Blu Ray Review-The Dark Side of the Moon

Review-Originally released in 1990. The Dark Side of the Moon is not based off of one of Pink Floyd’s best selling albums. This is actually a film about the year 2022. We see the crew of a spaceship stranded on the darkest side of the moon. This crew goes thru all the casual things. They are running out of fuel and oxygen. While they are scared of what could happen to them next, they discover a space shuttle floating in space. As you can assume, they decide to enter this in hopes of finding supplies to keep them alive. What they find when inside starts to possess them and kill them one by one. I wanted to be very vague in my description because this film is so much fun going into it with little knowledge. I remember originally seeing this film in 2001 at a film festival. You can clearly tell while watching this film that Event Horizon was clearly using this as their litmus paper. Does this film hold up in 2019? Yes. This film had me sucked in yet again from start to finish. I can remember leaving the film fest almost two decades ago and people kept talking about this film. I feel the theater in general was the talking point. A midnight film in an old school movie theater and this is the film. To sit close to the projection booth and hear the platters really added to the atmosphere and experience.

On blu ray, if you have some horror and sci fi friends invite them by and watch this with them. This is truly a group experience. The acting in this film is what you would expect. That is not even close to being a negative. This film does not take itself seriously and for that it works. This film seems to bathe in the cheese that it produces. The horror element is fun but not overly done. The pacing is all over the place, but when this film settles down it really comes across very well. The acting is fair for this film. There is really no character development or beef to the dialogue. This film knows what it wants to achieve and does it. This film has such an odd mix of Bermuda Triangle, the fear of space and some satanic like tone. The main objective of this film is to entertain the audience. This film does that very well. While not a perfect film, as I was not the biggest fan of the timing of certain things in this film. I do like this film enough to have seen it now three times.

8.5 out of 20