Blu Ray Review-Mojin: Worm Valley

This title will be launching on July 9th.

Review-I have to be completely honest. I know this is the third film of a trilogy. The honesty comes from is that I have never seen the other two films or followed the novels. I was told going into this film that the other two would not matter. The other two had different casts and were made by different studios. This film tells about a queen who cursed her subjects and all their people. They have this branding on their back shoulders and also are victims to an early grave. We learn early on that this curse still is happening. We watch as some people have an expedition in the heart of Worm Valley to recover an artifact that could lift this curse as they assume. As far as being a monster movie. This film does deliver. We get giant creatures like crabs and scorpions. They were very well done. I really got into that aspect of the film. Did I feel lost not knowing this story? At times, I want to say yes. There are elements of this story that I had to find out more about from watching the trailers to the other film. The acting I felt was fair. At times, it felt a little uneven. It was like the actors involved really tried to oversell certain elements.

The story was a big issue. I felt this film did not really have an idea what it wanted to be. At times, it felt like they were building a prequel and at others it felt like a sequel. This film felt rushed in the final half hour, like they wanted to show us so much and get to the finish as fast as they can. It is like they were trying to throw everything at us and just casually stop. This film takes away casual storytelling in moments just for a chase scene. While, I did not mind that as it helped the confusion of not being familiar with the story. I would have liked to know more about the central characters.

Was this film fun? For the most part, I will say yes. It had a feel like the remake of The Mummy. It built a sense of adventure that really delivers for the most part. Was this film watchable? Sure, I can honestly say I want to see the other films now that I have seen this film. Would I recommend this film? Why not. This film is a saturday morning popcorn film that I feel US audiences may really have fun with. If you are looking for a getaway film that will keep you satisfied, this could be the film for you. I liked the film despite my nitpicking.

8 out of 10