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MMA Review-UFC 173/174

Review-UFC 173 was the night that TJ Dillashaw was put on the map. He was going into a fight with Barao who was said by a lot of people to be the best pound for pound fighter right now in the sport. He has an impressive win streak that is over 30, and TJ was

DVD Review-UFC: The Ultimate Fighter Season 18

Review-Every so often the UFC get that special attraction athlete that they know upon signing them that there is money to be made. When Brock Lesnar quit UFC in favor of going back to WWE, the new attraction was Strikeforce’s undefeated Ronda Rousey. When Strikeforce was no longer, the UFC after much denial for years,

Blu Ray Review-UFC: Best of 2013

Coming March 25th Review-This blu ray captures the matches that as a UFC fan you feel shaped the year. I will say right now, if you are just going to skim below to get a rating to see if you want to buy this. I will say right now, you should own this if you

UFC: Ultimate Royce Gracie [Blu-ray] review

Royce Gracie-He was the man who put mixed martial arts on the map in 1993, a pioneer of the Ultimate Fighting Championship who influenced more fighters than anyone in history. This blu ray brought back a lot of memories of what me and my brother were a fan of in 1993. While everyone else was

UFC: Ultimate Submissions Blu-ray Review

UFC Ultimate Submissions highlights my favorite aspect of MMA fighting. I am a fan of the grappling within the sport. To me, submissions are the great equalizer. It is like a chess match for these fighters. Some of my favorite fights have been the fights where someone seems down and out barely defending themselves and