Blu Ray Review-Godzilla:King of the Monsters

Review-Warner Brothers are damned if they do and damned if they do not. 2014’s “ Godzilla” upset fans because there was not enough monsters and had more human story. The follow up upset fans because there was not enough human story and had more monsters. Legendary at this point is going to bring the MonsterVerse to Godzilla vs King Kong regardless of how the fan support for the two previous films is. I will be honest, I loved the last Godzilla film. I thought Gareth Edwards did a great job. If people were familiar with his resume that last film was what we expected. This follow up, I absolutely had fun with. Will it be the best film of 2019? No..not even close. But, it will not be the worst one either. This film from the get go was just a fun trip into why we love Godzilla. This is flat out a popcorn film. Nothing more or less. This is a film to shut your brain off and just enjoy the ride. This film lacked depth but carried human emotion. While it was visual eye orgasm, it really did not suffer from the mixture of character to monster. This film is clearly aiming to shut up the cynics and critics who felt the first film was not enough action. This film has a ton of action sequences that really carry this film. This film shows the unselfish nature Warner has to keep this verse going. This film is out for one thing to serve as a bridge from point A to point C.

The biggest negative is that this film has way too many human characters. This film seems to throw people in at random with no rhyme or reason, and we do not know what happens down the line with storylines they are building towards. This film wants to stay faithful to the old school mentality of this creature, but it does not trust its audience and tries to modernize it as much as possible. I loved the action sequences and found myself excited at the end for where this story is heading. I wish, this story would have thought more about the impact it wanted to make instead of rushing to get to the next story. This film branches off of both the first Godzilla and Kong stories, and just makes it so obvious in the end that this film was really not needed.

7 out of 10