Blu Ray Review-Shazam! (Blu-ray + DVD + Digital Combo Pack)

Review-While the world is all about the Marvel Universe. DC is starting to really pick up some steam. I will admit, I was a huge fan of The Dark Knight trilogy. I felt after that, the DC Universe was unsure of itself. Man of Steel was not a bad film. Though, it did feel like a letdown after going thru the trilogy we got before it. I will not even begin to tell you how stoked I was to see Batman v Superman. Until, I finally got to watch the film. It was not a bad film, I feel misunderstood may be a better term. Suicide Squad was awful, any way you will look at it. I felt the DC Universe was on fumes. Justice League was another letdown. I just gave up hope. Till, Wonder Woman was unleashed. That film restored my faith and showed the DC Universe can also tell a backstory and make an impactful film. I will put Shazam in that same category. This is by far the biggest gamble the DCEU has made. That being said, this gamble paid off with an incredibly fun and moving film. Think of Big in the superhero realm and you know what you are dealing with. This film showcases Zachary Levi being so likeable that you will get into the blast he is having in the main role. This film embraces its outlandish vibe with a form of sincerity and never feeling embarrassed. We watch Billy Batson in the first act go through the struggles of his life. This film is patient enough to let his story shine while keeping the viewer excited about what can happen next. The second he says “ Shazam” is when this film really finds its groove and goes for it.

If there was a negative to the film, I would say the bad guyDr. Sivana. We truly never understand his motives because they seem incomplete. Mark Strong plays the role very strongly but it just does not really click with the pacing of the film. This film has such a feel good vibe to it, that I can see families enjoying this just as much as comic book people like I. This really sets up the question of a new Justice League. We have an actor like Levi as Shazam that feels like Paul Rudd as Ant Man. The humor seems to be in the same ballpark. This film comes across in the trailers as a failed joke, but on screen this film really does come across as so much more. The action sequences are so dazzling. The storytelling just feels like a depth and importance of focusing on little details. Right now, I know we have a Wonder Woman film coming out next year, and who knows about the next Suicide Squad. I really hope we get more from the DC Universe. Warner Brothers is trying so hard to join its films in these universes, I really hope they continue with this one and do not lose faith. Just give us better films like Wonder Woman and Shazam.

8 out of 10