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Wicked Channel Interview-Joston El Rey Theney (Axeman and Adam K)

If the first interview was “ the calm”, this has to be seen as “ the storm”. I am just at a loss for words on this one. The man opened up way more than I thought he would. A huge thank you to the man himself, Joston El Rey Theney. I want to say

Wicked Channel Interview-Joston El Rey Theney (Axeman and Adam K)

Most recently I had the chance to view “ Adam K” the new film by director Joston El Rey Theney. The second the film ended, I had to hit the conversation with this young gentleman. I told him, “ we have to do an interview”. “ Adam K” is that film, that people are going

Wicked Channel Interview with Ashley C Williams (Human Centipede and Julia)

1.     What was the first film or television show that made you want to pursuit acting? Also, growing up were you a fan of the horror genre? If so, what films were you a fan of?  I think it was one of the first “adult” movies I ever saw. Gone With The Wind. I remember

Wicked Channel Interview-Roni Jonah

1.  Roni, this is such an honor. Right off the bat I discovered something about you. So I am watching this old dvd I have of wrestling. You were once in Ohio Valley Wrestling. (This was around the same time of some major stars like Lesnar, Cena, Batista and Orton.) How long were you wrestling

Wicked Channel Interview-P.J. Starks (Volumes of Blood)

Most recently I had the chance to see Volumes of Blood, an indie horror that really blew me away. People always discuss, “what is the future of this or that”. I will say this about the discussion of what is the future of horror, absolutely nothing or the crap that Hollywood pushes out and gives

Wicked Channel Interview-Katerina Katelieva (Evangeline )

Evangeline, out on VOD in May, stars Katerina Katelieva as a young woman who literally returns to life to seek vengeance on those who put her in an early grave. Sounds like a certain Brandon Lee classic, no!? Katelieva is happy for the comparison. The film plays like a female version of The Crow –

Stephen Ohl HOOKED UP Interview‏

Hooked Up, on VOD April 7, is a rather exceptional horror movie – if even because it was filmed on an iPhone. We spoke to one of the film’s stars, Stephen Ohl, about making director Pablo Larcuen’s crafty screamfest. It is time to get familiar with Stephen and see what is going on, enjoy. Was

Interview with Bryan Coyne

Coming soon is this film called Infernal which has a lot of people right now chomping at the bit to see. The hype for this film is so warranted as Bryan Coyne produced last year’s great The Human Race. As busy as this man is, it is always welcomed when someone has a few minutes

Interview with Buddy Hutchins’ Demetrius Stear

DEMETRIUS STEAR – BUDDY HUTCHINS Your journey with Buddy Hutchins goes way back, I believe? Yes. I read the original draft years ago. Being friends with the director, was it ever discussed that you might play Buddy? Not really. Jared had already had a few actors in mind for Buddy. Luckily it worked out we

Tracey Birdsall Interview

Tracey Birdsall on upcoming film Who’s Jenna Jameson? Tracey Birdsall, 2014 Action on Film Film Festival Winner, one-time Michael J.Fox co-star, Malibu runway model, and now… Jenna Jameson. We speak to one of independent film’s driving forces about her latest role. ‘Who’s Jenna Jameson?’ is getting a lot of press online. Do you think that’s