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Wicked Channel Interview-Jamie Myers (Sabbath Assembly)

I first got introduced to Sabbath Assembly from their record Ye Are Gods. I was so blown away by this record that I emailed the PR people and begged them to me interview anyone from this band. Talk about a band that has a story to tell. Songs like Exit and The Love of the

Wicked Channel Interview- Mark Mynett ( Kill II This)

Like most Americans in the mid to late 90’s, we found out about most overseas bands when we bought a magazine like Rock Sound, Metal Hammer or Kerrang and got the free cd with it. Kill II This had a song called Faith Rape on a compilation and I was reading the review the journalist

Wicked Channel Interview-Bonz (Stuck Mojo/Bonz)

So is Stuck Mojo getting back together has been the question on fans minds. We heard news sources report that they were, that they are in the studio and that they are touring soon. So, some time has passed and here is Bonz releasing a solo record and touring for it. Rich Ward on That

Wicked Channel Interview-Alexis Brown (Straight Line Stitch)

1.   Alexis, right off the bat huge fan of yours and the band. What was the first song, band or singer that inspired you to pursuit music? Thank you very much for very sweet words. To answer your question I’ve always been inspired by music from a very young age. My family has always been musical

Wicked Channel Interview-Cristina T. Feliciano ( Oblivious Signal)

Before you read this interview and check out this band and their killer new record, I need to shout out some people. The people at Pavement Music have always looked out for our site. Every artist on their label they have personally made sure we got review cds and access to talk to the musicians.

Wicked Channel Interview-Adam Casto (Nerd Table)

While on his way of making world peace for this Earth, Adam Casto decided to fly by the Wicked Channel headquarters and talk to us about what is going on. For people, not familiar with Nerd Table they are a band out of Ohio who has been at it for years putting out great music.

Wicked Channel Interview-Die So Fluid’s Grog

Die So Fluid is a band that I been wanting on this site for 5 years, and finally I got Grog on our page. Why listen to me, let her speak. Thanks so much for checking this out and support the new cd.   1. Grog, I have to say this is an honor. First

The 2014 Wicked Channel Hall of Fame and interview-Inductee 2-Eric Wagner

The 2014 Hall of Fame I am going to induct Eric Wagner. Persistence paid off, because I bugged his PR people and they did not want him to do a written interview, so I went to bug the man himself. I will say right now it is such bullshit that all these so called metal

The 2014 Wicked Channel Hall of Fame and interview—Inductee 1-Carmine Appice

The 2015 Wicked Channel Hall of Fame is something I really take so personal. I do not just pick names out of a hat like some and say “oh that is a Hall of Fame person”. Nor, do I just give them a place, I want the people I induct to acknowledge it and talk

Audio Interview: Alestorm’s Christopher Bowes

Skullbanger Media sits and talks with Christopher Bowes about Alestorm’s upcoming album ‘Sunset on the Golden Age’. We discuss the albums humor, song ideas, cover song of Hangover by Taio Cruz, undead squid and Surf Nazi’s. Originally posted at