Movie Review-The Nun

Review-Let us be honest. As horror fans, studios always seem to be wanting to dupe us. They seem to feed us the same film over and over in different packaging. In the last decade, studios have been so intent on feeding us universes. From superhero to horror, this universe thing is really starting to show itself as what it truly is, a greedy feeding frenzy onto the public consumption. Warner is the studio that seems to respect the fans. While, the first Annabelle film was absolute pitts, the rest of the Conjuring universe seems to really click. The Nun is a very good film. It is unique in a way that I think horror needs to start approaching it’s future. It respects the past, but tries to throw us into a new future. It is atmospheric. This film really gets in your brain. It delves into a darkness that I feel is unrelenting and powerful.

It is sinister, almost to the point that I feel this film really did not know how to be any other way. Where the other films in this universe had a light in moments, this film is nothing sort of dark. Valak is going to really soar as this universe gets going. This is finally a horror face that is going to get attention. This film reminded me of the old school Hammer films. It really is a prequel of sorts to the Conjuring 2 film. This film starts early getting under your skin with its tone and feeling. This film takes horror from its comfort, to its sheer horror. We watch as a young nun in Romania decides to take her own life. A priest who is no innocent sheep is sent to investigate along with a novitiate. They run into a force during this time that soon changes things. This film had some good little scares and a very good script. At times it did feel cliche, but what do you expect? The genre is so oversaturated and done to death at the same time, there is no new ground you can really approach in this field. I enjoyed what this film offered. There were predictable moments, but overall this film was very well done. I am not going to say it was a classic by any means, but it was a fun enough time to tide people over till we get to the new story.

7.5 out of 10