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Album Review: August Burns Red – Found in Far Away Places

August Burns Red are one of the few bands in the metalcore scene that haven’t gotten too comfortable with their success. The Pennsylvania collective have continued to challenge themselves instrumentally and improve their songwriting, especially since the 2009 release of the excellent Constellations. Their creative peak came with 2013’s Rescue and Restore, one of the

Music Review-Sabbath Assembly-Sabbath Assembly

Risen From Below Confessing a Murder Burn Me, I Thirst for Fire Only You The Firey Angel of Desire Ave Satanas Sharp Edge of the Earth Apparition of the Revolution Shadows of Emptiness Sabbath Assembly features Jamie Myers on vocals, David Christian on drums, Kevin Hufnagel on guitar, and Johnny DeBlase on bass. Review- September

Music Review-Failure-The Heart is a Monster

Review-In a year that Faith No More would make their return to music, here comes another band that has not been on the scene since the 90’s, Failure. I remember Fantastic Planet and that catchy radio single Sgt. Politeness, like it was yesterday. The band that I felt was a cross between the catchiness of

Music Review-Lucifer-Lucifer I

Review-Johanna Sadonis first arrived on the metal scene in a band called The Oath. If The Oath were perceived to the “the calm”, Lucifer is definitely “the storm”. The best way to describe this band is The Oath meets Cathedral. Which is a funny reference since the guitarist is Garry Jennings who spent some time

Music Review- Category VI – Fireborn

Vinland Real Lies Silence Befalls The Crowd The Raven Reborn Beginning Of The End Descent Of The King Wasting Away Review-I am so late jumping on this bandwagon, but after hearing this cd, my first thought is…” Where has this band been all my life”? A female led band that is very powerful and a

Metal Review: Mindead: Controlling the Tides (2015)

Mindead: Controlling the Tides

Stuttgart, Germany metal band Mindead is back with their latest effort, Controlling the Tides, a collection of 12 new tracks. Mindead’s sound is pretty much summed up by the power of the riff, which define the band’s sound throughout each track. In addition to Pablo’s powerful guitar riffs are Timo’s strong vocals, which are good

Metal Review: Satyricon: Live at the Opera (2015)

Satyricon: Live at the Opera

I am upset with Satyricon. It is merely April and I already have my album of the year picked out. How I would love to be wrong by having someone outdo their latest effort, Live at the Opera, but I cannot see that actually happening. This album is absolutely crushing on every level. Satyricon is

Metal Review: Eschaton: Sentinel Apocalypse (2015)

Eschaton: Sentinel Apocalypse

Founded in 2007 in Providence, Rhode Island, technical death metal camp Eschaton has unleashed their furious opus of technical prowess in their debut album Sentinel Apocalypse. This collection of 11 jaw-dropping tracks consisting of maddening signature changes and earth shattering drum lines mixed with killer guitar leads and riffs. Eschaton, who shares their name with

Metal Review: Coal Chamber: Rivals (2015)

Coal Chamber: Rivals

I am not sure what is more surprising; that Coal Chamber is back or that I am actually reviewing their album. By reviewing an album, I am making a statement that the album has some validity and worth. If I do not like an album, I simply ignore it and do not even give it

Music Review-Faith No More-Sol Invictus

Faith No More Mike Bordin – drums Roddy Bottum – keyboards, vocals Billy Gould – bass guitar, producer, recording engineer Jon Hudson – guitar Mike Patton – vocals 1. “Sol Invictus” 2. “Superhero” 3. “Sunny Side Up” 4. “Separation Anxiety” 5. “Cone of Shame” 6. “Rise of the Fall” 7. “Black Friday” 8. “Motherfucker” 9.