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Horror Movie Hotties: Alice Eve

Alice Eve

Alice Eve is an English actress known for her roles in the films She’s Out of My League and Star Trek Into Darkness, but horror fans know her for ATM and The Raven. This blonde beauty has heterochromia, so her left eye is blue and her right eye is green, which adds to her beauty.

Horror Movie Hotties: Dylan Penn

Dylan Penn Amazing Body

Dylan Penn, the absolutely gorgeous daughter of Sean Penn and Robin Wright is destined for major success in Hollywood simply because of her lineage and her amazing body. Having only starred in one horror movie, The Condemned, it may seem premature to include her in the Horror Movie Hotties series, but her hotness is not

Horror Movie Hotties: Tanit Phoenix

Tanit Phoenix Nice Boobs

Tanit Phoenix is a stunningly gorgeous South African fashion model model turned actress. She is best known for her swimwear and lingerie photo shoots after appearing in the 2003 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue and in GQ magazine and FHM in the same year. Phoenix has over a dozen TV and film credits to her name,

Horror Movie Hotties: Anna Falchi

Anna Falchi Hot

Italy super hottie Anna Falchi may not be so well known in the U.S., but this beauty is uber famous in Italy. Falchi was born Anna Kristiina Palomäki on April, 22 1972 in Tampere, Finland. Her mother enrolled her in modeling school in the 1980s. Falchi won the title of Miss Cinema at the the

Horror Movie Hotties: Bobbi Sue Luther

Bobbi Sue Luther Cleavage

Bobbi Sue Luther is a model, actress, film producer and host of TLC’s Junkyard Mega Wars. As an actress, she got her big break with Star Trek: Enterprise (2004), which landed her quite a few larger roles. In March 2007, Luther was named the new face of St. Pauli Girl beer and she has been

Horror Movie Hotties: Diora Baird

Diora Baird Naked

Diora Baird is a former model for Guess?, but is more well known for appearing in films such as “Wedding Crashers” and “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning.” Including the latter, this beauty’s horror movie roles also include “30 Days of Night: Dark Days” and the remake of the 80’s classic “Night of the Demons.”

Horror Movie Hotties: Julie Benz

Julie Benz Nipple Shot

The incredibly sexy Julie Benz makes our list because she is amazing. The co-star for a few seasons of Showtime’s “Dexter” as Dexter’s first true love interest started her movie career in 1990 with “Two Evil Eyes” and quickly soon after, “Satan’s School for Girls” and the acceptable “Shriek If You Know What I Did

Horror Movie Hotties: Monica Keena

Monica Keena Cleavage

Monica Keena is one of the few hotties of horror that we have covered so far that actually has a decent horror resume. Of course, she has an extensive resume all around, with even a role in Dawson’s Creek. This mega hottie has had roles in films such as “Left in Darkness,” “The Devil’s Advocate,”

Horror Movie Hotties: Lacey Chabert

Lacey Chabert Amazing Cleavage

Lacey Nicole Chabert is an absolute bombshell who has graced the small screen and the large screen. This beauty made her name on “Party of Five,” but we do not care about that. We care about the horror movies that she has been in. While she has only been in a few, she deserves a

Horror Movie Hotties: Elisha Cuthbert

Elisha Cuthbert Pink Bra

  The gorgeous Elisha Cuthbert may be better known for her role on “24” and movies like “Old School” and “The Girl Next Door” more than her brief stints in horror films, but the blonde bombshell shows how hot she really is in the 2005 remake “House of Wax” and in “Captivity,” so she deserves