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Horror Review: Ghost of Goodnight Lane (2014)

When the staff inside a renovated film studio finds a co-worker dead one morning, the pieces of a forty year puzzle add up to an angry ghost who has let the last person step inside her house. But will they ever get out alive? Director: Alin Bijan Writers: Amy Acosta, Alin Bijan Stars: Lacey Chabert,

Movie Review-Buddy Hutchins

Review-Jaime Kennedy plays Buddy Hutchins. At the beginning of this film we see a man who appears to be at the end of his rope, we hear police and we see a man put a gun in his mouth. What would bring someone to do this and be at the end of his rope? The

Movie Review-Legendary

Review-Legendary is the latest film from Dolph Lundgren. Which if you followed Dolph’s career in the last two decades you know that means direct to dvd. This film for me was absolutely dull, from start to finish I sat there just wanting this film to be good or at least be better than it was.

Movie Review-Sector 4: Extraction

Review-Mohammad Asan is a deadly terrorist who must be stopped. Eric Roberts who plays Shadow Man calls his elite band of military mercenaries known as the Black Knight to go behind enemy lines in a combat zone Sector 4 to get him. This is Oliver Gruner’s low-budget answer to Lone Survivor. This film in the

Movie Review-Dragonwolf

Review-Are you a martial arts fan? Have you seen literally every film ever in this genre? If so, you may have seen Dragonwolf which seems to blend every martial film that I have seen. That being said, Dragonwolf had some saving graces to it, one being some of the fights and the second one being

Movie Review-Transcendence

Review-Transcendence is Wally Pfister first film, if that name is not familiar with you he was Christopher Nolan’s long time cinematographer. The reason I bring this point up first, is not only is Nolan an executive producer on this film, some of his staple actors are in this film but also so is his mentality.

Movie Review-The Purge: Anarchy

Review-The Purge when it came out last year, it was a concept that sounded like something different and unique. We get one night in the year when all crime is legal including murder. How can that not fail? Well when you do not fully use the concept till its full potential. The first film drew

Movie Review-The Protector 2

Review-When people reference Tony Jaa it is always Ong Bak, because let’s face it everything after that film seems to be on a slipping slope. Now, I feel in the next few years with rumored projects like Raid Redemption 3 and the Fast and Furious 7, his name will still be on people’s lips. Now,

Movie Review-Ong Bak Trilogy [Blu-ray]

Review-The Ong Bak films really took Thai films to new levels and help break thru the martial arts market. In an era where stunts are down with wires and thru computers the Ong Bak films really impressed me by how real the action in the films was. Ong Bak opens with a tree-climbing contest to

Movie Review-Beyond the Grave

Review-Beyond the Grave is a film that I am not really sure how to categorize it. With the title you would assume either it is a zombie film or supernatural which truthfully while it does hint somewhat at a zombie film, I am not sure if it falls under even a horror category. This feels