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Wicked Channel Interview-Adam Casto (Nerd Table)

While on his way of making world peace for this Earth, Adam Casto decided to fly by the Wicked Channel headquarters and talk to us about what is going on. For people, not familiar with Nerd Table they are a band out of Ohio who has been at it for years putting out great music.

Wicked Channel Interview-Die So Fluid’s Grog

Die So Fluid is a band that I been wanting on this site for 5 years, and finally I got Grog on our page. Why listen to me, let her speak. Thanks so much for checking this out and support the new cd.   1. Grog, I have to say this is an honor. First

The 2014 Wicked Channel Hall of Fame and interview-Inductee 2-Eric Wagner

The 2014 Hall of Fame I am going to induct Eric Wagner. Persistence paid off, because I bugged his PR people and they did not want him to do a written interview, so I went to bug the man himself. I will say right now it is such bullshit that all these so called metal

The 2014 Wicked Channel Hall of Fame and interview—Inductee 1-Carmine Appice

The 2015 Wicked Channel Hall of Fame is something I really take so personal. I do not just pick names out of a hat like some and say “oh that is a Hall of Fame person”. Nor, do I just give them a place, I want the people I induct to acknowledge it and talk

Audio Interview: Alestorm’s Christopher Bowes

Alestorm Sunset on the Golden Age

Skullbanger Media sits and talks with Christopher Bowes about Alestorm’s upcoming album ‘Sunset on the Golden Age’. We discuss the albums humor, song ideas, cover song of Hangover by Taio Cruz, undead squid and Surf Nazi’s. Originally posted at  

Video Interview: Chris Boltendahl of Grave Digger at Metal Fest 2014: Loreley, Germany

Grave Digger Return of the Reaper

Interview with Chris Boltendahl of German Metal Legends Grave Digger at Loreley, Germany. We talk about their Upcoming album, “Return of the Reaper” due out July the 11th, the upcoming tour and how Chris sounds like a Evil Yoda from Star Wars! Originally posted at Please upgrade your browser

Video Interview: Sabaton Metal Fest 2014: Loreley, Germany

Sabaton Heroes

Joakim and Chris sit down with Skullbanger Media and we discuss Sabaton’s new album “Heroes,” their upcoming North American tour where they will travel to Tennessee for the first time and Sabaton playing BANJOS!!! Originally posted at Please upgrade your browser

Video Interview: BloodBound Metal Fest 2014: Loreley, Germany


TJ Fowler of SkullBanger Media has released a video interview with Frederick and Tomas of Swedish Power Metal Act BloodBound at Metal Fest 2014, Loreley, Germany. Originally posted at Please upgrade your browser

Interview With Steff From, Author of At War With Satan

At War With Satan

WickedChannel: So Steff your new book At War With Satan combines elements of metal and horror which is perfect for Fearshop and WickedChannel. Tell our listeners/readers about it. Steff Metal: As a metalhead, I started writing this book after a couple of discussions with other fans about all the times they’d been accused of being

Metal Interview: Steve ‘Zetro’ Souza (Hatriot)


I had a chance to sit down with the legendary Steve ‘Zetro’ Souza from Hatriot and of Exodus fame. We talk about his history with Exodus, Dublin Death Patrol and playing with his sons in Hatriot. As you would expect, Zetro is as humble as ever and always makes for a great interview. WC: First