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Music Review-Godhead-The Shadow Realigned

01. The Gift (Robotic Beehive Remix) (Spencer Wiggers & Andrei Lifinski) 02. Through the Cracks (The Sweet Kill Remix) 03. Unrequited (Ben Moody Mix) 04. Hey You (Ginormous Remix) 05. Trapped In Your Lies (NeonGenesis Remix) 06. Inside Your World (Shelter “Dark Moon” Remix) 07. Goodbye (Khursor Remix) 08. Another Day (Shok’s Other Way Mix)

Music Review-Delain-The Human Contradiction

Tracklist: Here Come the Vultures Your Body is a Battleground Stardust My Masquerade Tell Me, Machinist Sing to Me Army of Dolls Lullaby The Tragedy of the Commons Review-The Human Contradiction is the best release by Dutch symphonic metallers Delain. This cd from the showcase of the seductive vocals of Charlotte Wessels to just the

Music Review-Anette Olzon-Shine

Tracklist Like A Show Inside My Head Shine Floating Lies Invincible Hear Me Falling Moving Away One Million Faces Watching Me From Afar Review-When people think of Olzon they will of course remember her few years with Nightwish. The 2 records she did with Nightwish I feel were unfairly judged for people who wanted Tarja

Music Review-Triptykon-Melana Chasmata

01. Tree Of Suffocating Souls 02. Boleskine House 03. Altar Of Deceit 04. Breathing 05. Aurorae 06. Demon Pact 07. In The Sleep Of Death 08. Black Snow 09. Waiting Band Lineup: Tom Gabriel Warrior – voice, guitars V. Santura – guitar, vocals Vanja Slajh – bass, vocals Norman Lonhard – drums, percussion Review-When Triptykon

Metal Review: Various Artists: Ronnie James Dio: This is Your Life (2014)

Ronnie James Dio This Is Your Life

There are few people in metal and rock that were as legendary as the late Ronnie James Dio. I doubt that there are many people out the that would dispute this with me. Outside of the constant debate of who was better with Black Sabbath (of course it was Ronnie), Dio was one of the

Metal Review: Conan: Blood Eagle (2014)

Conan Blood Eagle

Liverpool, England’s Conan are back with their sophomore effort, “Blood Eagle,” their follow-up to 2012′s “Monnos.” As you would expect from a band like Conan, their sophomore release is a heavy, doom-laden collection of songs that pull no punches. The grimy, sludgy sound gets no cleaner as the album pushes on and that is what

Metal Review: Aurvandil: Thrones (2014)

Aurvandil Thrones

Contemporary black metal is a slippery slope for bands. Black metal purists are of the belief that the modern interpretation of what black metal is, and was, strays far from its original beliefs. The ironic part of all of this is that black metal is one of the most loose subgenres of metal where pushing

Metal Review: Landskap: I (2014)

Landskap I

London, England’s Landskap is a band that has only been around for two years, but the members themselves are veterans to the genre hailing from bands such as Fen, Pantheist, Centurions Ghost and more. The band plays a style of doom metal/psychedelic rock that works very well on their debut effort, “I.” The album only

Music Review-Lacuna Coil-Broken Crown Halo

1. Nothing Stands in Our Way 2. Zombie 3. Hostage to the Light 4. Victims 5. Die & Rise 6. I Forgive (But I Won’t Forget Your Name) 7. Cybersleep 8. Infection 9. I Burn in You 10. In the End I Feel Alive 11. One Cold Day Review-Lacuna Coil’s latest cd is more mainstream

Music Review-The Oath-The Oath

Hitting US Shores on the 15th of April Review-The debut cd of The Oath just comes right out of the gates swinging. All Must Die which opens the cd is catchy with its 70’s psychedelic occult feel. The vocals sound like a female Lee Dorrian which not only rock the listener but soothe them as