Blu Ray Review-Pokemon Detective Pikachu

Review-I will be honest. My wife is super into Pokemon and I know zero. So, going into this film I was somewhat hesitant. ( I am a manager at Gamestop also) I can say this, if you know nothing about the history of characters, this film does not try to alienate you. It does not try to throw you into the deep end and ask you to understand either. Detective Pikachu follows Tim Goodman on his quest to investigate the mysterious death of his father, while aided by the intrepid Pikachu. This film is based on the video game of the same name. In terms of a plot, well there is a flimsy one about trying to solve the death. This film I feel tries so hard to be likable and acceptable that it truly fails to be complete. It feels that the pacing is so all over the place. I get Ryan Reynolds is the cannot miss star at the moment. I feel though that Ryan does try very hard to have a depth but it just feels thrown together. This film tries to be a noir dressed up in a mixed bag of confusion. When the film gets moving, the plot is thrown to the wayside in favor of just beautiful set pieces. It is like this film wanted to dazzle the audience in favor of giving them substance. The saving grace to this is Ryan Reynolds. His humor and timing is so spot on. This film needed more style from its main characters and a rhyme and reason to set up. This film is set in Ryme City and it looks like an overdone cyberpunk Japan more than realistic place. I will say though, this film does mix animation and live action in a way that felt like Cool World or Roger Rabbit. It really was smart with the way they played off each other.

My wife is a Pokemon fan, and she thought the film was cute and she watched it a second time with her friends before the review. I am not a Pokemon fan, and the film to me was cute in moments, funny in moments and most of all incoherent throughout. Would I go and play the games? No. Would I watch the television shows and live animation films? No. If Ryan Reynolds was not in this film, it would have been a failure for me. I enjoyed Ryan enough to like the film somewhat more than I would have if he was not in it. The humor was fun, the live action was great. I will say this, I hope they do not make another one. That being said, this film was viewed as a success and we can bank on a sequel.

6 out of 10