Blu Ray Review-Shadow

Review-My biggest negative up front. I did not get to see this film on the big screen. No matter how big your television is and how loud your system can go, it does not duplicate the magic of the movie screen. I waited for months, hoping this film was going to be released within 100 miles of me. The closest theater that had it was outside of Louisiana, which from my house was 9 hours. I debated going but I figured I could wait till maybe Fandom released it close by. Oh well. I have the blu ray and I will state this, no movie in 2019 can touch this masterpiece. Fuck superheroes and fuck PG13 horror. This film is important and major. From one of my favorite directors, Zhang Yimou comes a fictionalized view of the historic Three Kingdoms of China. Yimou steps back in his comfort zone with a period martial art piece that defies why I love cinema so much. This film is magical and spell-binding. We watch this drama to try and figure out how the fate of the city of Jing will play out. The emotion in this film is so intense and graphic. This film grabs you by the throat and does not want you to look away. Each scene and moment means something that plays on as this film goes forward. Each layer of this film is like looking into the keyhole of yesteryear.

To not spoil too much of this film. No one in this film is painted as victim. There is no one in this film that we feel any sorrow for. There is no character in this film that feels wasted or cardboard. This film feels like intimacy on a very episodic level. It seems that he borrows from his previous film House of Flying Daggers a few times in the way the film’s tone plays out which I did not mind. It was subtle but yet important. This film has such a charged ending that I felt it was only starting. This film went by so fast that I will watch it again before this review even hits the page. I fell in love with every moment on the screen like a moth to a flame. I was drawn in and never wanted the film to end. The action sequences we do get are poetic and spectacular.

10 out of 10