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Movie Review: Expressway To Your Skull

Review-Expressway to Your Skull is the first film from Michael Okum. This is where all the Brain Damage comparisons will end. People know the label specializes in debut films by small indie directors. I am not sure if those people who watched some of the film’s from this label in the past will be prepared

Movie Review-The Icing

Review-Derek Braasch is a talented director, The Icing is a project that in the end I feel may have been a little over his head. The Icing has an interesting premise with an ex-cop who is out to kill a senator and make him some money. The film has the perfect hook to it with

Movie Review-No Escape

Review-Jack Dwyer played by Owen Wilson is starting a new job that has him, taking his wife and two daughters to Asia. Jack works for a water company that is located in Thailand. Little does Jack know that the people in Asia have not been happy as of late, and now news that Americans are

Movie Review-Jim Henson’s Turkey Hollow

Review-In 1990 the world lost someone who was so full of life and who changed most every child’s life in the process. His way of puppeteer and his vision really created a legacy that is still alive and well long after he has passed. Jim Henson’s Turkey Hollow originally debuted on the Lifetime channel, and

Movie Review-Goodnight Mommy

Review-What is going wrong in the horror industry? Are fans just caving in for anything they get and saying, “ well since there is not much else, this is a classic”? Earlier this year we got the somewhat fun “ It Follows”. Because this film was one of the few films on the megaplex screens

Movie Review-American Ultra

Review-In a summer that I felt was a bit of a disappointment comes a film that mixes “ Pineapple Express” with “ The Bourne Identity” to create this fun little action fest called “ American Ultra”. Welcome to Liman, West Virginia and we meet a stoner named Mike Howell. Mike’s life revolves around getting into

Movie Review-Symphony In Blood Red

Review-Symphony in Blood Red centers around a madman who is death obsessed. The obsession with death is leaning towards putting him in a clinic when his psychologist deems it necessary. Well, he will have none of that as he kills the psychologist and begins this journey where only sick people seem to go when they

Horror Review: Old 37 (2015)

Old 37

Two brothers intercept 911 calls in a beat up old ambulance to torture and kill helpless victims. Director: Alan Smithee Writers: Joe Landes, Paul Travers Stars: Kane Hodder, Bill Moseley, Olivia Alexander Release Date: 29 September 2015 (USA) Runtime: 84 min Director Christian Winters, under the pseudonym Alan Smithee, brings forward his take of the

Movie Review-8 Films to Die For-Murder in the Dark

Review-Before we get to the 8th film in the series and last, let us recap. We have had some hits with Bastard, Lumberjack Man and Suspension. We had some ok’s and some misses with the rest. Now comes another miss with Murder in the Dark. Not nearly as bad as Wicked Within but then again

Movie Review-8 Films To Die For-Wind Walkers

Review-If anything else 2015’s After Dark films give an audience quite the variety of horror genres for them to pick from. Much like the past works, this year is just a buffet of any field of horror you would want to walk across. Wind Walkers as you can guess is a little more in the