DVD Review-Ladyworld

Review-Ladyworld can be seen as the most polarizing film of 2019. I feel there are going to be some people who will dig this film a lot. Others will look at this female take on Lord of the Flies and criticize with venom the shit out of it. This film takes place in an apartment in the ending of an earthquake. A group of girls survive. They were originally there to celebrate their friend’s birthday. We learn that the earthquake has sealed them in the apartment. Supplies are scarce and emotions start to run high. As their situation gets dire, they decide to split into two groups. Each one with the mind set of their survival over everything else. This film is very cliche filled. You can truly tell the director was not really ready to tackle a long project. It seems that the film starts to run out of steam around the hour mark and clearly the actresses needed something to finish with. You can truly tell they were taking chances with the acting and pacing of this film. It felt at times that the film was also being ad libbed. I felt the actresses really tried very hard, but it just felt so pretentious and predictable. The intentions were there, but the delivery was not. As I said in the start of this review, there are going to be some people who love this film. There are people who love Twilight and Hunger Games, that would be the crowd this film should be aiming for.

The way this film builds characters is in favor of sacrificing the flow of this film. This film needed something, I want to assume that something would have been a better direction. I loved certain things about this. The actresses really put their hearts in this and you can tell. As a film fan, I was routing for this film to get better. This film was fair in moments, I loved the story logic in moments. We would all want to kill anything and anyone to survive in a dire situation. This film was smart with not rushing into it. Though, this film did drag so much that maybe rushing things could have been more impactful. This film was a hard pill for me. I wanted to like it, but in the end I just could not. It was not a good representation of the strides women have made in film, this film made them feel like idiots and cheap. It feels like it was trying to feed the stereotype. All in all, I would say pass this film unless you like your films simple and numbing.

5 out of 10