Movie Review-Lords of Chaos

Review-When I first heard the news of this film. I was so stoked. I am a huge fan of biopics and music as well. This look into the creation of Norwegian Black Metal is part fact and a ton of fiction. To be honest and blunt, this film is not for everyone. That being said, this film is fucking for me. This film has such a passion for its subject matter. You can clearly tell a lot of work was done to make this film come across as real as possible. This is not a tale of monsters chasing people or demons coming from the mouths of.. This is a story of exploiting life’s pain and misery in the form of acts of violence and protest. The music in this film is insane. If you are looking for the sound of fucking a chainsaw with a brick, you got it. This film has a very blackened soul. It has moments that are not for the faint of heart. It has such an attack on others, that I was trying to figure out if this was truly a film or archived footage they threw in. Rory Culkin deserves an Oscar nod for this film. He really captures this performance and makes it his own. He has the audience in his hand from the opening thru this walk thru hell.

This film reaches a depth with the characters, you would truly not expect. This film does not preach its message as much as it preaches against it. This film makes depression look like an art form on many weird canvases. I think most people will find issue with the way the film treats the culture. Some may look at past films as better presentations and some may feel that this story carries itself enough to stand out. This film is unapologetic, it shows the beginnings all the way to getting out of the garage. I feel that this film is important to a new audience, because the message seems so lost in today’s music scene. Where the black metal scene seems to pump out songs that feel so generic and cookie cutter. This film shows you that this was not the case early on. That this scene was violent, depressingly sadistic and most of all heartfelt. This film should be given a fair shot. In a age when we get music films that feel light and poppy, this is one that is dark and brooding. We need to stay out of the light for a long time. Raise those devil horns, this film rocks.

8 out of 10