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Movie Review-Sudden Fear [Blu-ray]

Review-” Sudden Fear” has had an odd trip on its way to blu ray. I first saw this film in 1987. When the 1952 classic was restored in 35 millimeter. The past dvd releases, have raised questions with fans. In the past, this film had picture and sound issues. The copy I had, I could

Anime Review-Death Parade: The Complete Series (Blu-ray/DVD Combo)

Review-What is your perception of an afterlife? “ Death Parade” is here to give you a very intriguing and clever take on what it perceives to be all about. There is this place called Quindecim. It is a bar where the dead go to play games to determine what their destination could be. The two

Movie Review-In Order of Disappearance [Blu-ray]

Review-Before I start this review, let me pick up my jaw off the floor. My hands are shaking with excitement and my head is still buzzing from the world I just left. The biggest one two punch of 2016 is watching, “ If There’s a Hell Below” followed by “ In Order of Disappearance”. I

Movie Review-End Of A Gun [Blu-ray + Digital HD]

Review-Have you ever watched a film, and feel like even though this is a new film, you have seen this film before? With Steven Seagal now making a direct to video film each week, his films are starting to run too close together. The way he goes around in this film is a damn shame.

Movie Review-If There’s a Hell Below (DVD)

Review-If you are a fan of films. In this lifetime, think of how many movies you have watched so far. That list you just composed in your head, think of how many of those films, left a lasting impression on you after. “ If There’s A Hell Below”, I will put on the list of

Movie Review-Mad Max: Fury Road /Fury Road Black & Chrome (BD Double Feature) [Blu-ray]

Review-Fans we have finally been handed the black and white version of Mad Max:Fury Road, that we were promised when the film was first released to home video. If you are a fan of the film, the black and white (aka chrome) version is flat out remarkable. What separates this film from the other cash

Movie Review-Dead Rising: Endgame [Blu-ray]

Review-I loved playing the video game Dead Rising. That being said, as people may know, I am not a video game person overall. So, when I take an interest in playing a video game and my wife also plays the same game with me, that speaks volume. My wife is the gamer. She has every

Movie Review-Magnetic (DVD)

Review-As people may or may not know, I am a judge for three horror festivals. One of my film fests had a film for me to judge called “ Blood of the Tribades”. This film made an impression on me. It was low budget but it was so creative and unique. I remember putting on

Movie Reviews- The Driller Killer ( Blu Ray)…99 Women (Blu Ray)

Review-In the age of Criterion and companies like Suncoast Video. I can remember paying 40.00 for a single dvd. That was 20 years ago. Today, with companies like Arrow re-releasing all these classic films on blu ray for upwards to 40.00, It gives other companies the green light to start jacking their prices up again.

Movie Review-Faces of Snuff (DVD)

Review-What is the best way to describe Faces of Snuff? Are you easily offended? What is your reason for watching a film? Are you out to be entertained? Are you out to be shocked? Do you want to see if a film with this title could deliver? Are you looking for a film, with a