DVD Review-The Sun Is Also A Star

Review-I feel that manipulating an audience can be an art form. When it is done properly, it is poetic. When it fails….The Sun Is Also a Star is based on the bestselling novel by Nicola Yoon. My feelings about this film can be seen in two ways, I felt the story was heavy handed in times it needed to be subtle and exaggerated a point when we clearly could see it coming a mile away. We meet a teen girl named Natasha. Natasha who clearly knows NYC as her home is going to be in for a rude awakening. She learns that the place she has known for the majority of her life they are being deported from, to Jamaica the next day. We learn that her father was busted by ICE working his job. Now, we meet Daniel Bae who is supposed to be a teenager, but you can clearly tell this dude is closer to 30 than any teen number. Which was a huge negative for me. If the female lead was going to be played by a teenager, they should have found a teen to play the male lead as well. Daniel wants to be a doctor, a career path that his parents have paved for him. Daniel we learn is a poet at heart. All he wants to do is write poetry. He opens this day by writing” Deus Ex Machina” in his notebook and by some fate, he spots Natasha wearing those words on her jacket. He believes this is no chance but fate.

After fate intervenes and she is almost hit by a car, he starts to talk to her. Daniels tells her he believes in love and she does not believe in love. Which for me, would have been a clear sign to get her drunk and play it by ear , but Daniel decides to keep talking to her. As you can guess, soon Natasha does fall in love with him and she has to find a way to stay in the city. This movie is for a crowd that loves teen romance and does not have a cynical bone in their body. This film has a lack of depth and really just comes across as creepy at moments. I felt like this film was a peephole into a world that is plastic and fake beyond belief. Does love truly exist? I guess it all depends on who you are and how you go with it. This film makes love feel so cheap and disgusting. Like it was a joke that is played upon people who are lonely and will look inside this film and want to belong. Is this film bad, at times it is. This film does try very hard to convince us what is happening is real, but the acting is so wooden and unappealing that it is so hard to buy into it.

5 out of 10