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Movie Review-The Return Of Count Yorga

Review-When people remember the late director Bob Kelljan, I doubt most people will point to the two Count Yorga films. At the start of his directing days, he had a fixation with the vampire genre. Count Yorga was a small hit that I am not sure because I was only say 2 years old, if

Movie Review-Death-Scort Service

Review-Death-Scort Service is the second coming of “adult gore”. Where people have felt that certain people got soft or maybe sold out, it seems that the adult gore label has went stagnate for a while now. Sean Donohue has created a film that is so insane, that I am not sure if you can qualify

Movie Review-The Falling

Review-If people thought Carol Morley’s Dreams of a Life was a fluke, wait till you see The Falling. Carol Morley has arrived and she brought with her a challenging mood drenched drama that is going to win you over. The setting is in a girls’ school in 1969 we meet Lydia and her friend Abbie.

Movie Review- 4Got10

Review-A film like 4Got10 really comes out the gates with the promise of something fun for the viewer. The first few minutes of the film really showcased some visual stunning camera work and noir vibe that I felt this film is going to be something. That is when all the problems began, this film had

Movie Review-The Final Girl

Review-The Final Girl revolves around the story of Victoria. When the film opens we see a young girl who has been orphaned talking to a guy named William. As we watch, Victoria start to get older we realize that William is training her to be some kind of assassin. William sees in Victoria a weapon

Movie Review-Air

Review-The first full length film by director Christian Cantamessa’s film Air centers on this world that have seen weapons just destroy everything. The sole survivors are hand selected by our government to be the brightest minds and best people for the job. When the chaos happens created by Weapons of Mass Destruction, our two survivors

Horror Review: I Spit on Your Grave: Vengeance is Mine (2015)

I Spit on Your Grave: Vengeance is Mine

In a continuation of the story line from the 2010 film, Jennifer returns working for a Crisis Hotline, where a serial killer is using the hotline to target rapists. Jennifer’s dark past sends detectives in her direction, but is she the killer they are looking for? Director: R.D. Braunstein Stars: Sarah Butler, Gabriel Hogan, Doug

Movie Review-A Plague So Pleasant

Review-A Plague So Pleasant is an interesting take on the zombie trend. The film opens up in black and white and comes across almost like Fido. You have people who have survived this apocalypse and just handle zombies almost like annoying pets. The laws have changed and it is now illegal to kill a zombie,

Movie Review- Dracula:Lord of the Damned

Review-Today’s lesson is all about knowing your budget. No matter what aspect of your life we are discussing, if you have a set amount of funds know your limits. If you are on a date and you want to impress the person, start small and work up date to date by saving some cash here

Movie Review-Chimères

Review-Chimères focuses on this happy couple named Alex and Livia. The happiness changes when Alex is hit by a car when he forgets his camera at the pub. Alex has to be rushed to the hospital and is in need of a blood transfusion. It seems they infected him with “contaminated blood” and now he