DVD Review-Terror 5

Review-Artsploitation Films, I have come to the understanding that they are all on serious drugs. The films they release are so out there at times, that you really wonder what exactly was the filmmaker thinking. Even more far fetched is what was the studio thinking to sign it. Do not, read this as any kind of negative. This is a huge positive for the studio. One thing is for sure, they do not understand what the terms “ boring” or “ mainstream” are, and fucking thank god. While, Terror 5 is predictable and the ending leaves a lot to be desired, the journey is fucked. Terror 5 consists of several plots that twist and turn and try to come together by the ending. We are to believe that the 5 tales are all based on some kind of urban legends. The first story involves a student named Sonia. She helps Juan pass his exam. Easy enough, until you see the way she helps him pass this exam. Forget my opening statement, watching this I must be the one on drugs. When we see Juan go into this club where teachers get tortured unmerciful by students, I felt pity, it consumed me. I am not sure of what emotion it wanted to convey, but I feel remorse. This story manipulated me in a way that I felt dumb by. It was predictable and the acting was so-so, but it really made me think. The second story is a bigger dip into the gene pool. Gaby and Herman have sex in a motel room. Everything seems good until they climax. They have a fall out but they soon become victims of a snuff gang. Which leads us to third. A group of friends want to watch porn for kicks. Until they learn that someone in their circle may be involved. The 4th story involves a wife swap that gets very odd fast. Our last story is about Aquino who has to assassinate the mayor. It seems that the day this is going to happen, we have a zombie assault going on. This film has such an odd direction for an anthology film. You never get a sense of where one story will end and another will begin. Production wise, they really did well with what they were working with. The first short manipulated me, the other four seemed to keep me involved but yet I felt like they should have been so much more than they actually were. I did not hate this film, it was a fun film that anthology fans will get into. I want to say this on record, this studio has put out some of the best films. If they ever ran a movie theater to show all their stuff, I would be there daily. I feel this film suffers most from not being with a crowd involved. This is a film that needs a theater to show it and the audience to watch it. I will say this film is worth a watch, but have realistic expectations.

7 out of 10