Movie Review-A Star is Born: The Encore (Extended Cut) Blu Ray

Review-Movie Review-Let’s be honest, this extended cut is basically close to 15 minutes of extended scenes that if you blink at some, you would not miss it. I am not going to say, this film is worst for it. This film to me, is just the same. The scenes are scattered in different times and places. I am thinking, if you did not think the scene was needed, you may be right. I mean, film studios these days will look for any way to extend a series and keep making money. So, why fault Warner Brothers? The one scene that really makes the most sense is the zipline scene. That was in the trailer. When Ally rides a zipline and he catches her and says “ You’re a natural”. Does the film need it? Who is to say. My question is how would someone know a ziplining pro? I guess, if you do not fall from a zipline, you are a natural. The scenes for the most part are good but I am of the understanding that the film really did not lose or gain anything with them. A Star is Born, was a film I was well aware of. I saw two of the three versions before I heard about a 4th remake. The original is a classic. Very dark and yet beautifully shot.The The remake with Babs and Kris was not so good. If I thought Bohemian Rhapsody was a second coming, this fourth coming is the best adaptation of this film yet. I get the feeling that Hollywood will throw this film on us again around 2040. This is a story that they feel they have to keep on telling. The story of a man on his way to the bottom, and a woman on her way to the top is just a character study that I feel could never get old. Lady Gaga has so much talent in what she does. Her acting in this film is both astounding and yet heartbreaking. It feels like you are watching real life unfold. Bradley Cooper has really showcased with this film that he can truly deliver at any level with any material. This film takes place in a contemporary music world that is demanding as it is rewarding. This film is dark but yet you feel a light as you watch the film work. This film is epic in its approach but yet very heartfelt in its delivery. This film feels like it was waiting to be made. The source material is respected and also brought in a new direction of sorts.

Jackson Maine is an alcoholic musician played by Cooper. He is very loved by fans. This life has taken a toll on him with drugs and booze. After a show he decides to go to a bar and order a drink. He meets Ally, she is a cute waitress who is a part time singer at the club. Even drunk, when he hears her sing, he knows she has some major talent. We see how insecure Ally is at first. She is not sure about her looks or her ability. She is also very shy. This film really shines when both leads share the stage. This is when the film finds its purpose. To watch the music come together is magical and inspirational. In a year, when films are so scared to showcase a voice that is not the normal, this film does not mind going out on a limb. I felt at 2 plus hours that this film needed even more time. It just felt like this film flew by. I was so into this world of theirs that I did not want to leave. The film does require kleenex. It does get sad and emotional. All in all, this is a great film that deserves all the praise it has received by the press and fans.

9 out of 10