Blu Ray Review-The Curse of La Llorona

Review-I loved the first Conjuring film. It was smart and effectively scary. The issue with the universe that first film started was that the films after it, felt so much like it. I am not too familiar with the legend or loir about The Curse of La Llorona. The first hour of this film is smart. I really enjoyed the first hour of this film enough to say the second half can maybe get a pass. I feel that the director of this film has fallen into the predictable trap of giving us more jump scares that do not work and leaving behind the horror that could work. This film is based on a true story, why not give us more of that element. The dialogue in this film tries so hard to over explain everything going on. The film is not that scary and if you are a horror fan, you know each jump scare they prepare you for. The plot of this film felt so tame compared to what the trailer braced us for. The acting in the film is good and they really have chemistry. I wish the characters had more depth. I wish the story had more respect for the audience. I feel the long red band trailer for this film gives you the best scares of this film. Why does this film take place in Los Angeles? This legend is not out of LA. This film is taking place in 1973. It did not feel like the 70’s. It felt more modern. You can tell our director was a horror fan as we get so many nods to James Wan and even Sam Raimi. I feel the first hour of this film really flowed very well. You became invested in the surroundings and characters. I feel the issue begins when the film abandoned its plot and wanted to throw everything at the viewer trying to make them jump. This film should have been smart with what audience it wanted to attract. I feel this film needed James Wan to oversee it and give the crew some advice when the film gets in this must do phase instead of thinking.

7 out of 10