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Wicked Channel Interview with Atari Teenage Riot’s Nic Endo

I want to start this differently; there is a woman who worked very hard for this to happen for us. Everyone seems to forget the PR people, but I want to bow to Holly, you fucking rule. When she emailed me and said, “James, remember us from a long time back and you wanting to

Top 25 Cds of 2014-James Picks

The year in music, I guess one word seems to strike me and that is comeback. We had Zetro back in Exodus, Godflesh, Pink Floyd, Ruby, Sanctuary, a new singer in Arch Enemy and so much more. There is no way humanly possible to be a fan of music and come up with 20 this

The 2014 Wicked Channel Hall of Fame and interview-Inductee 2-Eric Wagner

The 2014 Hall of Fame I am going to induct Eric Wagner. Persistence paid off, because I bugged his PR people and they did not want him to do a written interview, so I went to bug the man himself. I will say right now it is such bullshit that all these so called metal

The 2014 Wicked Channel Hall of Fame and interview—Inductee 1-Carmine Appice

The 2015 Wicked Channel Hall of Fame is something I really take so personal. I do not just pick names out of a hat like some and say “oh that is a Hall of Fame person”. Nor, do I just give them a place, I want the people I induct to acknowledge it and talk

Press Release-June 30, 2014 Ogres of the Hickory Cottage will launch on

For Immediate Release An Equal Opportunity Employer The Hickory Cottage Book Exchange has begun revising their policy in the hiring of Ogres Boris and Lon. Since the two Ogres started working at the Ponchatoula used bookstore, three children and ten cats have been reported missing. Manager Charley is caught in a maze of books, murder

Wicked Channel Interview-2014’s Hall of Fame Inductee Keith Crocker

This is the first time I put someone in our Hall of Fame not for just their accomplishments, but for what they bring to the interview process. Keith Crocker each time I interview him, I seem to generate the most mail from what comes out of these interviews. I will not comment if the mail

The 2013 Wicked Channel Hall of Fame 2nd Inductee…Adam Mason

I knew I had to figure out person two for the Hall of Fame this year, and I went thru PR people left and right for people I wanted and had no luck. Then, by some weird chance I got an online screener for Junkie, which is done by one of my favorite directors Adam


Image Entertainment will be putting all “Definitive Editions” of The Twilight Zone on moratorium effective 12/1/13. This affects the following skus: The Twilight Zone: The Complete Definitive Collection Box Set The Twilight Zone: The Definitive Edition: Season 1 The Twilight Zone: The Definitive Edition: Season 2 The Twilight Zone: The Definitive Edition: Season 3 The

Twisted Tails Film Festival

Twisted Tails Film Festival

Dallas, TX – October 10, 2013 Twisted Tails Film Festival is proud to announce the final selections for their December 6th – 8th event. The three day film festival will be held at the Angelika Film Center in Dallas, TX. Organizer Tammy Dupal says “We’re extremely pleased with the turnout and submissions we received. We

Wicked Channel Interview: Author CJ Patton

Wicked Channel had the opportunity to interview author CJ Patton about her new book The Cutting Edge: Philosophy of the SAW Films.  CJ Patton delves into the deeper meaning of the Saw series and comparing their philosophical concepts to the views of many philosophers throughout history. The book also examines the primary characters of the