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Movie Review-The Creature Below

Review-” The Creature Below” begins with Olive. Olive is this fearless diver and lover of all things aquatic. As the film opens we witness her on this exploration very far underwater. Everything seems be to going alright until she spots something peculiar underwater. Dr. Fletcher rescues her from under the water. The problem is when

Movie Review-The Lesson (Blu Ray)

Coming to home video on March 7th Review-” The Lesson” centers on Fin and Joel who are juvenile delinquents. They are every parent’s worst nightmare in the way that they conduct themselves daily. Fin lives with his negligent brother Jake and Jake’s girl Mia. Fin views Mia like a mother figure. Their teacher one day

Movie Review-Easter Bunny Bloodbath (DVD)

Review-A note to parents. If your kid or young adult buys a dvd or blu ray and the box says “ SRS Cinema” you have failed as a parent. The other sign of this could be you coming to this site for parenting advice. Ron Bonk and his label were a prime example of the

Movie Review-The Gate (Blu Ray)

This title is set to release this Tuesday. Review-The 80’s were such a weird decade. We had all forms of entertainment that constantly came under fire. We had music come under religious and parent fury. Tipper Gore and her people formed the PMRC. This group would basically dictate what was offensive and warn retailers and

Movie Review-The Survivor (Blu Ray)

Review-For the people who thought “ Sully” was a little too serious, comes a film from the 80’s that covers another airplane tragedy. The film starts out with a very well crash scene. An airplane goes down in this Australian village. The body count averages around 300 people dead. Our sole survivor is a pilot

Movie Review-Territorial Behavior (DVD)

Review-When it comes to horror, sometimes simple is the best formula. “ Territorial Behavior” is the story of Bailey Rhodes. He is in the middle of the woods to shoot a tutorial video on how to survive in the woods. During his filming, he has an issue with some poachers. Soon, he discovers something even

Movie Review-The Horde

Review-Most directors when they have a new film, you sort of have a clue what direction or where their head is at. Jared Cohn’s body of work so far is as easy to describe as someone in a rainfall trying to count rain drops. One thing is for sure, when the man is on he

Movie Review-Wild Beasts (Blu Ray)

Review-I wanted to do something different with this film. I started out watching the special features before the film. The first feature was a little interview with the director of the film Franco E. Prosperi. The interview was in Italian, with English subtitles. Franco seemed very enthusiastic and well spoken when he was sharing stories

Movie Review-Dead West (DVD)

Review-” Dead West” tells the story about this smooth talking serial killer. The film opens with him standing at the bar of a honky tonk bar. A young woman approaches him for conversation. The woman is instantly turned on by him. She leaves her brother and friends behind to go out back with this stranger.

Movie Review-Tempus Tormentum

Review-James Rewucki is using a lot of drugs and has issues. If you watched his film “ Aegri Somnia” and felt it could not get any weirder, you have no clue as to what this insane man is about. The film centers on the “ stranger in a strange land” premise. The film opens with