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Product Review-Hostel, Hostel II, Hollow Man, Hollow Man 2 – BD 4 Pack [Blu-ray]

Review-After a 4 year absence on our site, Mill Creek has released some new stuff that we are excited about. Horror fans look to Mill Creek, to give them quantity releases at a soft pockets price. Now, some horror fans will bitch and moan. Wait a second, I cannot be serious? Horror fans complaining…that is

Blu Ray Review- The Herschell Gordon Lewis Feast (17-Disc Limited Edition Box Set) [Blu-ray + DVD]

LIMITED EDITION CONTENTS: •Fourteen of the Godfather of Gore s finest attractions, newly restored from original and best surviving vault materials: Blood Feast, Scum of the Earth, Two Thousand Maniacs!, Moonshine Mountain, Color Me Blood Red, Something Weird, The Gruesome Twosome, A Taste of Blood, She-Devils on Wheels, Just for the Hell of It, How

Movie Review-Tales of Poe

Review-Tales of Poe has me torn. Director Alan Rowe Kelly was responsible for a film called, I’ll Bury You Tomorrow. If you have never seen this film, I cannot recommend this film any higher. Director Bart Mastronardi was responsible for the equally impressive, Vindication. That was the film I discovered Raine Brown in. Tales of

Movie Review-SIN (Self Induced Nightmares)

Review-Let’s be honest, the horror genre is a very tricky genre. It seems that the fans and critics are a little easier on big budget horror. (Some may also say, some bloggers and critics are all mouth to ass in terms of softening up their reviews with companies like Shout and the Arrow, to keep

Movie Review-Lights Out (Blu Ray)

Review-Lights Out can be called the sleeper hit of 2016. When it comes to supernatural films and that PG 13 rating, let’s be honest, it could be seen as a horror fan negative. As horror fans, we are aware of that is Hollywood and their disrespect of our genre. They want to create the family

Movie Review-Killersaurus

Review-If you are a fan of the junk films that came from the land of the 1950’s, you are bound to have fun with this title. This indie film micro budget dinosaur film gives us the premise of Bio-Printing research being the future for life saving. What happens when a scientist runs out of funds

Movie Review-24 Hours to Die

Review-There is no doubt that Stephen Patrick Kelly is a director who has a ton of ambition. The problem is that with all this ambition, you have to know your limits. That seems to be the problem that faces his latest film, 24 Hours to Die. The film is clearly very “ Saw” inspired in

Movie Review-Scars

Review-Do you ever feel like you met someone more out of fate than luck? That you were just destined to meet this person, no matter how the events that follow this meeting happen? That is the case of the film Scars. We meet two women who are so different, but yet so similar. The film

Movie Review-Last Girl Standing

Review-Last Girl Standing offers the horror genre something very unique and different. In the opening minutes of the film we watch Camryn turn the tables on this deer masked serial killer named “The Hunter”. She survives the “woodlands killing spree” that killed all her friends. This film from there shows us how Camryn deals with

Movie Review-The Similars (DVD)

Review-Have you, the film viewer, ever felt like a film was trying to get the better of you? That, when you are watching a film, you start to think, this film is trying to pull something on me? That, you feel you cannot be fooled by anything you see, that it all has a greater