DVD Review-The Hidden

Review-I have always felt like, if you were not born in the video store boom, you truly missed out on something. Low budget horror had to be seen as the winner at the time. You could make any movie and put a cool cover on it, and it would get rented out. “ The Hidden” follows that formula very well. The film actually starts out with a few trailers that get you excited about what to expect from the film. The trailers end, then before you know it, the director comes on screen to welcome you to the film. A nice little cheese touch that feels like getting a good blow job from some kin. This film was shot on Video8 and embraces the DIY spirit to a tee. The film centers on a beast that lives in a storm drain under the city. The beast gets a taste for drugs and decides to kill a drug cartel. Like most films of the 90’s, there is a subplot that involves a guy named Michael. We learn that he has lost family and he is out to get revenge on the man responsible for the death of his brother. Seems simple enough until we learn that the person he wants to kill, can help him with the one he really seeks. If you go into this film with zero expectations, you will get more out of it. This film is really cheaply made, the little we get of the monster is fun but you can truly tell how cheap it was made.

The acting was fun. It added to the spirit of this film. You can truly tell the people behind this film really kept a good vibe going. The energy of the characters really sells you on each moment. The issue for me was the pacing. This film felt like it was struggling to serve so many different masters. It really wanted to stretch the budget to a point that I wish they would have thought harder about some decisions. I wish there were more moments of the monster, but I knew going in that this film had a small budget and that was unrealistic. This film was smart in some moments and dumbed itself down in other moments. I loved the characters but I wish they had a better script to work with, again that is asking too much from a small budget film. That is what the director wants us to think. I liked the majority of the film and can recommend it to old school cheese movie fans who need a late night monster film to pop on. I would not recommend this to a serious horror fan, they will be bored very fast by it and want to watch the latest Ti West film to study a clock for twenty minutes.

7 out of 10