Movie Review-Isn’t It Romantic (Blu Ray)

Review-If you thought The Final Girls was a good dig at the slasher film genre, then this film should be a good time for you. This film is mocking itself as we meet an unlucky in love woman played by Rebel Wilson. We learn she hates the rom com. When she gets hit in the head, she wakes up to find herself in the middle of a heavily cliched one. This film tries so hard to find itself early. The pacing is so all over the place that to find itself is extremely hard for it. The film really has more comedy moments that work than do not. My issue with this film is that it tries so hard, much like The Final Girls to be different that it comes across as cliche more than original. Much like his previous film, this film has a very short running time which shows you that it never outstayed its welcome. For me, it was so hard to invest in Devine and Wilson trying to hook up. It just did not seem realistic or logical. We never get any sort of chemistry or attraction. This film could be a good valentine present, just to sit home and watch a semi romantic comedy in that time. This is one of those films that I am glad I got to see, but regret it by the end. It is like candy, you crave it until you eat it. This film should have been better thought out. You can truly tell that the struggle was in the script and characters. I feel that if the script had more time to develop, the end result may have been a little bit better.

6 out of 10