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Wicked Channel Interview-Fear Fete founder and director Derek Morris

Derek, this is a pleasure, thank you for your time. First question is growing up were you a horror fan, if so what was the first film or memory that made you one? Thank you scary much for having me! Growing up, I was a huge horror fan and I guess what mommy didn’t know,

Wicked Channel Interview-Jeff Wedding (A Measure of the Sin)

Jeff Wedding has been on a roller coaster ride for the last few months. His film is just about to be released on home video June 17th and the press is coming in for him left and right. All the reviews (including ours) have been extremely positive, and the word on the street is that

Horror Interview: Lou Simon (Director of HazMat)

Lou Simon

Lou Simon is an up-and-coming director whose film, “HazMat,” is quickly becoming an obsession for me. It is a breath of fresh air into the somewhat stale slasher subgenre of horror. We were lucky enough to get to sit down with the director and get to pick her brain. WC: Having had the chance to

Horror Interview: Jonathan Glendening (Author of Ravenswing and Director of 13 Hrs and Strippers vs Werewolves)

Jonathan Glendening

We had a chance to sit down with the multi-talented Jonathan Glendening, author of Ravenswing and director of 13 Hrs and Strippers vs Werewolves. WC: Tell us a little about your new novel Ravenswing. JG: It’s about a young courier who is charged with taking a package to an isolated village. But, it’s Halloween and

Wicked Channel Interview-2014’s Hall of Fame Inductee Keith Crocker

This is the first time I put someone in our Hall of Fame not for just their accomplishments, but for what they bring to the interview process. Keith Crocker each time I interview him, I seem to generate the most mail from what comes out of these interviews. I will not comment if the mail Sits Down With Amelia Kinkade: Angela From Night of the Demons

Amelia Kinkade Banner

I am very excited to share our interview with Amelia Kinkade, better known as Angela from the cult classic “Night of the Demons.” As you will see from the interview below, Amelia is beyond awesome. Read on below. WC:Night of the Demons has become a cult classic among 80s horror fans as well as the

Wicked Channel Interview-Mike Mendez

God what timing do I have. We have to be the first website ever to do 3 interviews in one day by three different people. This Tuesday Mike Mendez’s new film Big Ass Spider hits the shelves, so I wanted to chat him with for a few minutes about it. If you dig what you Interviews Lauren Ashley Carter (Jug Face, The Woman, Premium Rush)

Lauren Ashley Carter Jug Face

I recently had the pleasure of sitting down with “Jug Face“, “The Woman” and “Premium Rush” star Lauren Ashley Carter. She was kind enough to take time out of her busy schedule to talk about her work and her life. This up-and-coming star proves to be as personable as she is talented. WC: What was

The 2013 Wicked Channel Hall of Fame 2nd Inductee…Adam Mason

I knew I had to figure out person two for the Hall of Fame this year, and I went thru PR people left and right for people I wanted and had no luck. Then, by some weird chance I got an online screener for Junkie, which is done by one of my favorite directors Adam

Wicked Channel Interview-Dave Campfield (Caesar and Otto’s Deadly Xmas)

It is the holidays, a time of cheer and reflecting back on the year that was. I am saddened this year by the lack of Christmas horror that came out, but Dave Campfield has given horror fans a little comedy that if given a fair shot could become a cult classic. Caesar and Otto’s Deadly