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Movie Review-A Letter to Momo

Review-A Letter to Momo was originally released in 2011 and won a lot of praise from both critics and fans. This all comes with good reason; this little film in its 2 hours really delivers such a rich, honest and heartfelt story. Director Hiroyuki Okiura offers a realistic portrayal of his main character’s emotional state

Movie Review-Kundo

Review-Kundo has so many things working for it right out of the gate. It has a huge budget and some big stars. Unlike most period pieces this one is done more light than most we get. This film has a charm and personality to it that will keep most people involved with the story, and

Movie Review-Mystery Road

Review-Mystery Road is a fascinating noir that is both hypnotic and passionate. The film revolves around Jay Swan who is back to his outbreak roots when he is investigating the death of a local teenage girl. It seems as he starts to try getting details of what happened that it is met with anger. This

Movie Review-The Last Supper

Review-The Last Supper tells the story of the end of Qin Dynasty in 206 BC, and also it covers the rise of the first Emperor of the Han Dynasty. In terms of a film covering Chinese history, this is the first film I have seen on this topic that I will use the words “seductive”

Movie Review-V/H/S: Viral

Review- V/H/S Viral kills the concept of the previous films with taking away that house with all the video tapes. This film opens we get a couple, a beautiful young lady and a guy filming her. After a few minutes and a lot of editing, sound techniques and a ton of incoherent shots we learn

Movie Review-Venus in Fur

Review-Roman Polanski to me is one of the greatest directors to ever grace film. From his first full length film Knife in the Water (which ironically shares so much with the film we are about to discuss) to now, Polanski has always been so sure of what he does and really has no care in

Movie Review-Obvious Child

Review-Obvious Child is one of the oddest romantic comedies I have seen. The topic of this film is an impending abortion. The film introduces us to Donna Stern who is played by Jenny Slate. The opening minutes we are to believe that Slate has it all going for her, she is onstage doing a stand-up

Movie Review-Locked In

Review-Locked In centers on Josh, it is Christmas time and he and his family are driving home with a tree tied to the top of the car. From there, we get this really odd car crash that only looks real on the big screen. The accident looks self-inflicted for some reason, but him and his

Movie Review-Money for Nothing: A History of the Music Video

Review-In the last four years I have seen 3 documentaries that really hit me hard as a life-long music fan. 1. Buy That Record, which was the downfall of the mom and pop record stores due to the downloading and people just not buying music anymore. 2. Downloaded, which was about the boom of Napster

Movie Review-Nightmare World: The Films of Ted Knighton

Review-I feel like I just got off of an acid trip without taking any acid. Going into these three shorts that go for about 51 minutes I had no idea who a Ted Knighton was, and after watching this I still do not have a fucking clue. Somewhere between a Richard Kern and Nick Zedd