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Dave’s dream concert setlists – Metallica

Mike did a great Metallica dream concert piece a few years ago, which you can see here. Metallica is my favorite band, so I figured I’d do one of my own. Battery Creeping Death Master of Puppets Holier than Thou Last Caress/Green Hell Mercyful Fate Hit the Lights That Was Just Your Life Blackened Escape

This month’s Top 10-Ten bands or singers I have never seen live before that I would love to see -James Picks

This month’s top ten stems from the rumors of a Led Zeppelin reunion and tour next year, this month’s top ten is the Top 10 bands or singers that still are around that I have never seen live that I would love to see live. Thank you guys and gals so much for always checking

Dream Concert Setlist: Nevermore

This probably sounds like an odd choice to most to do a dream concert setlist for, but I am a huge fans of Seattle’s progressive metal band Nevermore. I was a huge fan of Sanctuary for their two albums and Nevermore was the natural progression for the band. This list will not include Sanctuary songs

Dream Concert Setlist: Pantera

This was another one of those nearly impossible dream concert setlists. For this concert, we are picking Texas’ monster band Pantera. We all know how they revolutionized metal for years to come. We all know how hard they worked to get where they did, and they would not be held on that pedestal if they

Dream Concert Setlist: Ozzy Osbourne

As with the previous dream concert setlist for Dio, we are only focusing on Ozzy Osbourne’s solo career – not Black Sabbath. The rules are simple – 15 songs and 3 encores. Below the setlist, I will offer some explanation as to why I picked certain songs and why they were placed where they were.

Dream Concert Setlist: Megadeth

This was a tough list to put together. I thought that it would be a little easier than some of the others that I have done, but it still presented a lot of the same challenges with Megadeth’s dream concert setlist. I ended up having to leave out a lot more songs that I would

Dream Concert Setlist: Dio

Ronnie James Dio was a true metal God. He has the longevity that people could only dream of. Every project he did, he made better. Black Sabbath was so much more evil with Dio at the helm. Rainbow had their best years with Dio. His solo work is legendary. We miss him greatly. In order

Dream Concert Setlist: Metallica

Metallica is one of those bands that people love to hate these days. While I am not a huge fan of much of what they did after …And Justice For All, I could never deny the impact that they had on me and on metal itself. Their early releases are seminal pieces of metal history

Dream Concert Setlist: Led Zeppelin

Recently I named my best cds of 2012 and number one was Led Zeppelin Celebration Day. I have seen Robert Plant play solo a few times, and I have seen the Page/Plant No Quarter tour a few times as well. If there ever was a number one band for me ever, I would think Zeppelin

Dream Concert Setlist: AC/DC

Recently, I reviewed AC/DC’s latest live album, Live at Riverplate. There is a lot to love about that live album, such as the amazing production and mixing, but I found that there was far too many filler songs on there. I am sure that most people would agree with that sentiment on just about any