Movie Review-Rondo

Review-Trying to figure this film out is like trying to find a penny in the bottom of the ocean. This film opens with a voice over that welcomes you into this almost sane reality. The opening has us assume that this film is being built around Paul. Paul has just returned from the military with PTSD. His existence is alcohol and being homeless. That is, until his sister Jill takes him in. She gives him several house rules that include no drinking (which he breaks) and no smoking. Jill decides that Paul needs to see a therapist, so he does not end up like his father. So, Jill schedules him to meet Cassie. Cassie is a very odd therapist. Instead of worrying about his mental state, she assumes he needs to get laid. So, she hooks him up with a place to get laid. She gives him a card and tells him to hand it to a guy and say the word, “ Rondo”. He decides to go to this place. This is where the movie starts to shift. There are two other guys at this party. They learn they are going to have sex with this married woman while the husband watches on.

This is where the film falls completely off the deep end. To go any more into the story and plot would ruin the surprise. This is one of those films that if think you know where things are heading you would be so wrong. To claim this film fits a genre would be cheating it. This film is a fresh concept. There is no way you can deny this film is not genius in the way it paints itself. The problem is this film becomes too smart for its own good towards the middle. The pacing is all over the place as it the direction. Which in a case like this, it works for the most part. I just feel that towards the end they were running out of ideas and got lazy. I cannot say the film bored me, it kept me guessing where it could be heading. I cannot say the film is bad, the concept for the most part is original and made me guess. I can say though, the film really needed more thought towards the middle and the ending. If you want a taste of the perverse, this film offers a different taste.

7 out of 10