Blu Ray Review-Ma

Review-I am not sure what Ma was setting out to accomplish. This is a thriller that wants to be a horror film. This film has one of the best performances out of Octavia Spencer, but it fails to really deliver on it. She truly embraces this serial killer like role she is playing. You can tell she is really enjoying herself. The problem is that this film will build itself up and then dial it back down. I was shocked because this film has a rated R on it. The sad reality is that the R rating is more based on language than anything else. When you hear about someone throwing parties or fun in their basement, as a young adult you will want to explore this. The film creates a tension when people seem to connect with her. The film does have a serious lack of depth. This film needed so much more than it actually gave us in terms of story. It felt like they needed to rewrite the script and rethink the formula. I found myself enjoying the acting in certain moments and some of the suspenseful scenes were decent. I just wish they would have went for it more often. This film needed more energy, more passion and more violence. The last half hour was obviously the best part of the film. This film was clearly designed to get us to the ending for people to get a reaction that would make them forget the ride. The ending to this film really is the biggest positive to an otherwise average horror film. This is not a horror film that I feel most fans will hate, I just feel this is a horror film that most fans will feel letdown by. The acting alone is worth a rental. This film has a great sense of what it needs to be, it just clearly does not know how to get there. This is from a first time horror director and it shows.

7 out of 10