review-Maggie

Review-Arnold Schwarzenegger goes to the art-house in a zombie drama called Maggie. Directed by first time film director Henry Hobson, we explore a scaled back Arnold who is stripped away of his action persona and those campy one liner’s. In this film he portrays everyday man Wade Vogel. Wade has a problem though, his 16

Movie Review-Der Todesking (The Death King)

Review-Cult Epics is either the most daring company out there, or the oddest company. I feel that debate can be clearly seen in the film type these people put out. Some critics like me and others who love the disturbing cult and art house appeal films will salivate every time they release something. The ordinary

Movie(s) Review-1990: The Bronx Warriors—Escape From the Bronx—The New Barbarians

Review-Enzo Castellari is to Italian fans what Roger Corman is to American fans. My first taste of his films came in the form of The Last Shark. The Last Shark had a brief US run to try and capitalize at the time on the Shark craze. Directors like Enzo really capitalized on the video store

Movie Review-Alien Outpost

Review-Welcome to the world in 2021, a lot has happened in the last 5 years. For example, now are planet is being invaded “Heavies”, which are basically what they are calling aliens. It takes about a year or so for our armies to repel. We fast forward now to the year 2033, we learn that

Movie Review- Three Tears on Bloodstained Flesh

Review-Three Tears on Bloodstained Flesh opens up with the classic case of a young girl running and from a knife wielding masked shape. As this young girl is about to meet her fate she says the name “Uncle Nick”. After the news of Lexie’s death, we meet Dominic who comes back to his old small