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Movie Review-War Story

Review-War Story to be honest was failed from the start. Mark Jackson’s first feature as a director Without was a great concept that really suffered more from pacing and being so drawn out. Jackson on this follow up truly shows us he did not learn anything the first time out. War Story is a great

Movie Review-The Expendables 3 (unrated Blu Ray)

Review-The Expendables films so far, have been a hit and miss affair for me. That being said, I really liked the first film and thought it was a fun breath of air into a genre that often feels brain dead or stale, that being over the top action films. The second film believed the hype

Horror Review: House of the Witchdoctor (2013)

House of the Witchdoctor

Two career criminals go on a killing spree which eventually leads them to a small rural town where a group of graduate students are staying for a week-end. When they break into the Van Hooten residence to terrorize and kill the inhabitants, they discover the house is owned by a cult leader who turns the

Movie Review-Patema Inverted–Welcome to the Space Show–Nocturna

Review-Patema Inverted like most Japanese Anime centers around an odd premise that really when played out really creates such a great film. This film centers on the experimentation of gravity by scientists. Something went wrong when they were working on the experiment and the Earth’s gravity started to reverse for most of the people taking

Movie Review-Soulmate

If you read this review and would like to purchase this title here are the links… Review-Mark my word Axelle Carolyn is going to be a huge director in the upcoming years. Her debut film Soulmate is such an odd yet beautiful horror film. This film opens with Audrey in the bathtub and she

Movie Review-22 Jump Street

Review-22 Jump Street is that rare film that takes the concept of the first film and creates a running gag. This film basically tells you it is ripping off the same jokes and situations of the first film while getting a bigger budget to push those jokes and situations a little further. This film makes

Movie Review-The Impersonators

Review-If Beverly Lane got the critics and fans talking about how great Joshua Hull as a director is, The Impersonators is going to really cement that fact. With his sophomore film he ditched horror comedy for superhero comedy and the results are very effective. A company named Super Rentals rents out fake superheroes for any

Movie Review-I Am Santa Claus

Review-I am Santa Claus is a documentary by Morgan Spurlock and directed by upstart director Tommy Avallone that is basically about four grown men who portray Santa Claus during the holidays. The selling point to seeing this for me was that Mick Foley who is Jewish gave himself the challenge to see if he could

Movie Review-Covert Operation

Review-Covert Operation is your average run of the mill direct to dvd action film. The film is set almost in the middle of the Chinese and North Korea border. A bounty hunter named Gabriel who is promised his friend if he agrees to search for and rescue a secret agent named Witaker who went missing.

Movie Review-Summer Of Blood

Review-Summer Of Blood focuses on Erik who is played by the film’s director Onur Tukel. If you took the dark comedy of Todd Solondz during the Welcome to the Dollhouse and Happiness years and mixed it with a Woody Allen you would be pretty close to describing Erik. Erik is that man-child who never seemed