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Metal Review: Enslaved: In Times (2015)

Enslaved - In Times

Norwegian progressive metal band Enslaved are back with their 13th studio album In Times, their first album in three years, which is a huge gap for the Scandinavian band. From their early days of black metal, Enslaved has always held a special place in my heart. The band plays with an intensity that few bands

Metal Review: Diemonds – Never Wanna Die (2015)

Diemonds - Never Wanna Die

Toronto, Canada hard rock band Diemonds have release their sophomore effort, Never Wanna Die, an album that metal fans should be all over. The band’s sound may not be unique, but their intent with their version of sleaze-style rock is to simply have fun. With ten tracks of fun-filled rock anthems, the band makes serious

Metal Review: Amorphis: Under the Red Cloud (2015)

Amorphis - Under the Red Cloud

Finland’s Amorphis is back with Under the Red Cloud and you know that excites me. When it comes to melodic death metal, there is no band that matches the intensity that Amorphis brings. Following the band throughout their early years all the way through today shows how dynamic of a band Amorphis truly is. While

Metal Review: Black Breath – Slaves Beyond Death (2015)

Black Breath - Slaves Beyond Death

Seattle death metal horde Black Breath are back with their 3rd full-length release, Slaves Beyond Death, the follow-up to 2012’s Sentenced to Life, which was a hell of a release in its own right. After 2014’s accident where Jamie Byrum, lead songwriter and drummer for Black Breath, was hit by a car, the band’s songs have

Music Review-Abigail Williams-The Accuser

Review-After a 3 year hiatus, Abigail Williams have returned and boy are they pissed off. In their break, people were claiming that “metal is dead” and that “music is a dying thing”. After listening to this monster, I am assuming that this band was not sent that memo. How premature is that statement with all

Metal Review: Black .44 – No Blanks (2015)

Black .44 - No Blanks

Helsinki, Finland’s stoner metal act (you do not hear that genre from that location too often) Black .44 has released their debut album, No Blanks, and it is one that metal fans should unite on. The Finnish foursome plays their brand of music hard and heavy focusing on the power of the riff and an

Metal Review: Bevar Sea – Invoke the Bizarre (2015)

Bevar Sea - Invoke the Bizarre

Bangalore, India’s doom/sludge band Bevar Sea is back with their sophomore effort, Invoke the Bizarre, three years after their successful self-titled debut. With their most recent effort, the band has shown a level of maturity that some bands with 10 years under their belts have yet to attain. The band has been together since 2007,

Music Review: Shinedown: Threat to Survival (2015)

Shinedown: Threat to Survival

Shinedown was one of my favorite modern rock bands at one point. Their first three albums are amazing, but Amaryllis came out extremely flat with with very few redeeming qualities to it. Threat to Survival was supposed to be a bounce back album for me as I had high hopes for it. I was also

Metal Review: Slayer: Repentless (2015)

Slayer: Repentless

The legend that is Slayer has returned with their first album in six years since 2009’s World Painted Blood. Sadly, one the of integral pieces of the band, Jeff Hanneman, passed away in 2013 from cirrhosis of the liver and this is the band’s first release since that tragic day. Hanneman was a founding member

Music Review-W.A.S.P.-Golgotha

01. Scream 02. Last Runaway 03. Shotgun 04. Miss You 05. Fallen Under 06. Slaves of the New World Order 07. Eyes of My Maker 08. Hero of the World 09. Golgotha Review-We been warned since 2012, “Golgotha” was coming. Well, it has arrived and really gets back to “The Last Command” roots in terms