DVD Review-Hotel Inferno: Splatter Pack

Review-Let’s be honest, today’s moviegoer does not have a clue on what is entertaining. They go to the movies just to say they went or to go on social media to either bitch or spoil the film. Harcore Henry could be the best example of a film that shows how far the theater experience has fallen. I remember going to see the sequel to Terminator and the trailer hit the screen. I seen this family just get so excited that “ finally we get a first person style shooter film”. I did not have the guts to tell them that this premise has been done many times before and spawned either bad sequels or failed. We are in an era of filmmaking that everyone is not thinking about the future of where the industry is heading but what they are entitled to by films coming out. With China’s own AMC now the clear dominant number one film chain, where can film really go? With the death of the video store, and now movies having to either be bought online or where you can buy your food and clothes, how can indie film truly survive? That being said, a film like Hotel Inferno is truly a victim. It is a film that I feel loses out because there are no video stores to showcase the film’s cover and to entice people to give it a rental or a purchase.

The film while not entirely original, is very unique in what it gives the viewer. We meet a killer named Frank Zimosa. For the right price, Frank can clean up any issue you may have. The film shows us how Frank handles being under the employment of Jorge Mislandria. The mysterious voice that seems to be pulling the strings. Frank has to check into a hotel and begin his new assignment. Once there, he is given details on the targets and the way they should be dealt with. This is where the film gets a little intense, he has to crack their skulls to broke and then take out their brains. From there, he also has to slice them open and take their guts. He cannot use a gun and whatever he does, the victims cannot speak. When the killing begins though is when the problems arise for Frank. After shooting his second target. Once this happens is when we learn that the hitman’s job is not finished and he cannot leave. Now, we see the mysterious person bring his henchmen to go stop the hitman.

This film much like Adam Chaplin is a gore hound dream. You have blood, gore and intense violence. This film is truly like an adrenaline shot to the heart. It clearly is the better of the two if you are throwing Hardcore Henry in the mix. Hotel Inferno I feel grasps the concept and really uses it to try and give us something to talk about more. I love the concept of a video game inspired horror film done by the people who gave us Adam Chaplin. It is a statement that will easily draw eyes on the project. This film really needed more depth to it. I loved the violence, but the storytelling suffers. It is like looking at something beautiful and then realizing afterwards that the beauty was more in the watching than the actual conversation. I love that this film embraced truly the video game experience. Even the dialogue in the film feels like you are playing a game like Hitman or Resident Evil. For all the little flaws to this film, this film is sure a blast to sit thru twice. Wild Eye Releasing deserve this to be their big seller of the summer.

8 out of 10