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Music Review: The Rentals – Lost in Alphaville

1. It’s Time To Come Home 2. Traces Of Our Tears 3. Stardust 4. 1000 Seasons 5. Damaris 6. Irrational Things 7. Thought Of Sound 8. Song Of Remembering 9. Seven Years 10. The Future Featuring Matt Sharp (x-Weezer), Jess Wolfe & Holly Laessig (Lucius) Ryen Slegr (Ozma), Lauren Chipman (The Section Quartet) Patrick Carney

Metal Review: Acrania: Totalitarian Dystopia (2014)

Acrania: Totalitarian Dystopia

London, England’s Acrania is heavy. That is the easiest way to put it. To dig in deeper, they are highly formulaic at points and utterly insane at others. Their initial “The Beginning of the End” EP was a preview for the madness to ensure on their debut full-length effort, “Totalitarian Dystopia.” “Totalitarian Dystopia” is a

Metal Review: Vader: Tibi et Igni (2014)

Vader: Tibi Et Igni

Olsztyn, Poland’s death metal legion Vader are still at it 30+ years since their inception and still as heavy as ever. Consistency is what the band is all about and they have been that way since their debut in 1992, which was as heavy as their 2011 release, “Welcome to the Morbid Reich.” “Tibi et

Metal Review: Belphegor: Conjuring the Dead (2014)

Belphegor: Conjuring the Dead

Austria’s Belphegor is back with their tenth full-length release, “Conjuring the Dead,” mixing their blasphemous style of death metal with black metal and anything that they can get their hands on. If you are looking for heavy, you know that Belphegor provides it and “Conjuring the Dead” is no different. Opening with Gasmask Terror, the

Metal Review: Godsmack: 1000hp (2014)

Godsmack: 1000hp

Boston, Massachusetts’s groove metal giants Godsmack are back with their sixth full-length studio release, “1000hp” four years after “The Oracle,” their most recent studio album. Seeing as though “The Oracle” came after “IV” by four years, this pattern of four years between studio albums is becoming quite normal. Of course, the band has released albums

Music Review-Loppybogymi-Scenic Overlook

Fall 03:38 Jive Chamber 05:33 Scenic Overlook 05:06 Hyperblood 04:32 A City Moment 03:55 Screwball 09:18 Delusions of Grandeur 02:45 Retail Serenity (Behind the Sky) 08:11 Earliest Convenience 00:45 The Band- Gregory Slay James Orr Tim Ramenofsky aka Headfridge Review-I have reviewed so much stuff, this is the first time I ever reviewed something that

Music Review-The Dollyrots-Barefoot & Pregnant

Band: Kelly Ogden: lead vocals, bass Luis Cabezas: guitar, vocals Stacy Jones: drums Tracklisting: 1. “Come and Get It” 2. “Stupidly in Love” 3. “First World Anarchist” 4. “Get Weird” 5. “Puppy Dog Eyes” 6. “Barefoot and Pregnant” 7. “Bury Me in Ireland” 8. “Nightlight” 9. “Under the Same Sky” 10. “Worstie” 11. “Homecoming” 12.

Metal Review: Vainaja: Kadotetut (2014)

Vainaja: Kadotetut

Finland’s Vainaja (Finnish for Deceased) has released their debut full-length release, “Kadotetut,” via Svart Records and it is a good one. Finland has been known to be a mecca of good music for some time now, but more recently, they are home to quite a few doom metal bands. We can now add Vainaja to

Music Review: Tarja Turunen & Mike Terrana: Beauty & the Beat (2014)

Tarja Turunen & Mike Terrana: Beauty & the Beat

I think that we are far enough removed from the Nightwish fiasco with Tarja Turunen that we do not have to speak further on that. The low down on Turunen is that she is absolutely beautiful and amazingly talented. She has the voice of a siren and knows how to use it. I love these

Music Review-Powerman 5000-Builders of the Future

1. “Invade, Destroy, Repeat” (2:56) 2. “We Want It All” (2:40) 3. “How To Be A Human” (3:28) 4. “You’re Gonna Love It, If You Like It Or Not” (3:23) 5. “Builders Of The Future” (3:38) 6. “I Want To Kill You” (4:41) 7. “Modern World” (2:53) 8. “Live It Up Before You’re Dead” (3:01)