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Movie Review-Slugs

Review-The box art and the name of this film just reek of fun 80’s cheese and sleaze. The late Juan Piquer Simón has created two cult classics, that every film fan should have in their collection. “ Pieces” and now this fun gem. This film takes place in a small town in New York. Citizens

Movie Review-The Wailing

Review-” The Wailing” is set in a very small section of Korea. This place has a very small and unreliable police department. You would get the feeling that this town is very easy going and not much happens to even warrant more police. Enter Jong-gu is on the trail of a killer. He has no

Movie Review-Blood Diner

Review-August 1st, 2016 is a day most horror film geeks, like myself will never forget. It is the day that an announcement was made that would bring Vestron Video films on blu ray thru Lionsgate Home Entertainment. “ Vestron Video Collector Series” was born. Vestron Video and its CEO Austin Owen Furst, Jr, has to

Movie Review-Night of Something Strange

Review-If “ Dead Alive” had a horny little brother, this is pretty much what you would expect. “ Night of Something Strange”, tells the story of a odd janitor named Cornelius. Cornelius during a late night shift decides to have sex with a dead corpse. Why? This film does not answer that question, but it

Horror Review: Friend Request (2016)

Friend Request

When a college student unfriends a mysterious girl online, she finds herself fighting a demonic presence that wants to make her lonely by killing her closest friends. Director: Simon Verhoeven Writers: Matthew Ballen, Philip Koch Stars: Alycia Debnam-Carey, William Moseley, Connor Paolo, Liesl Ahlers Simon Verhoeven’s latest romp, Friend Request, is a social-media stalking horror

Movie Review-Instruments of Evil

Review-” Instruments of Evil” is clearly one of the odd films out there at the moment. A film that has a viking, breakdancing zombies, a hooker who loves pancakes and that is just touching the surface. This film horror comedy is told to us in three stories. The film opens with an old viking looking

Movie Review-A House is not a Home

Review-” A House is not a Home” showcases what Richard Grieco has been up to since being hailed as the next Johnny Depp in the 80’s. In this film, the former Booker starts our film off with a bang. We see him with blood all over him inside a house, screaming at a door for

Movie Review-Tenebrae

Review-Raise your hands or in this case click your mouses, if you were one of the people who bought the Anchor Bay release a decade ago? I have to say, I was and boy was I pissed. The film quality at that time was horrid, it felt like listening to people fuck in sandpaper. Thank

Movie Review-The Hills Have Eyes

Review-With my review of “ Aliens”. I just explored, how many times a film can be released, then re-released, and even a triple and fourth time. Each time, tacking on something new to entice you to spend money. This time, let’s focus on the horror genre as a whole. When Anchor Bay was on a

Movie Review-Aliens 30th Anniversary Edition Blu-ray

Review-20th Century Fox has released yet another “Aliens”on blu ray. Is the lure of a 30th Anniversary worth a dip back in the wallet? In the past, fans have been vocal that the other releases of this film were lesser. With the 30th Anniversary blu ray, Fox heard people and their complaints on a definitive