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Metal Review: Eschaton: Sentinel Apocalypse (2015)

Eschaton: Sentinel Apocalypse

Founded in 2007 in Providence, Rhode Island, technical death metal camp Eschaton has unleashed their furious opus of technical prowess in their debut album Sentinel Apocalypse. This collection of 11 jaw-dropping tracks consisting of maddening signature changes and earth shattering drum lines mixed with killer guitar leads and riffs. Eschaton, who shares their name with

Metal Review: Coal Chamber: Rivals (2015)

Coal Chamber: Rivals

I am not sure what is more surprising; that Coal Chamber is back or that I am actually reviewing their album. By reviewing an album, I am making a statement that the album has some validity and worth. If I do not like an album, I simply ignore it and do not even give it

Music Review-Faith No More-Sol Invictus

Faith No More Mike Bordin – drums Roddy Bottum – keyboards, vocals Billy Gould – bass guitar, producer, recording engineer Jon Hudson – guitar Mike Patton – vocals 1. “Sol Invictus” 2. “Superhero” 3. “Sunny Side Up” 4. “Separation Anxiety” 5. “Cone of Shame” 6. “Rise of the Fall” 7. “Black Friday” 8. “Motherfucker” 9.

Music Review-Eschaton-Sentinel Apocalypse

1. Obligatory Conviction 2. Behold The Nexus 3. Immortal Mutilation 4. Achromatic Reign 5. Animus 6. Falsified Existence 7. Intergalactic Annihilation 8. The Beast Is Embedded 9. The Beast Is Awakened 10. Cognitive Hatred 11. Sentinel Apocalypse Review-Before listening to their debut record Sentinel Apocalypse, I knew nothing about this band. The band’s album is

Music Review-Six Feet Under-Crypt of the Devil

01. Gruesome 02. Open Coffin Orgy 03. Broken Bottle Rape 04. Break The Cross In Half 05. Lost Remains 06. Slit Wrists 07. Stab 08. The Night Bleeds 09. Compulsion To Brutalize 10. Eternal in Darkness Review-22 years and 11 records later, Chris Barnes and his vehicle Six Feet Under are back with Crypt of

Metal Review: Doro: Raise Your Fist (2015)

Doro: Raise Your Fist

It is simply nice to hear some good old classic metal from a familiar voice. It is so hard to be too negative on metal like this where it is bare bones metal in its rawest form. The tracks are simply well written and well sung. Classic metal with a good vocalist is easy to

Metal Review: Aelter: Aelter IV: Love Eternal (2015)

Aelter: Aelter IV: Love Eternal

April 20, 2015 marks the release date for Aelter IV: Love Eternal, the fourth album from Aelter, one of the many side projects from the Wolvserpent camp. Aelter is the ambient solo project from Blake Green known for its dreary gothic style desperation sounds. Aelter IV: Love Eternal is no different in that manner. Consisting

Music Review-Seremonia-Kristalliarkki

1. Vihkimys 2. Alfa ja Omega 3. Tee mitä tahdot 4. Musta liekki 5. Lusiferin lapset 6. Vapauden polku 7. Kuolema voittaa 8. Jokainen askel 9. Kristalliarkki I 10. Kristalliarkki II Noora Federley – vocals Teemu Markkula – guitar Ville Pirinen – guitar Erno Taipale – drums, flute Ilkka Vekka – bass Review-From the sonic

Music Review-Die So Fluid-The Opposites of Light

Georgina ‘Grog’ Lisee –lead vocals, bass Drew Richards –lead guitar Al Fletcher –drums, backing vocals Review-Die so Fluid are one of those bands who been around for over a decade, and I wonder why they are not bigger. A power trio fronted by a female that blend metal with alternative and grunge and creates this

Metal Review: Carach Angren: This is no Fairytale (2015)

Carach Angren: This is no Fairytale

The Netherlands’ Carach Angren is back with their fourth release, This is no Fairytale, which is an aptly title release to say the least. This album is definitely not the stereotypical fairytale that Mr. Walt Disney has instilled in our innocent childhood minds. Before the tales of Once Upon a Time and Happily Ever After,