Movie Review-Halloween ( Blu Ray)

Review-I can remember watching the original Halloween on television as a child. It scared me so bad that for my 14th birthday, I begged my mother to take me to the movies to see Halloween 2. I am not going to jump on the bandwagon and dog out the rest of the franchise because we have a brand new one. When Rob Zombie decided to try his hand at these films, you just knew that this was an idea that Hollywood wanted to really get off the ground. Where Zombie seemed to fail, David Gordon Green seemed to get. This film not only respects John Carpenter, but seems to really respect the horror fan as well. It has been 40 years, since we witnessed the killings. Laurie Strode is a paranoid, bitter and broken woman. Her life seems to be devoted to one thing, waiting to kill Michael Myers the day he decides to escape. As fate would have it, the day before Halloween, she gets her wish. As a bus carrying him has an accident and Michael is set free. This sets chaos in the life of Laurie, her daughter and granddaughter. This film has everything a Halloween superfan could ask for.

You have gore, violence and also a cohesive story. This film seems to serve two masters. The master of the old school fan who is going to be ready to peel apart this film and the master of the way the film will go forward. When the box office tally went over 100 million, you just knew they were not seeing this as a one off. The first half of the film is like the calm. We watch as people enter Michael’s life to try and get a reaction out of him. Two people decide to visit Michael with his original mask to see if it can get a reaction out of him. His doctor has one wish, to hear that man talk once. His fellow people locked up with him, give him his space and know not to mess with him. The film has no bounds that it will not cross. The gore sequences are intense but yet not over exploitive. The way the film ends is both satisfying but yet puzzling. To humanize Michael in this film was interesting. The other films taught us he was a monster. This film we realize he is just a man. An older man who lives for suffering. As a film, I enjoyed the hell out of it. This film gave me everything I wanted and then some. The sequence with the young man and the light going on and off was amazing. If there was a negative, I felt the building up of Laurie’s house was sort of odd when she became a victim of it. That is a small flaw in a otherwise fun little horror film.

9 out of 10