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Movie Review-Creature Lake (DVD)

Review-I did not expect “ Creature Lake” to be as fun as it turned out to be. This film is heavily cliched. The inspirations range from “ Cabin Fever” to “ Cabin in the Woods” with a dash of the first story in “ Creepshow 2” sprinkled so gently across. This found footage film centers

Movie Review-Pulse [Blu-ray]

Review-I am not sure if we should start this review by saying the 1988 classic. Reality is, if not for this review and getting this film mailed to me, I would not have known this film existed. 1988 was a weird year for me, I was a sophomore in college. I was working two jobs

Movie Review-Wishmaster Collection (4 Film) [Blu-ray]

Review-There have been so many rumors about horror and major studios. The latest rumor is that this is last Vestron title for Lionsgate. I have heard from some heads at Lionsgate that they are planning on something in October, not sure if this will involve Vestron or not or even horror? If “ Wishmaster” is

Movie Review-Bigfoot-The Movie (DVD)

Review-2017 is going to be a fun year for direct to video films. All the darlings of 2015 and 2016 festivals all seem to have a label and a release date. Hollywood, you should be worried. I have heard for over a year plus so much hype for this film called “ Bigfoot:The Movie”. Let’s

Movie Review-Drive-In Massacre (Blu Ray)

Review-The Spirit of 76 when the world was a different place. The film scene at the time just discovered its first “ summer movie” the year before and we were gearing towards “ Star Wars” the next year. At this time, drive-in cinemas were the rage. (I was only 7, but remember the one by

Movie Review-The Abduction of Jennifer Grayson

Review-Today’s world is full of armchair football players. Armchair coaches. Armchair company presidents. Armchair Movie Directors and Distribution Companies. Every form of entertainment we know has to be judged by everyone. Some people are passionate and fair. Some people do not have a fucking clue as to what they want. Some people will even cut

Movie Review-Child Eater

Review-Do you believe in the boogeyman? Erlingur Thoroddsen is going to make sure you do, by the end of his very ambitious horror film. What started out as a short film turned into a very much talked about feature film. The creature in this film is on the fear of going blind. So, he rips

Movie Review-The Creeps: Deformed Monsters (Blu Ray)

Review-A show of hands, how many people watched Full Moon Videos in the 80’s? If you were a hororr fan and remember the video store craze, Troma and Full Moon were the go to fixes each week. It seemed that both labels were pushing out films on small budgets that gave fans something to talk

Movie Review-Pig Pen (DVD)

Review-I have to start this review off, with a simple warning. Dire Wit Films and Jason Koch have serious mental issues that should be addressed. That being said, the pair have made two great films back to back. If you were a fan of 7th Day, you are more than likely going to enjoy this

Movie Review-Psychomania(Blu Ray)

(Due to an issue I had with my Blu Ray. My special features were not able to play. Thus, this is a review of the blu ray of the film. Sorry for the inconvenience) Review-As a horror fan, there is no way that we can catch every horror film. Sometimes, we have to make decisions.