Movie Review-Revenge of the Spacemen( Blu Ray)

Review-When it comes to watching a film, everyone has a different experience. Some people love a good laugh, others are just born to be miserable. Revenge of the Spaceman is a good time that I feel will be lost on most viewers. This homage to campy 50’s horror and science fiction is very cheese filled. I feel any real description to this film can ruin the fun, but I will give you a vague detailed plot. Ohio gets their first flying saucer. You know the beer fueled gun toted civilians will have none of this. We find out that these aliens seem to like anal probing. They anal probe anything with a movement. This film is just a frat joke gone wild. It has such a odd personality to it. You cannot help but laugh along with it. I feel most people may be very hard on the film because of the budget, but to me it showcases the thought process that went into this film. This film has such depth to the characters and material, that is hard not to follow this story. Where the negative may lie is that, some of the gags in this film seem redundant. It seems to test the patience in certain moments. This film has such an odd tone. The pacing is all over the place. This being said, the acting in this film was very oddly good. You can tell the cast were excited and wanted to have a blast. At times, it does feel that this film is trying so hard to figure itself out. It has a depth to the characters (as I said earlier), but it is also way too many characters to really keep up with. I would have liked better aliens then the clumsy attempt in this film as well. As we discussed this film is fun, but it does have its flaws as well. I would say if you want a cheese excuse to watch a low budget film that this film could be for you. It has just enough personality to win over the casual viewer. It has enough flaws to maybe upset that same viewer.

7 out of 10