Blu Ray Review-Master Z-IP Man Legacy

Review-Every studio seems to have their “universe”. Well Go USA seems to have theirs as well with IP Man. It seems that every few years we get another chapter into this story. I will assume it is safe to say this is a spin off film. Max Zhang has wanted to do this film for a while and we finally see his passion and spirit shine, it was not half bad. The original Ip Man films were box office gold in China and made Donnie Yen a household name. Now, the formula is trying to make the same for Zhang. The issue for me is the word “ formula”. This film should have been different. This film was way too easy and not ambitious enough. The martial arts we get in this film has style and flair, but it was way too similar to what we are used to with this franchise. Saying this is hard, some franchises tried to venture out and failed because of how ambitious they truly were. I feel this film tethered the line of plagiarizing and invigorating.

Zhang, reprising his role from the 3rd fukn stars as Cheung Tin-Chi. He is in Wing Chun master who leaves his old life behind him in favor of running a grocery store with his little son. A negative was all the black and white flashback scenes from the last film. I felt it took away from the importance of the moment and tried to add texture and base to a film that lacked depth from the start. The backstory feels unimportant and pasted on. I felt this story was in neutral more than hitting the gas. The drama aspect shines more than the martial arts. I was hoping for a story that was straying away from the predecessors. This film feels like a circle to get back to the original.

The writing in this film was the enemy. You can truly tell that the passion all comes from the lead and that everyone else is going thru his motions. The problem I truly feel is while this film is likable to a degree, a ton of people will expect more by the ending than they get. I feel that this film needed substance with the style. It needed a competent script. It needed direction and it needed to stray away from familiarity. To say I dislike this film is a lie. I liked it. I wanted to love it. I wanted this to be the film that got me excited about where this film is heading. Instead, it felt like a cash grab and uncertainty about what they are telling the viewer.

7 out of 10